Shelter And Roost – NEST (A Cabin In The Woods)

NEST | Cabin in Franklin Tennessee | Leipers Fork | Shelter and Roost | Book Wall

“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.” ―Marcel Proust I got to spend the weekend in Tennessee visiting with four of my favorite mamas. Amanda, Jen, Nikki and Esty. They’re names feel like lyrics when I say them out loud. They, too, are adopting children from (or have already adopted children […]

Must-Visit Places: Jo’s Coffee Shop

Queen Bee | Jos Coffee Shop | Mount Pleasant | Texas

We’re home from Texas and I’ve been so excited to share some photos from our trip with you! While Kevin was at soundcheck at The Mission Church on Thursday, I decided to walk around the square in downtown Mount Pleasant. I haven’t ventured off by myself in a while (my recent health issues re-triggered my anxiety/panic…or […]

Bucket List Destination: Port Isaac

Louisas Cottage | Doc Martin | Port Isaac | Cornwall England

Y’all, my mom introduced me to the Doc Martin series on Netflix while I was visiting her last weekend, and I am officially smitten with Port Wenn! It’s really called Port Isaac, and it’s located in Cornwall, England about 4 hours west of London. I couldn’t add it to my bucket list quick enough! It’s the inlet on the […]

Camp Wandawega 2014

Wisconsin Barn | The Lettered Cottage

per·fect  adjective /’pərfikt/ 1. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. The drive from southern Minnesota to southern Wisconsin on Thursday certainly had all the desirable elements, qualities, and characteristics one would hope for during the month of October. A blue sky filled with puffy […]

Kitchen Cabinets


So, remember those cute (Minnesotan) second-cousins I mentioned in my last post? Well, this is their Grandpa Kevin: He’s my uncle, and he owns a cabinet business called Mainstream Cabinets. It’s located in Mapleton, Minnesota and it was so fun seeing him and his showroom in person last month! I’m a sucker for cabinets, counters, […]



“Come with us, Kevin!“, called my second-cousins, Carter and Toby. I was ordered to stay put by the littlest one, but I was so curious about what they had up their (short) sleeves. It was the first time the boys had ever called Kevin away from the rest of the family like that, and the […]

Happy Day!


We’re home sweet home!! We had tons of fun with friends and family, and we’re thankful to have made it home safe and sound. I posted lots of Instagrams as we made our way to Minnesota and back, but I’m hoping to get some of our DSLR pics uploaded so that I can blog about my favorite parts […]

830 Miles From Home


Today is Kev’s last day at the studio here in Canton, and it’s snowing! #ILoveSnow The song is coming together beautifully, and we’re feeling very blessed to be here together. I’ve been sticking pretty close to the studio while he’s been recording (’cause I’m scaredy like that), but it’s all good because there are so […]

Adoption Song Roadtrip


Kevin and I went to see Andrew Peterson’s ‘Behold The Lamb of God‘ concert last Tuesday- the same day we found out our adoption application had been approved. Have you seen it? It’s so good! I took my mom to it a couple of years ago while Kevin was out of town, and I’ve been determined to take […]



Kev and I are coming up on wedding anniversary #8 this June, and I’d love to take a breather and sneak off somewhere (inexpensive and close to home) with him for a couple of days. Back in ’04, we honeymooned a few hours down the road, on the Florida gulf coast. We stayed in a […]

Camping In Wisconsin


So…writing that last post was a pretty emotional experience for me, and thanks to you, reading through the comments required a few Kleenex’s too! If you left me a comment, THANK YOU. I can’t even begin to tell you how full they made me feel! The photos in that post were all taken at Camp […]

Ranch Potatoes


I’ve been sleeping in my cousin Aubrey’s room since we got to Minnesota on Sunday night. My aunt and uncle did a little redecorating when their she went off to college last year and it’s been such a treat to snuggle into this antique bed (they found on Craigslist) every night… Unfortunately, Mom and I […]

Pumpkin Coffee Cake


We pulled into my aunt and uncle’s driveway just as the sun was slipping below the horizon line on Sunday night. Their newly-installed turbine was just a’spinnin’ in the breeze, and wow what an awesome sight that was! It’s the first one of it’s kind in the entire state of Minnesota and the energy it […]

Me and Mom (Part 2)


Mom and I pulled out of Mount Vernon, Illinois pretty early on Sunday morning. She’s a real road warrior, this one… I kept telling her I didn’t mind driving if she needed a break, but she assured me she was fine, so I just rode shotgun and snapped pics as we drove up through Missouri […]

Me and Mom


My Mom and I are roadtrippin’ to Minnesota (and Wandawega!) this week! We’ve driven 640 miles, and passed through four sunny states so far. The drive has been gorgeous! Such beautiful weather, and the trees on the sides of the road are just starting to explode with fall colors. (Rumor has it, they’re going to […]