Pioneer Woman Book Signing


Kev and I had a truly gut-busting time at Brookwood Village Mall yesterday. We ate waaaay too much food court food, and hung out with folks that made us laugh until our cheeks hurt! Ree and I had talked about getting together at 5:45, and since we got to the mall at 4:45, we had […]

Pioneer Woman Presto Update


Remember when I blogged about helping P-Dub renovate/re-decorate her upstairs? Well, she’s been a super busy gal lately with the release of her second cookbook… …so obviously she’s had a different type of RANCH on her brain lately- ha! She did receive the Dash & Albert runners I used in my presto change-o photo drawing recently though… […]

Ree Drummond Room Redo


Remember that Long Room at Ree’s house that I blogged about a while back? Well, some fun folks from HGTV recently visited the ranch, and gave it a major makeover. Here’s the room before… And here’s what Cortney and Bob Novogratz whipped up for Ree’s daughters in just under a week… What a dramatic difference, huh? Ree said […]

The Happy House of Hyacinth


Last week at the ranch we had a chance to hang with Ree’s fabulous friend Hyacinth, and before we left town, we stopped by her house to check out her newly re-done, contemporary style living room. (Me, and fellow design bloggers Holly and Melissa e-worked on it with Hy on it last year- click here to read all […]

To Denver And Back


We’re baaaaack and whooo-wee! what a whirlwind of a trip that was! We pulled back into Prattville just after midnight on Friday night, and I had fun putting together this video full of snippets from the trip yesterday afternoon… (I apologize for the occasional herky jerkiness- all we had with us was a Flip cam!) […]

A Pioneer Woman Pick My Presto


Hey there- and welcome to another installment of Pick My Presto! This week, I thought I’d play around with a photo of the Drummond family’s “Long Room”. A couple weeks back Mrs. Drummond, a.k.a Ree, posted some pics of the room on her blog, and talked about their plans to turn it into a room for their […]

Pleasant Peeps, The Pioneer Woman & Pick My Presto!


Well, I’m back from Nashville, and although I wish I could use fun words like “bright-eyed” and “bushy-tailed” to describe my current state of being, “red-eyed” and “bushy-haired” are probably more accurate descriptions. But MAN that was an awesome trip! I shopped with, talked with, walked with, and broke bread with women that inspired me […]