• Plush Pumpkins, and Mushrooms, and Acorns- oh my!

    ** This giveaway has ended. ** Well, it’s officially Fall, and I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw the vegetable stand down the street putting out bunches and bunches of big, beautiful pumpkins! I get absolutely … Continue reading


    Gift Card Giveaway

    One of the best parts of being on the True Value Blog Squad is being able to host home improvement-related giveaways. This week, we’re giving away one of these little guys… It’s got a hundred bucks on it, and it’s … Continue reading


    Herb Crate Giveaway

    **THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED** We’ve got a fun giveaway courtesy of our friend, Betsy, today! As you can see from the photos above, Betsy carries all kinds of farmhouse fabulous-ness in her Farmhouse Wares shop. She also carries the wooden … Continue reading


    Painting A Brighter Future

    Howdy, and happy weekend! We wanted to take a moment to pass along some info about True Value’s Painting A Brighter Future program in case you know of a school that could use some new paint! The True Value Foundation provides … Continue reading


    Decorating With Pumpkins

    Howdy, friend! We’ve got a cute and cuddly giveaway to share with you this week! Have you seen these plush little pumpkins yet? Our sidebar sponsor LoveFeast Table carries them and they are just the cutest (squishiest!) little things! We … Continue reading


    Home Talk

    Today’s sidebar sponsor giveaway is from the friendly folks at Home Talk! Home Talk is a community full of both regular folks and home improvement pros who love to talk about home improvement, and their goal is to make home improvement easier … Continue reading


    Barn Light Giveaway

    One day, we’d like to move out to the country and into a farmhouse like the one I grew up in. Can’t ya just see it? No? How ’bout now? Sorry…I couldn’t resist. Anywho…we’ve got a really cool farm-related giveaway … Continue reading


    How to Paint Furniture E-book

    I heart Shaunna West… She’s one of my very best friends in the whole weird world, and in addition to writing a great blog, raising two cutie pie kiddos, and selling truckloads of pretty, previously-loved furniture- she also just released … Continue reading

    Creating Your Masterpiece

    Master Bedroom Closet Door Re-do Project

    A while back, I used some photos of my friend Brooke’s master bedroom in an article I wrote for HGTV.com. I adore the wall of windows over there on the far side of the room, and how they allow the … Continue reading


    The Grocery Shrink

    Hey there! We’re broadcastin’ live from a lovely location on top of a mountain in North Carolina today. We’re here photographing a super cool cottage for Cottages & Bungalows magazine, and if everything goes according to plan, the issue they’ll … Continue reading

    Grocery Shrink

    MDF from True Value in the house!

    Hey there! It was nice and sunny out today, (yay!) so I was able to snap some pics of our progress in the master bedroom. You may remember how it looked BEFORE… …well, this is where we’re at CURRENTLY… Keep … Continue reading


    The Rusted Chain

    It’s Saturday! And to make matters even more fun- Beki, from The Rusted Chain, is giving away two $25 gift certificates to two TLC readers this weekend! So hop on over to Beki’s sweet little shop by clicking on the … Continue reading

    Vintage Cross Bottles at Greyfreth

    Isa, over at Greyfreth is offering a special limited time discount for TLC readers. From now, until midnight on Friday night (Oct. 9th) all Vintage Cross Bottles will be available at 30% off, PLUS all “The Lettered Cottage” readers will … Continue reading

    Lola B’s

    Have you been to Lola B’s Boutique? Talk about eye candy! If you haven’t stopped by, you must give this site a visit. You will love the things you see! Kasey, the owner, is going to be giving away an … Continue reading

    Blushing Hostess

    It’s 7 am and I’m HUNGRY!I wake up STARVING every day.Kevin totally doesn’t get it. He can wait ’til lunch time to eat- and yes, he knows that’s not good for him, so he’ll usually forces himself to eat something.I … Continue reading