Room Inspiration – Tuesday’s With Dorie


Remember when I blogged about Kristen Alber‘s house? Well, I e-bumped into a friend of hers online not long ago, and I just had to blog about her house, too! Her name is Dorie, and she and her husband did a heck of a job renovating their 1916 bungalow. Check out the exterior, before… …and […]

Room Inspiration: Necessary Room at the Fairfield House


I’ve got an e-friend named Deborah who is, hands down, one of the sweetest people I’ve ever e-met. Her blog ( is always a pleasure to read, and one of her latest posts was about a “necessary room” they recently redecorated in their home. Here’s a before and after look at the room… They painted […]

Room Inspiration – Jennifer Rizzo (Breakfast Nook)


Well, I was excused from jury duty within 5 minutes of arriving at the courthouse yesterday, and boy was I relieved. Turns out it was actually going to be a grand jury situation- zoinks! Anywho, now that I’m back in the land of the blogging- I couldn’t resist putting together another quick post about another awesome […]

Room Inspiration – Inspired By Charm


Kev and I follow a nice fella named Michael on Twitter and I wanted to blog about some of his crafty projects here today. He writes a blog called Inspired by Charm, and he owns a bed and breakfast in Saint Marys, Pennsylvania. Inside the front door of his (1917) B&B, there’s a little gift […]