Swing-Arm Sconces


Ya know that swing-arm wall sconce in our reading room?¬†We got it for a great deal on eBay, but it was actually a Pottery Barn product. PB has discontinued it from their website and catalogs, and they don’t really seem to pop up on eBay that often anymore, so I thought I’d see if I […]

Hallway Update


The floor in our hallway has gone through a variety of “looks” over the past few years. Here’s a photo of one of the grodiest… We’ve been tiptoeing across that sucker for the past year, because when you’re renovating on a shoestring budget, sometimes you gotta go with the grody for a while. And speaking […]

Aimee’s Nature-Inspired Nursery

Hello and Happy Thursday! Today I’d like to introduce you to my new blog friend Aimee. Aimee is a self-proclaimed, “do-it-yourself girly-girl with a head full of ideas and fingernails perpetually splattered with paint”. I was so excited when she emailed me about her latest reno project.She used our reading room as inspiration… …as inspiration […]

The Left Side of the Reading Room

I finally got all the “sunshines” hung on the wall on the left side of the reading room, and after a trip to Walmart for some purple tulips, I was able to snap this photo of the left side of the room today… I’ve always loved the look of a wall full of sunburst mirrors, […]

Shutters, and Singing, and Sidebars, oh my!

Well, we decided not to use the shutters in the reading room after all… We loved the idea of having shutters, but we just couldn’t get used to the look of them. They were really easy and inexpensive to make, so it’s okay that they didn’t end up working out. Basically, I sent Kevin to […]

We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Reading Room Re-do

Howdy folks!Did you miss me?I haven’t taken three days off since I don’t know when!It wasn’t by choice though. My pupils made me do it.Yep, I woke up on Thursday morning and they were huge. I looked like a cast member of “People Under the Stairs”. (In case you missed that one, just imagine a […]

Reading Room Ceiling Re-do (Part 2)

Howdy folks!Are you having a good week? Hope so!If you downloaded, left me a comment or emailed me about my book– I want to say thank you! You’re a real day maker and I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much! On the homefront- things are moving along nicely in the reading room. That being said, Kevin […]

The Reading Room Reno Continues…

Our reading room may look fine and dandy at this angle… …but the ceiling is another story… Not to mention, there is some trim work that needs finishing too… (You can see what color the room used to be up there by the ceiling. Eek!) So starting tomorrow, Kevin plans to rip down the drywall […]

A Sign from Susie

Remember when I said I wanted to put a long, old-looking sign above the Reading Room?Well, last week I drew a rough sketch of the sign I had in my head using Photoshop and sent it to my friend Susie Harris.I envisioned a large sign on top, with the name of our favorite book store, […]

Reading Room Rarities

This morning, in the hush of dawn, I slipped out of bed and left Kevin to sleep. (Brrr…it’s chilly in here! Should I turn on the heat? No…that’s silly…it’s only October 3rd) Instead, I welcomed the opportunity to snuggle into a pair of fuzzy, gray pajama pants and a long-sleeve thermal shirt. Then, I pulled […]

Reading Room Reno Rumblings

Our Reading Room has no idea what’s about to happen.Look at her…just sitting there all peaceful-like… You see, like every other room in our home, this little room is very much a work in progress. We still have ten things left to do in this little 6’x6′ room alone. #1 is to rip down the […]