Mary Lynn’s Sunroom – Pick My Presto

Sunroom Inspiration

“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.” ―Tate Linden A sweet gal named Mary Lynn (from Ohio) recently wrote me asking for some design advice for her 3-season porch. She told me she wanted to change everything, and sent me a few photos of the space. I popped this […]

Jana’s Cottage Kitchen – Pick My Presto

Jana Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

My friend Jana asked if I could take a look at the kitchen in a house they’re in the process of fixing up and I couldn’t wait to see pictures of what she was workin’ with. The home has been in their family for 50 years, and they’re going to put it on the market when they’re […]

Suzanne’s Dining Room/Home Office – Pick My Presto

Living Room Inspiration | Home Office | Built In Cabinetry

…and while we’re on the subject of Suzanne, I put together a presto change-o picture for her today, and thought I’d share it here too, in case you might be in the market for a similar kind of inspiration. Did I tell you that she and her husband (Billy) bought Two-Story Blue? Yep. It went […]

Beckie’s Fireplace – Pick My Presto

Beckies Fireplace After Photo

Remember when I blogged about my friend Beckie‘s fireplace: She wanted to give it a little facelift, so I sent her these four Photoshopped inspiration photos to get her creative gears turning… Well, she and her husband sold that house and moved to another state- LOL! 😀 Now she’s got a new fireplace to work on, and she […]

Laura’s Cottage Kitchen – Pick My Presto

Kitchen Makeover Inspiration for Laura | The Lettered Cottage

“Let us show what life means to us with our actions. Dreaming and hoping and reaching forward. What does it look like when we come alive? Let’s find out.” -Jon Foreman *** Hi! A gal named Laura recently emailed me this photo of her kitchen and asked if I’d throw some ideas out there for […]

Emily’s Wall-to-Wall Fireplace

Lauren Liess Living Room | Wall to Wall Fireplace

Hi! I had fun pulling together some design inspiration for Neighbor Gayle’s daughter, Emily, this weekend and thought I’d share it here today in case anyone else is on the hunt for the same kind of inspiration. Emily and her hubby just moved in to their house up in Vestavia, AL last summer. They love […]

Loft Guest Bedroom Inspiration

Loft Makeover Inspiration | The Lettered Cottage

…speaking of creating inspiration pictures– I met a girl named Erin at the pool a few weeks ago, and of course I couldn’t resist asking her to send me a photo of her upstairs loft area when she mentioned that she was having trouble figuring out what to do with the bed alcove up there. […]

Boys Bedroom – Pick My Presto


Hello, and welcome to another installment of Pick My Presto! I received an email from a nice young man by the name of Jake asking for some design help with a wainscoting dilemma in his bedroom. His email read: Hello Layla, My name is Jake and I am a 16 years old. I’m looking to re-do […]

Summer Cottage – Pick My Presto


Hey there- and welcome to another installment of Pick My Presto! I got an email from a fella by the name of Ryan Parent asking for some design help with his newly purchased summer cottage in Canada. His email read: Hi Layla, I would just like to say that you and your husband have done […]