Farmhouse Bench

Tuxedo Cat Window Bench

Remember that farmhouse stool I told you I was going to paint and sell at The Chapel Market? I think Kit-Cat has other plans in mind. ūüėČ Kevin and I spent the week working on our “presto change-o” virtual room makeover class for, so we’re really looking forward to spending some time outside this […]

Kitchen Window Sign

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 7.27.46 AM

Snapped this yesterday… I guess he thinks our new¬†sign is for him since it’s hanging on one of his favorite windows. Birds, and lizards, and bugs- mmmm!

Black and Tan and Tuxedo

Black and Tan Chihuahua

We’re headed to St. Louis today. That’s about the halfway point to where we’re going in Minnesota. I’m hoping our pets don’t give our house-sitters too much trouble while we’re gone. Something tells me everything will be just fine though. ūüėČ PS- Know any must-stop-for flea markets between southern Alabama and St. Louis? Sure would […]

Pretty On My Porch


Thanks to a cold-that-won’t-quit, I’m still kickin’ it on the couch. It has been sort of fun just (new) neighborhood watching out the window though. Yesterday, this pretty little bird kept me entertained, just as the sun was starting to set… It sat there for soooo long.¬†I started to wonder if it was going to […]

Kit-Cat the Cuddle-Upper


“Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic.” ¬†~Lillian Jackson Braun “The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.” ¬†~Jules Reynard Kevin and I photographed some Thanksgiving-themed place card ideas for this week, and even though I had just started pulling things together in that last pic, I just had to snap a […]

Kit-Cat the Crazy


The other day I caught Kit-Cat doing something…weird. It involved Kevin’s bathroom sink… …and a full bladder… …but absolutely no flushing when he was done. #gross I caught him in the act a couple more times since that first time, and Kevin may or may not have been greeted by a….semi-solid surprise (ahem) in there […]

iPhone Pics & Pinterest Prose


iPhone pics + a quote that struck a chord = I used to think I was the strangest person¬†pet in the world. But then, I thought, there are so many people¬†pets in the world… …there must be one just like me. …who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine […]

Kit-Cat the Adventurer


3 things I love about Kit-Cat: 1. His sense of adventure. Unfortunately I’m forced to interrupt the adventure from time to time, but I usually can’t resist snapping a photo of him first. 2. His paws. I could rub them for hours. Literally. Because he lets me. (I love that about him too.) If you’ve […]

Priceless Pets

Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 8.28.19 AM

Neutering and leg pin removal surgery for Kit-Cat: $360. Bladder stone surgery for Maximus: $1370. Seeing them recovering together in a sun spot on our bed: Priceless.  

Ruff and Tumble


Most of the time, Max and Kit-Cat just lounge around the house… But lately, they’ve started to meet up for body slamming sessions between naps… (click the play button to watch the completely quiet/action-packed video below) I guess this means Max is over the whole, “who is this weird little dude and why is he […]



Hi. I’m Maximus Palmer, and my Mom thought it would be nice if I blogged about my new little brother, Kit-Cat, today. Yep. Apparently the kid is stickin’ around for good. I’m not really sure why they wanted me to announce the news though, because…well…the dude sort of weirds me out. I mean, he’s craaaaazy […]

Kit-Cat Update


Kit-Cat did so good at his vet appointment the other day! He’s such a calm little boy. Me, on the other hand, well…I saw stars and had to sit down. Apparently I get faint at all doctor’s appointments…not just my own. I’m sure it had something to do with the up-close-and-personal visual of the vet […]

Tuxedo Cat


Remember the little kitty I blogged about a couple weeks ago? Well, turns out it’s a boy, and I was so excited to be able to pick him up from the animal clinic the other day… (Click the play button on the video below to see him in action!) It only took him a couple […]

Stray Kitten


I’m a sucker for a stray. Dogs, cats, turtles- you name it- if I’m in the car and I see one, I gotta bust a u-ey, and at least try to rescue it. And because of the comments left on some of my animal-related blog posts, I bet there’s a lot¬†more pet picker-uppers out there […]



Our friend, Jason, brought over his new “baby” the other day and I couldn’t resist snapping some pics of her when she started to get sleepy. Meet Tootsie… She’s a “dorkie” (dachshund/yorkie) and our pooch, Max, is officially in love. The mere mention of her name has him racing to front door at an incredible […]