Two-Story Blue


My name is Layla Palmer and I love cottages. This is the story of the one that got away… One day, back in 2005, Kevin was doing some work out in the country. While he was out and about, he discovered a quaint rural neighborhood, chock full of colorful cottage-style homes of all shapes and […]

Moving and Adoption


Well, it looks like we may actually be able to move into our new place this weekend- yahoo! The bank agreed to fix the water and electrical issues that popped up in our inspection, and they *should* all be taken care of in the next few days, so our closing is still set for Friday […]



Kev’s friend, Jason, helped us move the big stuff… …and Kev’s mom, Katie, helped us move the rest… We truly could not have done it without them. (Thanks again, you two. We’re still trying to figure out how we can ever re-pay you!) I forgot how completely physically and mentally¬†strenuous moving is! I had some […]