• Hermitage Drive – Master Bedroom

    One lonely little pic of the Master Bedroom in our first place…that’s all I have to remember it by… sigh…

    Hermitage Drive – Kitchen & Dining Area

    Here are a few pics of the Kitchen…I didn’t have to do much after we moved in. I just painted… …and added beadboard (my cottage style seems to always find its way in…no matter WHAT style the house is!) I … Continue reading

    Hermitage Drive – Living Room and Art Studio

    The disc I was pulling these old pictures from seems to be damaged, so I sifted through about eighty other discs and FINALLY found some more photos to show. Here are some more photos of the Living Room, right before … Continue reading

    Hermitage Drive – Entry and Living Room

    I decided to faux finish the brick wall in the Entry to match the exterior of the house. I used a specially formulated brick-colored paint that had sand mixed in it. I also painted the grout the same color as … Continue reading

    My First Place

    I’ve shown you so many pictures of my current home, but I’ve never shared any photos of the FIRST house Kevin and I bought together. It’s very different from the house we live in now, but it’s equally (more, actually) … Continue reading