Our “Holiday Home” Christmas Vignette


Remember those curtains we used to have in the dining room? Well, about a month ago they moved into the living room- and almost immediately after they went up, we were totally inspired to cozy up that side of the room for Christmas! We created a tabletop vignette using lots of things we already had, […]

Holiday with Matthew Mead is on its way!


Breaking book-a-zine news! A while back Matthew Mead asked a whole buncha bloggers to contribute project ideas to “Holiday”, and I’m excited to report that the issue is being printed this week! Woo hoo! (This is not the actual cover.) I look forward to receiving it in my mailbox sometime next month! I’m gonna to give away a copy here […]

Holiday with Matthew Mead

I’ve got some exciting news to share! Yours truly has been invited to submit a holiday decorating idea to Matthew Mead’s new book-a-zine, “Holiday with Matthew Mead”.(“Book-a-zine” meaning, it’s a cross between a book and a magazine.) Some time after Christmas last year, I had a cool decorating idea that I thought I’d save and […]