Master Bedroom


Our master bedroom is still very much a work in progress, but here are a few things we’ve had fun doing to the space since we moved in back in 2007… The room started out pretty builder basic… …but we’ve been busy injecting more of our personality over the past few years… Here are some […]

Classroom Map


It seems like the older I get, and the more I work on this house, the more I feel like following my own design instincts, not set-in-stone ‘design rules’. Ya know what I mean? These days, it seems to pretty much all boils down to smiling. source ‘Cause stress and anxiety ain’t got nothin’ on a […]

We’re Building A Barn Door


We’ve been pluggin’ away, little by little, on the north wall in our master bedroom, and man does it feel good to finally be getting closer to the finish line! Here’s what it looked like before we painted it Martha’s Stewart’s “Blue Hubbard” (Sherwin Williams)… …and here’s what it looks like today… You’ll notice we […]

Painting A Dresser And Planning A Pocket


Remember that $40, oh-so-cute, but badly-water-damaged dresser we got at a flea market a while back? If so, then you probably also remember that we initially took the top part of it off, painted it white, sanded back the drawer fronts for a super-distressed effect and added cute little blue-painted knobs and pulls… Welllllllll…I saw […]

Master Bedroom Re-do Update: Mirrored Closet Doors


Well, we’re fiiiiinally done re-doing our master bedroom closet doors, and I’m happy to report we’re pretty stoked about how they all turned out. There really wasn’t anything wrong with them before… …but YOU KNOW ME. Once a project idea pops in the ol’ noggin I gotta git-after-it! They’re not perfect, but it’s all good. […]

Master Bedroom Re-do Update: Plankification 2010 is complete!


Thought I’d share a master bedroom update here today since we’re one step closer to constructing the built-in thing-a-ma-jiggy. Woo hoo! You may remember this inspiration drawing I posted a while back… Well, Kev started by attaching a bunch of ten-foot long 1″x6″ MDF planks (from True Value) to the wall near our bedroom door… […]

The Lettered Cottage Layout & Our Flooring Dilemmas

Carpeted Room

When Kev and I bought this place back in October of 2007, we had to tackle a couple of projects just to get the place livable before we could actually move in. First project- the floors. The carpet in the living room, hallway, reading room, office and guest bedroom was buckling up in several places […]

Our King-Sized, Pottery Barn-Style Headboard

Master Bedroom

We decided to go with a metal headboard because we just didn’t want any of that glorious natural light to be blocked. (So many of the rooms in our house don’t get a lot of natural light because of the way (and where) it’s sitting. The master bedroom is the brightest room in the house, […]

Window Treatments for the Master Bedroom


Life just seems to have gotten busier and busier lately, so there hasn’t been a whole lotta renovatin’ goin’ on in the master bedroom. That being said, this is what looked like just a mere month ago… …and here’s a shot of that same wall, today… (still gotta work on the closet doors and install […]