• Living Room Update – Flor Carpet Squares

    Rugs. *sigh* I sure do love looking at them, but oh how Max loves to lunch on them! If it’s got fibers that stand up, you can bet your bottom dollar he’s going to pull out a little patch of … Continue reading

    Flor Carpet Squares | Suit Yourself | Flax

    Living Room Update – Two Sofas It Is!

    Okay! Here is the final tally on the poll I posted the other day… …and here’s the inspiration photo I put together in Photoshop again: I’m happy to report Kevin’s fully on board with the two sofa layout now, too! … Continue reading

    Living Dining Room Layout

    Living Room Update – Furniture Layout

    I looked back at the poll I posted last week… …and the results inspired me to play around with a photo of our living room so that Kevin could get a better picture of what I am seeing in my … Continue reading

    Living Room | Idea 1

    Decorating Around A Flat Screen TV

    I stumbled on to a really fun group on Pinterest and their work got me thinking about our fireplace. Kevin and I talk about where we’re going to (eventually) put our TV a lot when we’re sitting in our (still far … Continue reading

    Muskoka Living | Room | Fireplace

    Wood Wall Reveal

    Back in August, I told you we wanted to add some wood planks to the biggest, windowless wall in our living room. I asked you if you thought we should attach them horizontally or vertically, and according to the poll … Continue reading

    Antique Scale

    Living Room Decorating

    I haven’t spent too much time decorating our living room yet because we hope to be doing some construction projects in there later this year. That said, the house was extra quiet this morning (Kevin had a date with his … Continue reading

    The Lettered Cottage Living Room Decor

    Cottage Style Stuff

    It’s been a shuffle-y couple of months around here, but now that the wall paint is dry, we’ve started putting things back into place. There’s still a fireplace to paint (Simply White), and tile to (temporarily) cover up… …but things … Continue reading

    Lettered Cottage Style Kitchen Sugarboo Art

    Living Room Update – Gray Owl Paint

    A reader named Sarah left me a comment the other day asking about how things were lookin’ in our living room. She reminded me that the only photo I had ever shown of it was this one that we took … Continue reading


    The Lettered Living Room

    Every time I pass one of those great big pre-assembled doll house kits at Hobby Lobby I think about how wild it is that (insert ever-changing mortgage company name here) gave us a great big pre-assembled grown-up house to play … Continue reading


    Flor Floor Tile

    When we moved into this house, we had no idea what actually lurked beneath the stinky, old carpet at the far end of the living room… We assumed there was hardwood flooring, because we saw some underneath the carpet in … Continue reading


    Ideas For Fall

    Greetings! And welcome to our It’s Fall Y’all link party! We’re kickin’ the series off with our mantel party- and Rhoda, Kate and Sarah are all hosting Fall-themed parties over the next 9 days too- so make sure you stop by … Continue reading


    Let There Be (More) Light

    Now that the floor is done in the living room, it’s time to trim everything out and put the room back together. This is a photo of what the room looked like about a year ago: Note: A lot of … Continue reading


    Wood Floor Pictures

    Well, we made it to Colorado and we’re currently sitting in a spiffy little hotel room in the heart of Engelwood. Our design TV meetings start at noon today, and we’re hoping to get a peek at the DIY Network … Continue reading


    Ideas For Summer

    Howdy- and welcome to our Home May’d Summer mantel link party! Of course this party isn’t really limited to just mantels though- we wanna see all kinds of Summer-y displays! Whether they’re on a window sill, a bookshelf, a ledge- … Continue reading


    Decorating For Spring

    Spring has officially sprung here at TLC, and I. Am. Lovin’ it! First, a whole buncha these guys popped up in the backyard… I mostly used things I already had around the house… Grass green, aqua, gray, white, black, brown … Continue reading