I’m pumped to announce the latest Lettered Cottage shop creation- the Shellbox! These “works of heart” are created by my Mom , Jude, and this is how she describes them- Shellboxes are available in three finishes. Honey maple, distressed black, and distressed white. (Edited to add: The honey maple and distressed white are currently unavailable!) […]

Lettered Cottage Gift Certificates

I’ve had some requests for “Lettered Cottage” Gift Certificates, so here are the buttons for you to choose from: Click on the button below to purchase a $20 Gift Certificate: Click on the button below to purchase a $35 Gift Certificate: Click on the button below to purchase a $50 Gift Certificate: Click on the […]

Quote Jars!

Today, I’m happy to introduce the latest Lettered Cottage creation, the “Quote Jar”. Like our “Good Jars”, each Quote Jar is filled with 365 of my favorite quotes of all time. I’m talkin’, read-one-and-it-will-change–your–day-kinda-quotes. The slips are nestled inside of a glass, wire-bale jar, that is simply divine on its own. I keep one in […]

Good Jars…they’re back!

Back by popular demand, a fresh batch of Good Jars! Here’s the story of the creation of the Good Jar. Over about a months time, Kevin and I sat in a quiet spot and wrote down a list of 365 things that would make our days just a little bit brighter. We then transferred our […]

Lettered Olive Quotebox Auctions on Ebay

I’ve listed some of my QUOTEBOXES for sale on Ebay, if anyone is interested!Bidding starts at .99 cents, and the reserve price is lower than what they will retail for. “There is no set path, follow your heart” QUOTEBOX “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” QUOTEBOX “Scatter Joy” QUOTEBOX “Radiate Love” QUOTEBOX Happy Thursday everyone! I’ll be […]


Here are a couple of products my Mom is creating for of the shells were hand-picked by my Mom, from the Gulf Coast, and are gorgeously displayed “specimen-style” in your choice of distressed black, distressed white or teak wood shadowbox frame. This first style of Shellbox will include a laminated “key” that lists the […]

Notecards &

I will be adding several Notecard sets to the Lettered Olive Etsy page this week.Stop by and check them out! Also, I am about 7 days away from launching so stay tuned for the official launch date in the very very near future! Layla

Etsy Shop

The Lettered Olive Etsy shop is officially open!I’ve only got a few Quoteboxes on there right now, but I’ll continue to add more throughout the week. I’ve been battling with a BAAAAD cold and now I have PINK EYE….ugh…so my time on the computer has been limited…..(cough, cough, cough) I will also be putting another […]

Lettered Olive Logo

Calling all opinions!I am trying to settle on which “Lettered Olive” logo to go with.Here are the seven choices I have designed. I love them all, but am curious as to which ONE gets the most instant gut reaction from you all.(FYI: The “things” or “scribbles” on the left and right side of logo #1, […]

Lettered Olive – Sneak Peek

While my Mom is working on different products at her place, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in sawdust & seashells, and wading through stacks and stacks of the most inspirational quotes & words in existence over here at mine. I have a confession.I’ve had a love affair with Typography for quite some time now. […]

Lettered Olive Weekend

My mom is coming up today- yahoo! We plan on spending some time looking at the cottage next door. (It’s STILL for sale!) We’d love to buy it (at the right price) and fix it up, and then put it back on the market all spiffied up. We’re also going to work on Lettered Olive […]