Lettered Cottage Home Winners!

A while back, to celebrate the grand opening of Lettered Cottage Home Sarah and I decided to give away one of our large Parisian cake stands, and one of our small Parisian cake stands. Here they are, in all their creamy, crackly loveliness…. (small) (large) Check out these close up shots…I love the finish on […]

Ga Ga for Galvanized

I just can’t get enough of galvanized accessories! We carry these galvanized pedestals at LetteredCottageHome.com and I just had to get myself a set to use here at the Lettered Cottage. They come in three different sizes… …and we also carry three different sized glass cloches that you can use on top of them to […]

LetteredCottageHome.com Orders

Hey everyone! Thanks to those of you who have purchased items from LetteredCottageHome.com. We truly appreciate your business! Unfortunately, we’ve had some issues with Paypal. For those who placed an order with us, and have not yet received it, we may not have received your order because it never actually went through. Check your Paypal […]

Reader Letter – Herb Crates

Hi Layla, I have been reading your blog for some time now. I came across it when I was researching black painted kitchen cabinets. I haven’t yet taken the plunge, but have enjoyed reading your blog. I absolutely loved what you did with the nesting crates and was so excited to hear Sarah had them […]


Greetings from TLC! How many of you remember when I was talking about launching a company called “Lettered Olive”? Well, that was before my design consultation business started to keep me so busy that I didn’t think I’d ever get to launch it! Since last fall, I’ve had the opportunity to answer questions, create inspiration […]