• Kitchen Makeover

    Remember that Rosemary Gallery paint I mixed up in my last post about the kitchen? Wellllllll, some exciting things have happened since I published that post, and in a nutshell, it looks like we’ll be able to start swapping some things … Continue reading

    Ming Green and Thassos White Sunflower Tile | The Lettered Cottage Kitchen

    Rosemary Gallery (Kitchen Island Color)

    I think I may have it figured out…the kitchen island color, I mean. Remember when I blogged about all those samples colors I was checking out? Well, after I published that post, I pulled a Reese’s and mixed my chocolate with … Continue reading

    Rosemary Gallery Paint | The Lettered Cottage

    Kitchen Island Paint Colors

    I blame Erika’s Instagram feed. Especially these two pictures: (ErikaMPowell on Instagram) That’s Martha Stewart’s “Gabardine” on the trim and cabinetry in her bathroom, and Sherwin-William’s “Rosemary” on the cabinets in her kitchen. (And those are her adorable (and clearly … Continue reading

    Urban Grace Kitchen | Rosemary

    One Room, Three Ways: Kitchen – Way #3

    Hi, and welcome to my third and final “One Room, Three Ways” (ORTW) post! Again, here’s a shot of what our kitchen looks like right now: This next idea is also one of the kajillion looks I’ve been having fun dreaming … Continue reading


    One Room, Three Ways: Kitchen – Way #2

    Hi, and welcome to my second “One Room, Three Ways” (ORTW) post! Again, here’s a shot of what our kitchen looks like right now: The cabinets are currently painted mustard yellow, and they have a chocolate brown glaze on them … Continue reading


    Countertop Series, Part 5 – Antiqued Absolute Black Granite & Carrara Marble

    Hello- and welcome to the final installment of my favorite countertops series! Today’s countertop picks are antiqued Absolute Black granite and carrara marble. I have a crush on both of them- so I asked my friend, Kim, if she would … Continue reading


    Countertop Series, Part 4 – Quartz

    Hi, and welcome to part 4 of my favorite countertops series! If you’re just jumping into the series today, basically, I’ve been featuring my 6 favorite countertop materials this week, strictly based on the way they look. (No cost break … Continue reading

    frosty carrina caesarstone

    Countertop Series, Part 3 – Eco By Cosentino

    …and because I love the look of concrete countertops, I also love Eco by Cosentino in the color Crystal Ash: Their website says, “ECO by Cosentino is an original product manufactured from 75% recycled materials such as mirror, glass, porcelain, … Continue reading


    Countertop Series, Part 2 – Concrete

    Welcome to part 2 of my favorite countertops series! (Here’s a quick link to part one if you missed it and are interested.) Today’s pick is gray concrete. I love it. I love it. I love it. I know it … Continue reading


    Countertop Series, Part 1 – Laminate

    …and speaking of kitchens: I got a comment from a reader named Claire the other day that inspired a series of posts about my favorite countertops. Her comment read: “After reading this post last night, I thought about your counter … Continue reading


    Kitchen Cabinets

    So, remember those cute (Minnesotan) second-cousins I mentioned in my last post? Well, this is their Grandpa Kevin: He’s my uncle, and he owns a cabinet business called Mainstream Cabinets. It’s located in Mapleton, Minnesota and it was so fun … Continue reading


    Gray Lake and Gray Owl Paint

    Did I say we were leaving for Minnesota yesterday? I meant today! Slight change in plans, but we’re all set to leave this morning now. Yippeeeeee! PS- That’s the view of our Gray Lake paint (in the sunroom, on the … Continue reading

    Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and Gray Lake Paint_Lettered Cottage

    Cottage Style Stuff

    It’s been a shuffle-y couple of months around here, but now that the wall paint is dry, we’ve started putting things back into place. There’s still a fireplace to paint (Simply White), and tile to (temporarily) cover up… …but things … Continue reading

    Lettered Cottage Style Kitchen Sugarboo Art

    Painting The Pantry

    I noticed something serendipitous while the paint was going up on the walls in the pantry yesterday. Do you see it there, too? That’s our (50% lightened) Gray Owl paint on the wall space between each shelf, but it almost … Continue reading


    Country Kitchen Island

    My friend, Lucy, helped us find these old wood corbels earlier this year, and we’re so excited to use them on our soon-to-be country kitchen island: Right now, the island doesn’t reflect our personalities at all, so we’re going to … Continue reading