Decorating The Gallery Wall: Shadowbox Cube

Long Shadowbox from Pottery Barn

“Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration.” -Kathryn M. Ireland Remember that long box I taped off when I was laying out our gallery wall? I had a $25 off Pottery Barn coupon burning a hole in my pocket, so I sprang for this iron shadowbox cube last week: I […]

Cottage Kitchen Makeover Reveal

The Lettered Cottage Kitchen | Farmhouse Style

Our son will be 3 this weekend- aaahhhh! I feel like shouting it from the rooftops and throwing a big celebration in his honor! 😀 He was 18 months old the first time we saw a photo of his adorable little face on our computer screen. It popped up one day while we were looking at […]

Kitchen Update – Farmhouse Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

Houseplant on Stump Slice | Decorating Kitchen Countertops | The Lettered Cottage

“Everywhere in my house are these little things that have meanings and make me think of great memories. -Nate Berkus *** After space planning, adding the “little things” is definitely my favorite part when it comes to any room makeover. I had some fun adding personality to the counters on each side of our stove this […]

How To Clean White Quartz Countertops

Cottage Kitchen | Ming Green Backsplash | Heather Gray Island

Happy Friday! 😀 Seems like more and more folks are asking how we’re liking our Frosty Carrina countertops, so I thought I’d blog a little bit about them here today. We have really enjoyed them so far, BUT, I have learned (the hard way) that, like me, white quartz loves to soak up some half sweet/half unsweet […]

Decorating The Kitchen – Farmhouse Art


So, remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned that I wanted to re-paint the secretary that I pulled into the kitchen? Well, my mint green milk paint is on its way here (woo hoo- thanks again for creating “Layla’s Mint”, Marian!) and I’m looking forward to knocking that project out real soon! I also mentioned that I wanted […]

Cottage Kitchen Update – Milk Painted Secretary

Spoon Art

Remember the secretary I painted and planned to use in the sunroom? Well, it’s in the kitchen now. I never really did end up using it as a full-time computer desk, so I thought I’d try it over here for a while. I can still pull a small stool up to it when I want […]

Kitchen Update – Frosty Carrina Countertops

Old Corbel | Tuxedo Cat | Heather Gray Kitchen Island

I blogged about one side of our newly-painted green/gray/blue kitchen island last week… …and I’m back today with a few shots of how she looks now- all topped in Caesarstone’s Frosty Carrina! I love how it picks up on the old paint on the corbels…which we are not painting, by the way. (A few folks asked about […]

Kitchen Update – Island Makeover

Kitchen | Heather Gray Island | Gray Owl Walls | Simply White Cabinets and Trim

Did I say Rosemary Gallery? I meant Heather Gray. 😉 Kevin wasn’t 100% sure about painting the island such a deep green, so we went with a color that we both felt 100% about instead. (I’m a paint color junkie, so switching it up wasn’t a big deal and I’ll probably use my Rosemary Gallery on a piece […]

Cottage Style Kitchen Update

Cabinet Knobs From Home Depot

Slowly but surely our cottage-style kitchen is coming together! I’d like to decorate with some more color once we’ve got the island done, but for now, here’s where we are with the cabinets, counters and backsplash: We got the knobs from Home Depot and I liked them because they reminded me of some buttons I remembered my […]

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (How To Paint Cabinets)

Layla FI

Happy Friday! Now that I’m done painting the upper cabinets, I thought I’d share some tips I found helpful along the way. As far as tools go, I used these little plastic pyramids to hold my doors while I painted them: I also used a high quality paint brush (Wooster and Purdy brushes are my […]

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (Part One)

Painting Kitchen Cabinets | The Lettered Cottage

Our kitchen cabinet makeover project is officially under way and I am loving this Ultra by Muralo paint! We decided to take one chunk at a time, so this week we’re working on the upper cabinets. We started by removing the (8) doors and their hinges. Then we lightly (hand) sanded everything with a sanding […]

Portis Family Kitchen

Kitchen Island | Refrigerator | Phillip Sides | Portis Home | Range Hood

He’s home! Kevin had more music business in Michigan last week, and man did I miss him. We don’t spend much time apart, so I felt sort of like I was holding my breath the whole time he was gone. He rolled in at 11 o’clock on Thursday night after driving 14 straight hours (alone) to get home […]