• Kids Room Carpet Squares by Flor

    We started pulling things into Sweet P’s room this week, and y’all, we are having so much FUN with this space!! I’ve never decorated a kids room from top to bottom like this, so forgive me if I obsess about each … Continue reading

    Built In Bookcase and Storage | Flor Carpet Squares | Roadside Attraction in Eggnog | Kids Room | Boys Bedroom

    Cottage Style Quilt

    I went back, y’all. Cheryl, Jennie, Miranda, Cheryl, Debbie, Lisa, Deborah and Betsy made me do it, and the sale sign totally sealed the deal. I don’t think it’s vintage…but it will be one day, right? Here’s to a weekend full … Continue reading

    Yellow and White Quilt

    Finally! Affordable, Cordless Window Shades That Fit!

    “I never get tired of the blue sky.” -Vincent van Gogh ***** We installed cordless shades in Sweet P’s bedroom this morning. It was time. We’ve been sporting paper privacy shades on all of our windows since we moved in … Continue reading

    Bruddans Window Shades | Ikea | The Lettered Cottage

    Farmhouse Fresh Lighting

    Did I tell you I decided to repaint the ceiling in our little one’s room? Yep. We had some leftover Gray Lake paint, and after the planked walls went Simply White, that ceiling was just begging to be barely-blue! The … Continue reading

    Barnlight Electric Industrial White Bedroom Ceiling Light

    Sliding Door Tip

    We mounted a little caster to the baseboard behind the left side of the sliding door yesterday. I pulled the door away from the wall in these first two photos so that you could see it: The caster helps push … Continue reading

    Galvanized Sliding Track Barn Hardware

    Library Pocket Door On Sliding Barn Door Hardware

    “My brain has too many tabs open.” -Unknown Remember when I blogged about “having” to paint the wall (and ceiling) outside the room I’m working on right now? Well, now you know why it had to be done. I had … Continue reading

    Sliding Library Door | 85 Dollar Galvanized Barn Hardware

    Vintage Style Kids Room / Future Home Office

    “We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” -Sir Winston Churchill ***** The construction is done in our little one’s room, so I’ll start caulking and painting today. I walked in there yesterday afternoon…just to sweep and dream … Continue reading

    Vintage | Boys Bedroom | The Lettered Cottage

    How To Seal White Paint

    “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” – C.S Lewis Kevin’s a big book reader. He’s got heaps of them around the house, and he carries his trusty … Continue reading

    Custom Built In Storage and Bookcase | Kids Room | Home Office

    Built-In Storage And A Bookcase

    “Sometimes, you have to stop thinking so much and just go where your heart takes you.” – A.C. Benson A cold snap knocked our power out in the middle of the night this week. The temperature in our bedroom dipped … Continue reading

    Built in Bookcase and Storage

    Kids Room Inspiration

    We’re waiting on an official invite from IBESR. That’s the next step in our adoption process. Lifeline families adopting children from “our” orphanage are required to travel together in groups now, and the next group trip will *probably* take place in … Continue reading

    Kids Room | Boys Bedroom | Holly Mathis Interiors

    Kids Room Decorating – Let The Fun Begin!

    There’s a full-size mattress leaning up against the wall outside our second bedroom right now… …and there’s an old headboard and footboard tucked underneath it. The mattress is new, but that bed belonged to Kevin’s parents for almost 40 years. … Continue reading

    Kids Room | Before | The Lettered Cottage

    Nautical Theme Kids Room

    I’m helping my best friend put some finishing touches her son’s nautical-themed big boy bedroom right now, and gosh am I having fun scouring the internet for inspiration! Check out these photos I found: (Sources clockwise from top left: unknown, … Continue reading


    Patchwork Quilts

    Earlier this year, Kev and I announced our plans to adopt, and got busy refinishing the wood floors and redoing the walls in our future kids room… Work in there has been at a bit of a standstill for a while … Continue reading



    Meet Eli… He recently turned 4, and his mama is the fabulous Miss Traci over at Beneath My Heart. We love Eli, and thought it might be neat to get his opinion on kids room decor, so Traci did a little … Continue reading


    Home SWEAT Home

    3 days at the beach with my bride = Totally. Awesome. Coming home to a backed up/leaking sewer pipe underneath our house= Totally. Stinky! I felt really bad for the guy who had to go under there and unclog everything. Those … Continue reading