INTERIOR Design Inspiration


I follow a sweet gal named Tiffini on Instagram and she posted a really great quote over there on Friday. It read, “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” It rolled up into my feed at the Perfect time. I was […]


Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 8.18.39 PM

Did I tell you Kevin started playing with the worship team at our church last Fall? Yep. He usually plays at church every other Sunday, and I can’t tell you how full I feel for him as he grows his relationship with God through music every day. We were invited to a casual dinner for […]



Can you see them out there? It’s Kevin and our friend (and avid fisherman), Tommy. Apparently misty mornings like the one we had today make for the best fishing, so Kev bundled up and met him by the dock as soon as he arrived. I rushed out there to snap that photo of them as […]

Halloween 2012


Our yesterday started with a little of this… …and ended with a whole bunch’a that! It was a creative kind of day, and we hope you and yours had a very happy Halloween 2012, too! PS- We won’t know about the results of Kevin’s praise band audition for a couple of weeks, but we’ll be […]

Searching For Purpose

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 10.04.04 AM

Thanks to all the folks that weighed in on yesterday’s blog post. We’ve decided what we’re going to with that little corner in the sunroom and I can’t wait to surprise you with pictures of it when we’re done! And speaking of work spaces in the works- Kev’s office is already coming together, little by little, […]

My Family’s Favorite Spaghetti Recipe


I will forever cherish the time I’ve been able to spend with my mom and dad this month. This isn’t the house I grew up in, but wherever they are will always feel like home to me. We’ve referred to our family kitchen as “Katie’s Kitchen” since I was a little kid, and my family’s favorite spaghetti recipe has […]

Guest Bedroom/Home Office Update – Time To Paint!


While Kev and I have been up to our eyeballs in Christmas articles ( likes ’em early), Brian the Carpenter has been hard a work on the closets, crown, and base boards in Kev’s office/our guest bedroom… It’s been so fun to see everything come together, and witnessing teachable moments  between he and his son […]

Flea Market Style – Summer 2012


A winter-white sky presides over what promises to be another crazy day of mess-making and picture-taking, here at TLC. Those two things seem to go hand and hand around here, lately. We’ve been working on a bunch of Fall-themed decorating idea articles for, so my office is currently acting as a photo studio, and we’re […]

How To Shoot Photography


I had an insanely fun weekend shooting all kinds of Valentines Day craft and decor ideas with a super-talented stylist friend of mine (posts full’a pics coming soon!) and Kev, and his friend, Josh, spent most of the weekend working away on their soon-to-be-launched photography/Photoshop video training class website. (‘video’, meaning: they’ll be teaching through […]

Home SWEAT Home


3 days at the beach with my bride = Totally. Awesome. Coming home to a backed up/leaking sewer pipe underneath our house= Totally. Stinky! I felt really bad for the guy who had to go under there and unclog everything. Those old holes in our house (we haven’t got around to fixing yet) actually came in handy […]

Waiting To Exhale


Me: Guess what? You: Chicken butt. Me: No, really, guess what? You: I give up. What? Me: I haven’t seen my Mr. in almost two months. You: Holy guacamole! Where’s he been? Me: Rock n’ rollin’. You: But I thought you were afraid of being alone at night? Me: Oh yeah, I’m a panicker for […]

For those about to rock…we salute you.

We interrupt this previously scheduled bedroom re-do to rock out.Well, at least Kevin will be.He’s headed to Atlanta tonight to shoot the “back story” portions of the music video for his bands first single, “Heart in my Hands”.(The record will be released on February 8th, by the way. Woo hoo!) From what I understand, there […]