Keith the Fireman’s Living Room Reveal

Throw Pillows | Rustic Contemporary Living Room | The Lettered Cottage

Remember Keith the Fireman? If not, let me get you up to speed before I share the before & after photos of his finally-finished living room! 😀 We met Keith at church at the very end of 2012. He was playing drums with Centerpoint‘s worship team, and that was when Kevin auditioned for and was […]

Airstone Fireplace Makeover

Airstone Fireplace Makeover | Faux Stone | The Lettered Cottage

Woo hoo! Keith the Fireman’s fireplace is DONE! 😀 He finished it up on Saturday, so I scooted over there and snapped some pics of the final product to share with you. You can read about the mantel, hearth, bookcases and barnwood by clicking HERE, but today’s post is all about the Airstone faux stone […]

SkimStone- Faux Concrete Fireplace Hearth

SkimStone Bonding Primer Faux Conrete Lettered Cottage

Well, we’re one project away from finishing all the construction-related stuff at Keith the Fireman’s house and then it’ll be time to decorate! 😀 Last week, we tackled his tile hearth. Here’s what it looked like before we started: The goal was to cover up the existing tile with something so that it looked like […]

DIY Sunburst Mirror & Bookcase Built-Ins

Sunburst Mirror Rustic Beam Mantel Fireplace Makeover

We worked at our friend Keith the Fireman‘s house all day on Saturday, and made lots of fun progress on his living room. He was on duty while we were working, so I breathed a big sigh of relief when he sent me an “I Love it!!!” text the next morning after got home. It made […]

DIY Concrete Art

DIY Concrete Art Thumbnail

We’ve still got a few construction projects to complete over at our friend Keith’s house, but I got a little antsy for accessories, and decided to create a sculpture *sort of* like the one sitting to the left of the number “4” in my inspiration photo: I started with a lime green piece of decor […]

Keith’s Living Room Makeover – Barnwood Wall

Rustic Barnwood Mantel Fireplace Lettered Cottage

Hi! We made a little more progress over at our friend Keith’s place, so I thought I’d share a little bit about that here today. If you’re just tuning in, here’s Keith’s “before” photo… …and here’s the inspiration picture I put together for him a while back… …and here’s where we’re at right now: We’ve […]

Keith’s Living Room Makeover – Home Decor

Lettered Cottage Hobby Lobby home decor

Hi! As promised, I’m back with a quick post about some goodies I found at Hobby Lobby for Keith’s living room makeover. I went into the store searching for something else, but noticed they had all of their Summer stuff marked 80% off along the way, so I decided to take advantage of the sale and […]

Keith’s Living Room Makeover – Barnwood and Bookcases

Lettered Cottage Fireplace Makeover

We had a great time hanging out with Keith and his family and friends this past Saturday. They’re such inspiring folks to be around! We only worked on a couple of things, but we sure did have a lot of fun together. First, we stained the old barnwood we got from Southern Accents. We used […]

DIY Sign

DIY sign

It’s been a busy summer so far, but I’m excited to get back to work on Keith’s living room makeover next weekend! If you’re just tuning in, here’s a look at Keith’s ‘before’ photo: …and here’s the inspiration photo I put together using Photoshop: Keith is a firefighter at station #7, so I decided to make […]

Keith’s Fireplace Makeover – Part One


Kevin and I have both been under the weather this past week/weekend, but before the crud really knocked us out, we had a chance to do a little work on Keith the Fireman’s fireplace. First Kevin and Keith removed the old mantle and tile… Scoring with a utility knife, and a couple of hammers did […]

Keith’s Living Room Makeover – Paint


The walls at Keith the Fireman‘s house are officially coated in a 50% darkened version of Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Owl” paint as of this week, and although Kevin and I weren’t able to attend the paint party because of a scheduling conflict- Keith and his family & friends were able to knock it out, lickety […]

Southern Accents – Barn Wood and a Baby


I got to squeeze one of my besties yesterday: That there is Myra in the middle, and her newest addition, Cameron, on the right. Don’t they have the absolute sweetest eyes?! Their personalities are just the same- sweet, sweet, SWEET! Unfortunately it seems to only happen a couple of times a year, but I  always love […]

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore


Happy April! I hope you had an awesome Easter weekend! Kevin played guitar at our church’s Pike Road location, and we had a really great lunch with his family yesterday afternoon. His mom sent us home with a whole tub of Watergate salad, so I will be enjoying more of that this week, too. #ICouldEatItEveryDay […]