Cottage Style


I got an email from a gal named Traci recently, and I thought I’d make a blog post out of it since cottage style is one of my favorite things to talk about. She said it was okay for me to share it here today, so here’s what her email said: Dearest Layla, I love […]

Cottage Style Decorating

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 10.47.43 AM

We’re still working on personalizing the half bath at our place this week… …so I thought I’d blog about my friend Shannan‘s house today. She and her family have had tons of fun adding color, personal touches, and character galore to their recently-built home. She created this little vignette in her entry, and I’m fascinated by […]

A Rare And Beautiful Treasure


Have you met my friend, Erin? She’s been loving a little beach cottage back to life lately, and I wanted to share her latest project here today… To read about how she did it, click on over to her lovely blog:  Rare and Beautiful Treasures. She’s got lots more cottage-y updates in works, and I can’t […]

Room Inspiration – Inspired By Charm


Kev and I follow a nice fella named Michael on Twitter and I wanted to blog about some of his crafty projects here today. He writes a blog called Inspired by Charm, and he owns a bed and breakfast in Saint Marys, Pennsylvania. Inside the front door of his (1917) B&B, there’s a little gift […]

Bathrooms on the Brain

We’re home! After an 11.5 hour drive last night, we pulled into Alabama early this morning. By the time we got to our house my eyes were playing some serious tricks on me. Who knew that not getting enough sleep could lead to crazy visions of moving floor tiles. I swear it looked like there […]

Cottage Living 2007 Idea House- Custom Chalkboard Paint Color

Cottage Living’s 2007 Idea House has always been one of my favorites. Do you remember it? The home sits at 4505 Camp Street- a historic neighborhood, in the heart of New Orleans. It has 2400 square feet of living space, three bedrooms and two baths. Cottage Living teamed with the New Orleans Preservation Resource Center to […]

Raised In Cotton

The other night after reading our blog post about our transom opening, I received an email from Carol of “Raised In Cotton”. She sent us photos of the transoms in her 140 year old farmhouse. We were so excited to see they looked just like the one we had just cut out! Her transoms made […]

The Old Painted Cottage

She purchased her first antique, an old “Big Ben” clock, when she was 11 years old. It didn’t keep time, but something about the way it looked completely captivated her… —————————————————————————————— My friend, Jennifer, has loved decorating as long as she can remember. As a young girl, she would use her determined little legs and […]

Foggy Day becomes Attitude Gray

“Honey?” (Layla)“Yes dear?” (Kevin)“I think the dining chairs look a little too blue” (Layla)“Really?” (Kevin)“Yeah, look at them next to this paint chip of Attitude Gray” (Layla) “I guess they do, but you’re not suggesting that we re-paint them, are you?” (Kevin) “I’ll be your best friend!” (Layla) “Okay, but you’re buying the new paint” […]

Inspiring Designs

Divine details abound in Karen Russell’s Office…. Photo Credit: Karen Russell …and there’s vintage charm aplenty in Alyssa’s Kitchen: Photo Credit: A.Ann Speaking of inspiration, thanks to everyone who voted on our poll yesterday. The dining room chairs will get numbered “1,4,3” tomorrow and we’ll post pictures of the finished product soon! Layla

Checkers Anyone? at

Check out my friend Susie’s new floor: Click HereWhile talking on the phone the other night, I suggested she take her stained plywood to the next level by painting a checkerboard pattern on it. Well, in true Susie style, she was slapping down paint within hours of our phone call.Be prepared to have your breath […]

Beachy Bedroom on

Chaotic Playroom: Before After years of video games, air hockey, and basketball, this bright blue playroom was transformed into a cozy master retreat. See how designer Jeni Hilpipre-Wright took this room down to the bare bones and into a beachy paradise. Cozy Retreat: After Beaded board on the ceiling, grass cloth on the walls, and […]