• Houzz Ideabook- Meant to be, by the Sea: Coastal-Inspired Design Ideas

    Some day, Kevin and I would love to live in a sleepy, little Southern town, that’s only a bike rides distance from the sea. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or full of square feet… Its just gotta have a … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- The Soothing Effect of Symmetry

    We interrupt this regularly scheduled “Mantel Mania” with a fresh, new Houzz Ideabook! Click on the badge below to head over to Houzz to read my latest article: “The Soothing Effect of Symmetry”.I’m all about the visual calm, so I’ve … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- Building Built-Ins: They’re Really Just A Bunch of Boxes

    Ahhh, built-in cabinetry.We all love it.We all want it. And ya know what?I’m here to tell you- we can all build it too! Case in point- the built-ins we made in our guest bathroom… Neither Kevin, nor I, had never … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- Mantel Mania: Sprucing The Space Above Your Fireplace

    On Monday, March 15th, I’m going to blog about decorating ideas for your mantel. I’ve searched the internet for ideas many-a-time, and it just seems like there aren’t a whole lot of them out there, or they won’t work for … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook: Creating Wall Groupings That Wow

    This week’s Ideabook is all about adding some vibrancy to your vertical space.Wall groupings add a lot of pizazz, but getting them “right” can be a daunting task. What should you use? How should you arrange it all? There are … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook: Pillow Talk

    Since buying our beloved fixer-upper back in 2007, we’ve pretty much been working on all the background stuff. Walls, ceilings, painting, re-painting, flooring, etc. But one day (over the rainbow) I look very forward to reeeeally decorating this happy little … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- Fine Lines: Decorating with Stripes

    This weeks Ideabook is all about the splendor of stripes. I definitely have a thing for them, so I put together a cool collection of pretty pics, and included some handy dandy tips on decorating with stripes too. Click on … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook: Textural Touches on a Teeny Tiny Budget

    Don’t you just love how adding texture can instantly take a space from “ho-hum” to “holy cow!”? My Ideabook over at Houzz this week is all about ways you can add a textural touches for less. Click on the badge … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- Beyond the Bed: Decorating the Wall Behind Your Headboard

    This weeks Ideabook is all about the wall beyond your bed.Click on the badge below to check out how some fellow Houzz members made their headboard walls look even happier! Beyond the Bed: Decorating The Wall Behind Your Headboard Houzz- … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- The Fifth Element

    This weeks Ideabook is all about that big ol’ space you stare up at every time you can’t sleep. The one that acts as a floor to your attic, and a roof to your rooms. It’s all about the “fifth … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- Tossed and Found

    I was so sick yesterday I completely forgot to publish my Ideabook over at Houzz.com!I’m still under the weather today, but I did manage to put together an Ideabook that will appeal to all the “junkers” in da Houzz. The … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- Here comes the Sun

    Today, my Ideabook is all about the splendor of well-lit spaces.So swing by my “Houzz” for a visit- you’ll find some sweet sunny shots, and tips on how to create a lighter, brighter atmosphere in your home! Here Comes the … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- Decorating with Roy G. Biv

    This week, my Ideabook is all about coloring your world with the hues that best suit you! Click on the badge below to head over to Houzz: Decorating with Roy G. Biv Houzz-Kitchens, and bathrooms,and bedrooms, oh my!

    Houzz Ideabook- 8 Inspiring Ingredients to Create a Come-Hither Kitchen

    Houzz.com has invited me to become a part of their terrific team, so each Thursday I’ll be contributing an article to their wonderful website. Writing and design are my passions, and writing about design is my favorite thing to do, … Continue reading