• Half Note Cottage – Kitchen

    The Kitchen at the Half Note Cottage next door has come a long way. And the best part, it only took a little bit of dough….and not the kind you cook with! (insert cheesy drum beat and cymbal crash you … Continue reading

    Half Note Cottage – Sneak Peek

    I can’t even tell you how hard Jessica has been working on her “Half Note” cottage to try and get as much done as possible before Eric comes home on Wednesday. I’ll post a full reveal of the Kitchen this … Continue reading

    Half Note Cottage: Super-sized Silverware

    I’m happy to announce that Jessica is feeling like herself once again, and has completed painting the hallway, bathroom and Master Bedroom! I picked up this oversized, wooden fork at a flea market last month for her to use on … Continue reading

    Half Note Cottage by PVE Design

    Beautiful and talented, Patricia van Essche was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She attended the University of Cincinnati’s acclaimed College of Design, Architecture and Art, where she received a BS in Fashion Design and was awarded the school’s coveted … Continue reading

    Half Note Den/Office

    Sunday, Jessica painted the room at the back of the Half Note that they plan to use as an Office/Den. Previously, when you entered the room from the Kitchen, you were surrounded by three deep red walls, and confronted by … Continue reading

    Half Note Kitchen

    Jessica painted the Kitchen on Saturday afternoon. Here are the “before and currently’s”: BEFORE: CURRENTLY: BEFORE: CURRENTLY: Unfortunately I don’t have a BEFORE shot of this side of the Kitchen, but here’s how it looks now… CURRENTLY: I had some … Continue reading

    Junkin’ with Jessica

    This morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to go junkin’ with Jessica, to see if we could find anything for them to use in their little “Half Note”. Yes, I said 4:30. And, yes, I said A.m. It’s 8:00 … Continue reading

    "Half Note Cottage"

    Hello!After giving it some thought, Jessica and Eric have affectionately named their sweet little home the “Half Note Cottage”. Let me explain. To say that Jessica and Eric are “music lovers” would be a major understatement. Music is the very … Continue reading

    The Cottage Next Door – Let the Re-do Begin!

    Over the next 6 weeks, my friend, Jessica, will be re-painting the inside of the small, yellow cottage next door to our Lettered Cottage. I will give her lots of design guidance along the way. If the weather is nice, … Continue reading