Wall Groupings

Greetings! I’ve received quite a few emails from folks asking where we got the frames we used in our Guest Bedroom, so I thought I’d post a picture that lists the names of the stores they came from today: I forgot to point at the two black ones on the far left and right.Those came […]

Lettered Cottage – Guest Bedroom Reveal

After lots of sweat equity, our guest bedroom is finally ready for it’s close up! Here’s the breakdown… – I used a very fine, netted drape on each side of the windows in the room. I wanted to created a breezy look, and see-thru panels did just the trick. ($4.99/pair at Ikea) – The large, […]

Guest Room Update

Well, he’s home. It’s 11:46 a.m., and he’s still sleeping, but he’s HOME. (long happy sigh) Little does he know that when he wakes up I’m going to ask him to move all the furniture out of the Guest Bedroom, so that he can rip down more drywall, and uncover more of those delicious horizontally-planked […]

Daffodils for the Guest Room

My Mom is coming up for a visit today. I am so excited to see her! I think we’re going “junk huntin” at Eastbrook Flea Market tomorrow. I’ll be sure to take my camera and share some of the treasures we find. Tonight, I imagine we’ll play a game of “Upwords”, drink some sparkling wine, […]

Guest Bedroom Update – January 2009

You may remember my Guest Bedroom as of last month.Well, since then, there’s been a little switcheroo. Let me explain. Kevin’s Mom and Dad, a sweet Southern couple, have been married over 40 years: They have slept on the same FULL-SIZE bed for the ENTIRE forty years. Kevin and Layla have been married five years, […]

Estate Sale Dresser

This darling dresser came from an estate sale just down the street.I love it, except that it’s knobless. (Is that a word?)So, let me ask you all, what kind of knobs would YOU put on it?There’s two places for knobs in the skinny drawer on top, and two places for knobs on the big drawer […]

Guest Room Bedding

I got my pillow!It came in the mail yesterday, and I couldn’t get to the mailbox fast enough.I swear, I RAN across the front yard. Here’s what the Guest Room Bedding is looking like today. I think I may put two big Euro Pillows behind the Standard ones. Just to make it super luxurious for […]

Guest Bedroom Renovation

Here’s a little video of me and the “husbear” renovating our Guest Bedroom. We found the GREATEST wood planks (running horizontally) on the walls in the closet in this room, so we figured it MUST be under the drywall in the bedroom itself too. A little dancing, a lot of dust and sho’ nuff! We […]