• Tiling the Wall in the Guest Bathroom

    Thanks to the folks at True Value, I was able to get everything I needed to begin tiling the wall in the vanity area today. I spent about $25 of our True Value gift card on tile adhesive, grout, a … Continue reading

    Bathrooms on the Brain

    We’re home! After an 11.5 hour drive last night, we pulled into Alabama early this morning. By the time we got to our house my eyes were playing some serious tricks on me. Who knew that not getting enough sleep … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 25

    Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early, jumped in our car, and headed north on I-85 towards Atlanta. It’s exactly three hours from our front door to Ikea’s front door, and we enjoy making a couple of trips there … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 23

    Dear 75-year-old Kevin, Today you painted the guest bathroom a color called “Sea Salt”… Layla likes it because it reminds her of sea glass… You like it because it makes her smile every time she looks at it. Sincerely, 35-year-old … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 16

    Greetings! It’s very late, but I couldn’t go to bed without posting the video I mentioned earlier today! I thought it would be neat to share how Kevin put the “chunky” in our new chunky shelves. Before I head to … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 13

    Yay! It’s Friday! Will you be watching your favorite college football team play tomorrow? Kevin and I are huge Auburn fans and will definitely be tuning in to the game against Georgia. Last weekend we actually got to go to … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 12

    Hello! Can you believe the week is almost over already? Tropical Storm Ida rolled through the day before yesterday and it rained sideways the entire day. Unfortunately I made the mistake of giving in to a strawberry milk craving around … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 9

    Here’s how the room looked twelve days ago… In case you’re just tuning in, as you can see, our guest bathroom was previously painted neon lavender. Then last month, the day before our Halloweenie Roast, Kevin slapped on a coat … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 5

    Thankfully, it was fairly easy for Kevin to sand all the sticky off the plywood floor in the bathroom the other night… He went through quite a few pieces of sandpaper… …but he was striking poses on our smooth, clean … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 2

    Whether your a weekend warrior or a full-time fix and flipper, you’re undoubtedly aware that renovation jobs rarely go as planned. Our guest bathroom reno is proving to be no different. A couple of days ago we decided we wanted … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom – Let the Demolition Begin!

    As soon as the Halloweenie Roast dust had settled, Kevin and I convened in our guest bathroom to discuss exactly what we should do with the ‘lectric lavender reno-gone-wrong we inherited when we bought the house. Do you remember the … Continue reading

    Lettered Cottage – Guest Bathroom BEFORE

    Alright, here it is. Be prepared to shudder in your seat. We haven’t done anything to this room since we bought the place a year and a half ago. To the right, when you walk through the door, is a … Continue reading

    Design a Bathroom Around This

    Have you ever seen that Kohler commercial that says “Design a house around this”? If not, here it is: Well, the sentiment “Design a room around this” sprang to mind when I saw this old, metal toothbrush holder at a … Continue reading

    Lettered Cottage Guest Bathroom Challenge

    Mr. LC’s birthday is coming up (June 28…he’s turning 35 too!), and since he said he doesn’t want any gifts, I’ve decided to do a low-cost, room re-do for him instead. The room I’ve chosen to re-do is a room … Continue reading