• Cottage Bathroom

    This post is all about our previously purple bathrom turned cottage bathroom- but I did want to mention that since our last post we’ve had several really great appointments with potential buyers so *fingers crossed* we’ll be pulling up the … Continue reading


    Guest Bathroom Update

    Once upon a time there was a guest bathroom. Half of it was finished… …and half of it WASN’T finished… One day, waaaay before it’s owners had saved up enough money to re-do it, SOMEONE got ants in her pants … Continue reading


    School Light

    So, we’ve got this guest bathroom. The right side of it is almost done, and the left side of it is…well… Work in there came to a halt sometime last year, but we did install a ($25) schoolhouse-style¬†light fixture the … Continue reading


    Bath Reno

    Sometimes it takes a while for us to fini$h room$, ifyaknowwhatI’msayin. Take our guest bathroom, for instance. We’ve been working on the right side of it, off and on, over the past couple of years… We’ve done some tiling, some … Continue reading


    The Lettered Cottage Layout & Our Flooring Dilemmas

    When Kev and I bought this place back in October of 2007, we had to tackle a couple of projects just to get the place livable before we could actually move in. First project- the floors. The carpet in the … Continue reading

    Carpeted Room

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 82

    Yeah. That’s right. I said it. Day EIGHTY. TWO. That’s almost three months working in a runty room with no windows and a toilet, thankyouverymuch. Okay, fine. I haven’t spent half as much time in there as Kevin has. No, … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 74

    Ahhhhhhh! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh vinyl flooring in the morning! Yesterday, we had to remove the toilet the previous homeowners installed (in 2003) so that Kevin could lay the rest of our new peel-n-stick planks underneath it. … Continue reading

    Wish Giveaway

    Thank you to everyone who chimed in about neti pots and NeilMed Sinus Rinse! I opted for the rinse: Yeah, I was too chicken to try the neti pot thing. The thought of not tilting my head at the exact … Continue reading

    Weatherizing the Water Closet

    A couple of people asked about the table we’re using as a vanity, so I thought I’d re-post this picture Kevin took of it right after he sanded down the top, chopped off the back legs and painted the front … Continue reading

    Gussyin’ up the Guest Bathroom

    T-minus twelve hours ’til Claudia’s Cloth Barn opens tomorrow morning… …and you can bet your bottom dollar I’m counting down the minutes!Claudia has the best selection of fabrics, and I can’t wait to get our farm table skirted now that … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 63

    When I was a little girl, I was certain I wanted to be a plumber when I grew up. I kid you not. My fascination with unclogging drains started at a very young age… From year to year, my passion … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 53

    After a much needed day of sitting on his booty in front of a computer screen editing yesterday’s video, Kevin is back at it in the bathroom again today. Earlier this week, he cut a hole in the farm table … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 52

    If only I could renovate that quickly in real life! Kev

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 51

    “Hey babe?” (Layla) “Yes….” (Kevin) “Now that we have little square tiles all over the wall, I’m worried that the room is gonna look a little “square-crazy” with the checkerboard pattern on the floor.” (Layla) “So you don’t want to … Continue reading

    Grouting the Tile in the Guest Bathroom

    Sporting some of my yellow rubber gloves, and armed with a rubber float, Kevin dove right into the grouting process yesterday using a handy dandy product called “Simple Grout”… Because you literally just smear it on, wait a few hours, … Continue reading