• Vintage Style Kids Room / Future Home Office

    “We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” -Sir Winston Churchill ***** The construction is done in our little one’s room, so I’ll start caulking and painting today. I walked in there yesterday afternoon…just to sweep and dream … Continue reading

    Vintage | Boys Bedroom | The Lettered Cottage

    My Favorite House

    I always drive by my grandparents old house when I’m in Minnesota. My grandpa built it for he and my grandma shortly after they adopted my dad in the late 1950’s. My grandma was one of my very best friends, … Continue reading


    How To Build A Picture Frame (The Easy Way!)

    Kevin found a heart-shaped locket wedged in the seat back on the passenger side of our car a couple of days before we left for Peru… Neither of us knows where it came from, but strangely enough, I had been … Continue reading


    Things I’d Tell My Grandma Evelyn

    For some reason, as I’ve grown older, my comfort zone seems to have gradually gotten smaller. Maybe it’s hormonal? Maybe it just happens to some folks with age? Maybe it’s something else? All I know is that when I think … Continue reading