• Room Reveal: Kathy’s Colossal Closet-Turned-Quiet Cave

    Yay! It’s room reveal day! Here’s a quick look back at Kathy’s (extra) upstairs closet before I started transforming it into a cozy, little hang out space… …and here’s what it looks like now: (Note: There are no windows in this … Continue reading

    Locker Basket and Painted Books

    Behind The Music: Mary Did You Know

    Remember those music videos I told you we were helping create for Centerpoint? Well, I thought I’d share one here on my blog today so you could enjoy it, too! I was in charge of scouting locations, so for this … Continue reading

    Matt Morgan

    Old Cloverdale House Renovation – Paint and Fixtures!

    I made another visit to Ashley Gilbreath‘s house to see how it was coming along on Thursday. (Believe it or not, they did end up moving in the day after I took these photos!) Still lots of work to do … Continue reading

    Marble Backsplash and Countertop

    The Atchison’s Home – Second Floor

    We’re heading upstairs at the Atchison’s today! (If you missed the tour of their shop and first floor, just click on those links to click over and check them out.) Up at the top of the staircase, the walls are … Continue reading

    Atchison Home | White Bathroom | Gray Vanity | Antique Mirrors

    The Atchison’s Home – First Floor

    On Monday, I showed you around a shop called Atchison Home. Today, I’m going to give you a tour of the first floor of the Atchison’s home! Like I mentioned in my previous post, their home in on the right side of this … Continue reading

    Atchison Home | Loft Kitchen

    Atchison Home

    I have such a fun shop & home tour to share with you this week! They’re both located inside one great big building that belongs to our friends, Tony and Sylvia Atchison. They live in Mobile, Alabama, so Kevin swung … Continue reading

    Atchison Home | Christmas Ornaments | Clam | Vintage Car

    Old Cloverdale House Renovation – Walls, Floors and Ceilings!

    Kevin and I stopped by Ashley’s house yesterday to see how the renovation was coming along. She and her family are still planning to move in in a couple of weeks, so they’re racing towards the finish line now!  Here’s … Continue reading

    Wood Ceiling | Rustic | Spanish Style | Ashley Gilbreath

    Living Room Decorating

    Sunday night marked the second night of recording five Christmas tunes at our place. Kathy and I were painting her credenza-turned-sideboard on our front porch as musician-friends shuffled in and out of the house between takes. They’re working on a special project … Continue reading

    Moonshine Paint | Ikea Entertainment Unit | Ikea Rug

    Old Cloverdale House Renovation

    Remember when I e-introduced you to my local friend, Ashley Gilbreath? And how I told you she had just purchased this old house in Old Cloverdale? Well, the renovation is well underway and Kevin and I stopped by last week … Continue reading

    Wood Ceiling | Kitchen

    Decorating the Dock

    Remember my friend Katy, from my budget blazer post? Well, I was inspired to share another Katy-related post here today because something really special has happened since I published that first one. Let me start from the beginning… Last month, … Continue reading

    Wedding Proposal Decorating

    Annie Sloan Coco Side Table Makeover

    I worked on a little side table project for the room we’re decorating at Kathy’s house yesterday. We found it in her sister-in-law’s barn, and it was so fun to root around in there with her! Her sis-in-law, Jenny, also … Continue reading

    Hobby Lobby Knobs

    Kathy’s Wood-Walled Bathroom

    Last week, I blogged about our new (white) wood wall, and told you I’m helping my friend Kathy decorate a room in her house. Today, I’m blogging about a room with (white) wood walls at Kathy’s house! It’s her master … Continue reading

    Traditional Bathroom | Wood Plank Walls | The Lettered Cottage

    Beckie’s Fireplace Makeover

    Do you know Beckie? She blogs at Infarrantly Creative, Road Kill Rescue and Knock off Decor: Well, she asked me if I’d be interested in throwing out some ideas for her fireplace one day and, well, you know what happens when … Continue reading

    Duneland Beach Fireplace

    Our Next Room Makeover

    Hi, and thank you for all the sweet tweets, comments, and shares on our second episode for The Design Network! If you haven’t seen it yet, and would like to check it out, just click here to watch: Wood Wall Reveal. I … Continue reading

    Accordian Sconce | The Lettered Cottage

    Your Life Speaks

    We took a little trip with our friends Billy and Suzanne on Thursday and Friday… You remember Billy and Suzanne, right? They’re the ones that Kevin went to school with back in the day, and that we met (again) when … Continue reading

    Popes | Tara | Palmers