Fake Flowers That Look Real

Faux Flowers With Quick Water from Michaels

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ―Claude Monet I don’t know how my master gardener mother (who sells plant and flowers for a living) is going to feel about this post, but I must have flowers, always, and always- and this is one inexpensive way to have them every day, so I’m sharing. 😉 First, […]



“Come with us, Kevin!“, called my second-cousins, Carter and Toby. I was ordered to stay put by the littlest one, but I was so curious about what they had up their (short) sleeves. It was the first time the boys had ever called Kevin away from the rest of the family like that, and the […]

Fall Decorating Ideas


Greetings! We thought we’d post a few fun, fall table decorating ideas here today to remind everyone about the fall table ideas link party we’re hosting here tomorrow. If you’ve blogged, or are planning to blog about any fall-inspired table top ideas at your place, we’d love to see them at the link up this […]

Happy Memorial Day 2009!

I recently mentioned that I’ve started collecting little glass bottles and vases. It all started with this little guy my Mom bought for me at a flea market in Milton, Florida for about a dollar… Then I received these two in the mail from my friends, Megan & Lori, at White Flower Farmhouse, along with […]

Daffodils for the Guest Room

My Mom is coming up for a visit today. I am so excited to see her! I think we’re going “junk huntin” at Eastbrook Flea Market tomorrow. I’ll be sure to take my camera and share some of the treasures we find. Tonight, I imagine we’ll play a game of “Upwords”, drink some sparkling wine, […]

Happiness is Contagious

“The morning blahs, it turns out, is a real phenomenon, with positive moods — happiness, friendliness and warmth, for example — manifesting much later in the day,” That’s what lead researcher Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D. from Harvard University has found to be true. She went on to say, “Interestingly, when we placed a small bouquet of […]