Fleamarket is Back

Unfortunately it didn’t work out between Fleamarket and Mark’s dog, and the experience was stressful for Mark’s wife. So the little guy is back on our back porch again today, and the search for a home for him goes on…..

Fleamarket finds a Home

Fleamarket has a new Daddy.His name is Mark, and he is otherwise known as our Electrian. The reason Mark originally came over today was not to adopt my little feline friend though. Late last week, while working at my desk in my Office, I saw the Reading Room light come on. By itself. It startled […]

A foundling named "Fleamarket"

I shot this video this morning… Kevin and I decided a long time ago that we didn’t want anymore inside pets, but we’d love to make sure he’s got a comfortable, safe place to eat and sleep on our back porch. I’m calling him “Fleamarket” because he is just that! He’s covered in the things. […]

Cottage Kitty

I‘ve been hearing lots of tiny meows, outside my office window, for a couple of days now. At night, the meowing really seemed to pick up- which made me feel like whatever was doing it was afraid of the dark. Turns out my neighbor, Jessica, at the Half Note Cottage has been hearing it too. […]