• Endless Yard Sale Lamp Project

    And for those who can’t view the video above…here’s the YouTube version… And in case you didn’t catch my Endless Yard Sale video last year…here she be! If ya wanna see how the lamp turns out- y’all come back now, … Continue reading

    Mantel Mania: Sneak Peek

    Intrigued? Well, I am happy to report that everything came together quite nicely! Turns out, I actually had a lot of other things around the house that I was able to work into the mantel display as well. This is … Continue reading

    Our New/Old Dresser

    Behold the power of a SOLD tag… Don’t you just love how they protectively scream “BACK OFF- I’M SPOKEN FOR!” to all the other shoppers while you scramble to figure out whose truck you can borrow to haul home your … Continue reading

    Flea Market Finds- Fishing Basket Lamp Base & an Architectural Element

    Sometime last month, I came across this lamp base at my local flea.It’s tag read, “Fishing Basket Lamp- $10″.Of course it instantly appealled to my love of all things sea-inspired, so I bought it. Now I just need to find … Continue reading

    Junkin’ with Jessica

    This morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to go junkin’ with Jessica, to see if we could find anything for them to use in their little “Half Note”. Yes, I said 4:30. And, yes, I said A.m. It’s 8:00 … Continue reading

    Flea Market Find- Linen Press?

    A few weeks back, while stolling through one of my favorite flea markets, I came upon this solid wood storage unit… It was love at first sight. Poor Kevin didn’t stand a chance of talking me out of getting it. … Continue reading

    Eastbrook Flea Market- with Rhoda and Cathy

    If you haven’t been to Rhoda’s Blog, “Southern Hospitality”, yet today- head on over there and read her take on our day at the Eastbrook Flea & Antique Mall. I met up with her and another blog friend, Cathy, on … Continue reading

    Country Living’s Coast-to-Coast Salvage Guide

    There’s nothing like a big ol’ building (or cobblestone street) full of junk! Some people hear the word “junk”, and the literal definition springs to mind. “Anything that is regarded as worthless, meaningless, or contemptible”. When I hear the word … Continue reading

    Iron Architectural Element & Mason Jars

    Remember this chippy, blue architectural element I saw at the Eastbrook Flea Market a while back? I remember that it was priced right around $200. The other day I came across this one, online for $600: It’s available here: The … Continue reading

    Flea Market Finds and a Re-Design!

    I scored this big, old picture frame at the flea market for $4.00! I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, or where I’ll put it, but I couldn’t pass it up for that price. For the time being, I … Continue reading

    Hanging Fruit Scale

    I want this for my Kitchen soooooo bad…Thanks for the inspiration photo Catherine!

    Flea Market Finds- Vintage Book and Cast Iron Pedestal

    Oh how I love my little cast iron pedestal.It’s ever-so-slightly whitewashed appearance reminds me of the sea.I pretend it was purchased at an open-air flea market in Paris, where it was rescued from an old place like this… The same … Continue reading

    Flea Market Finds- Silverware Candelier & Antique Bedroom Furniture

    I spotted this “Silverware Candelier” at the Eastbrook Flea Market the other day.Looks like a pretty easy project to re-create. A metal ring, some thin chain, old silverware and some glass votives. I’ll be storing this one in the idea … Continue reading

    Flea Market Wicker Planter & Contest Winners

    Remember when I went to the Eastbrook Flea Market in Montgomery with my Mom?Well, after stuffing our bellies with some of the best Pad Thai I have ever had the pleasure of eating, and after scouring all three levels of … Continue reading

    Rare & Beautiful Treasures and an Old Beach Bungalow

    My friend, Erin, who writes the blog Rare & Beautiful Treasures recently sent me photos of an update she did to what she called, “an old ugly, paint-stained chair”. She had some scrap canvas drop cloth material, so she sewed … Continue reading