Hay Bale Decorating – 2014

Hay Bale Decorating | Couple on Boardwalk

I can’t believe I missed Pike Road’s hay bale decorating contest this year! :-O We were on our road trip up north when our neighbors got together and created our neighborhood’s display: Isn’t that fun?! I love the sunset and pallet boardwalk…and those waves are pretty awesome, too! It ended up coming in 3rd place, so Kevin picked […]

Fall Front Porch And Two Things I Wouldn’t Want To Live Without

Fall Pumpkins

“He laughed again, and I knew in that instant it was a sound I wouldn’t want to live without.” -Wendy Delsol The sound of his laugh has always been like chicken soup for my soul, but I realized today that he has another reaction that I wouldn’t want to live without. It happens every time […]

Fall Flower Bouquets

Hanging Floral Arrangements | Evan G Cooper

“There is nothing that makes me happier than sitting around the dinner table and talking until the candles are burned down.” ―Madeleine L’Engle Is it Friday already? Man this week went whooshed by, didn’t it? I promised a post about what Evan and Lilly created in the kitchen at Kathy’s, so I’m back today with […]

How To Decorate Shelves For Fall (Or Anytime, Really)

Fall Decorating Ideas | Hydrangeas | Pumpkins

Whew- what a busy week! Preparing for The Chapel Market has had me on the go-go-go, and I sure can’t wait to sit down in Bethany’s chair at the salon this morning. Yep. I’ve decided it’s time to decorate my hair for Fall. I’m thinking: cinnamon sugar…a.k.a- light auburn with a variety of lighter-colored highlights. We’ll see how that […]

Pumpkins From The Farmer’s Market

Evan G Cooper

“Fall colors are funny. They’re so bright and intense and beautiful. It’s like nature is trying to fill you up with color, to saturate you so you can stockpile it before winter turns everything muted and dreary.” ―Siobhan Vivian Let’s talk farmer’s markets. I went to the one downtown today, and I am officially hooked. (How […]

Hay Bale Decorating

Hay Bale Decorating House

It’s hay bale decorating time again! Remember last year? I published this post: Halloween Hay Bales, and said I hoped to get in on the action next time around? Well, turns out, the Town of Pike Road has a hay bale decorating competition every year, and this year 41 different neighborhoods entered their decked out […]

Fall Outdoor Decor

How To Make Black Cat Pumpkins | The Lettered Cottage

My friend, Rhoda, is hosting our final “It’s Fall Y’all” link party today… …so I wanted to link up to a project that me and my Mr. worked on together this year. How To Make Black Cat Pumpkins It’s a super easy/kid-friendly project, and you can click through on the link above the photo to […]

Fall Table Ideas

Thanksgiving Place Card and Party Favor | The Lettered Cottage

Tomorrow is Kate’s ” Fall Tablescapes and Vignettes” link party, so I wanted to pop on one more time today and share a couple of links so that I could join in on the fun over there tomorrow! These are super simple projects that didn’t take a lot of time, or cost a lot money to […]

Fall Craft Ideas – Link Party

Halloween Craft Ideas | Mummy Cans | The Lettered Cottage

Hello! I’m calling all Fall craft idea blog posts today, but first here are a couple links to two craft projects I had fun photographing for HGTV.com this year. They’re both super simple & inexpensive to create. First up, some mummified tin cans… Mummy Can Party Favors   …and second, a quick-and-easy “faux-liage” arrangement made […]

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

Fall Decorating Inspiration | The Lettered Cottage

Hi and happy Fall! My friend Sarah is hosting a Fall mantel decorating link party at Thrifty Decor Chick today, so I had some fun playing around with our’s a little yesterday afternoon. Because I do these seasonally (and I love a low-dough design challenge!), I made it my mission to pull things together on […]

Christmas Decorating Inspiration


This week was made for walking. Temp’s have been just right, and Fall and Winter have become the best of friends around here… Yellows and oranges… …meet reds and greens… …and they all make me feel so thankful and inspired. And speaking of inspiration- we’re looking forward to kicking off our Holiday Home link parties […]

3 Fall Favorites


#1- This stuff: Fluffy cotton tufts, dotting rows of spindly sticks, can be seen by the field-full all over Alabama each Fall. And to make matters even more marvelous-looking, runaway puffs gather up into pillowy clumps in the ditches, so taking the scenic route is an absolute must around here. We flew past that field […]

Halloween Hay Bales


We’re on our way to Kev’s audition this morning, but I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Happy Halloween and share these photos we took while we were out and about yesterday afternoon. I had no idea hay bale decorating was such a big deal around here- but I definitely want in on […]

Front Porch Decorating


There’s this tree at the end of our street that looks like it was just made for Halloween… …which is pretty cool, because apparently Halloween is a pretty big deal around here. I’ve never really done a whole lot of exterior Fall decorating, but man has this place got me in the spirit! So many […]

DIY Halloween Pumpkins


Our friend Sarah is hosting a “easy fall decor” link party over at Thrifty Decor Chick today, so we thought we’d link up a few DIY Halloween pumpkin ideas. Click on the links below if you’d like to read our step-by-steps! 1. Parsnip and Carrot-Nosed Pumpkin Characters 2. How To Make Glittered Pumpkins 3. How To Make A […]