• 3 Fall Favorites

    #1- This stuff: Fluffy cotton tufts, dotting rows of spindly sticks, can be seen by the field-full all over Alabama each Fall. And to make matters even more marvelous-looking, runaway puffs gather up into pillowy clumps in the ditches, so … Continue reading


    Our Front Porch

    I walked out the front door yesterday and it hit me. I haven’t blogged about one of my favorite parts of this house yet- the front porch! From it, we can see the lake at the end of our street, … Continue reading


    House Colors – Part Two

    We ventured out just after sun-up on Saturday, as the fog was lifting off the lake. It was the perfect morning to ride bike, and check out some of our new surroundings and colors. Blues and greens ranged from dark & … Continue reading


    House Colors

    Upon first glance, Kev and I both felt like one of the things we’d (eventually) like to change about our new house are the exterior paint colors. Or should I say- color. Right now, the whole thing is pretty much completely covered in … Continue reading

    Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 11.01.06 AM

    It Had To Be Done

    We hired a couple fellas to cut down a dead tree in our backyard the other day. It wasn’t the most fun home improvement money we’ve ever spent, but apparently home owners insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by dead trees, … Continue reading


    True Value DIY Blog Squad 2011

    Happy 4th of July! Hope you and yours are having a fabulous, firework-filled weekend! We’re teaming up with True Value again this summer and fall, and we thought we’d share a True Value-related update about the outside of our house … Continue reading


    Home SWEAT Home

    3 days at the beach with my bride = Totally. Awesome. Coming home to a backed up/leaking sewer pipe underneath our house= Totally. Stinky! I felt really bad for the guy who had to go under there and unclog everything. Those … Continue reading


    Curb Appeal The Plot

    When we bought our 3-acre plot, and the funky little fixer that sat on it, there wasn’t a whole lot of landscaping goin’ on… We’ve spent the past few years mainly working on the inside of the house, but my … Continue reading


    Landscaping with Mom and the Right Side of the Reading Room

    As Kevin’s band played to a sea of screaming Navy men and women at a naval base in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday night, I was scurrying around the house, dusting and scrubbing as fast as I could before my Mom … Continue reading

    A Door with a View

    We’ve wanted to replace our heavy, old front door for the looooongest time. The front side of it was pretty outdated-looking and the inside of it reminded Kevin of one you’d see in a cabin in the woods in a … Continue reading

    Door with a view

    Front Yard Photos

    Well, I think I’ve ALMOST fully recouperated. The arthritis in my hands is still hurting a bit…mostly when I first wake up. But I have to say, it was worth it! My Mom, bless her heart, did most of the … Continue reading

    Front Yard – June 2008

    Exterior Motives

    So here it is. Our house… It’s made out of cinderblocks. Yep, that’s right- I said cinderblocks. Not the most “cottage-y” of exteriors, eh? My husband didn’t think so either. Fortunately, I was able to cloud his judgment with the … Continue reading