• Handmade Walls

    Well, I was hoping to be over this cold by now, but not only is it still completely rockin’ my world- I woke up with pink eye yesterday, too. And by pink “eye”, I mean pink eyes. Sheesh! Anywho, I’ve … Continue reading


    Space Planning

    In February of 2010 I released an e-book called, Creating An Inspired Home. I wrote it to remind folks (and myself!) that even though decorating and renovating can be intimidating, and design plans always seem to twist and turn, it’s … Continue reading


    Creating an Inspired Home: An E-book by Layla Palmer

    Yahoo! It’s finally done! You know I love writing about decorating and design- but my first e-book, “Creating an Inspired Home”, is about much more than just another pretty space. It’s about injecting and reflecting your spirit throughout every nook … Continue reading