• Dining Table Transformation – Q & A’s

    Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments about my dining table re-do!A few folks asked some questions about it, so I thought I’d answer those here today. ————————————————————————————- What type of sander did you use to sand the original finish … Continue reading

    Dining Room Table Transformation – Part Two

    Well, the snow stuck around for an extra day (yay!) so I was able to enjoy it for a full 48 hours this weekend. But today, the only snow left for me to admire was this guy… Poor thing. I … Continue reading

    Dining Room Table Transformation – Part One

    “Puffery”. That’s the first word I heard this morning. Kevin said it to me before he even opened his eyes. “What?” I replied. “I just had a dream that you were creating a new design style called Puffery”. He answered, … Continue reading

    Dining Room Dreamin’

    Ever since we hung the bell up in our dining room, I’ve been on a “let’s fix up the room some more” kick. But since there’s not really any room in the budget to go crazy and do any major … Continue reading

    A Delightful Dining Room Detail

    Have you ever had to sell your husband on a piece of home decor that you absolutely love, but that he wasn’t quite sure about? I recently had this happen at TJ Maxx.Our conversation went something like this: “Oh my … Continue reading

    Dining Details

    It was Halloween of 2007, and we had just acquired walls the same color as the pumpkins on our new neighbors front steps… Our house had been on the market (and vacant- p.u!) for eight months before we made our … Continue reading

    Presto Chango

    Kevin and I moved into this house on October 31, 2007. And like a lot of folks, we do things as we can afford to and as time allows. A family member once asked me if I wished that I … Continue reading

    Foggy Day becomes Attitude Gray

    “Honey?” (Layla)“Yes dear?” (Kevin)“I think the dining chairs look a little too blue” (Layla)“Really?” (Kevin)“Yeah, look at them next to this paint chip of Attitude Gray” (Layla) “I guess they do, but you’re not suggesting that we re-paint them, are … Continue reading

    Foggy Day with Mr. LC

    Mr. Lettered Cottage here! I wanted to take a minute to show you a project I worked on today while Layla designed the day away in her office. A while back, while visiting our favorite local local flea market, we … Continue reading

    The Lettered Cottage = TLC

    When I named our house, I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that the first letters of the words “The Lettered Cottage”, are “T, L and C”. Someone brought it to my attention the other day, and I just … Continue reading


    “Decorating with drop cloth drapes”Examiner.comApril 27, 9:13 PM Photo: The Lettered Cottage Drop cloths may be the new decorating rage.The price of curtains ranges dramatically, and depending on how many windows you have to cover, it can be a big … Continue reading

    Drop Cloth Drape Update & a trip to TJ Maxx

    I fiiiiinally got around to purchasing some ring clips for the curtain rod in our Dining Room.Now I need to order the shell trim I’m going to edge the drapes with. Don’t you just wish everything could just be done … Continue reading

    Dropcloth Drapes

    I finally figured out how to get 96″ tall curtains, that look like the ones from Pottery Barn in the photo above, for less than $10.00 a panel. Use canvas painters dropcloths! I got mine at Lowes, and I LOVE … Continue reading

    My Ta Dah! List

    You can look at the experience of living in a “fixer-upper” from two different perspectives:1.) An ever changing adventure that cultivates creativity through an array of home improvement projects.OR2.) An exhausting and expensive undertaking , that causes stress because of … Continue reading

    Kitchen/Dining Update – March 2009

    The Kitchen has really started to come to life lately! Up until last week, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with the space at the end of my kitchen cabinets. I had tried a few different things, … Continue reading