• HGTV Room

    Kev and I took a little road trip to Atlanta this past weekend, and boy did it feel good to get out and do something different for a couple of days! We stayed in Buckhead on Thursday and Friday night, … Continue reading


    Design TV Update – HGTV

    Well, the good news is I didn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day sitting in a jury box. The bad news is, it’s the day we found out that HGTV decided not to go to series with our design TV project. And … Continue reading


    Design TV Update – Focus Group

    Just wanted to share a quick, design TV-related update here since we finally heard a little bit about what’s going on with that right now. Apparently, somewhere in Atlanta, a group of randomly-selected folks (called a “focus group”) will be … Continue reading


    Design TV Show Update

    We spent yesterday shooting “pick ups” (little bits and pieces of footage and audio that didn’t get recorded the first time around) for our pilot episode for HGTV. And even though it was significantly chillier here at our house yesterday than … Continue reading


    Suzie the Chevy Blazer

    I wanted to share a special story about Suzie the Chevy Blazer today. A gal named Charity (whom we had never previously met) responded to our shout out for an old truck a couple of weeks before we began shooting … Continue reading


    Design TV – Pilot Episode

    We’re back from Suwanee, Georgia- and the room we re-did for our pilot episode for HGTV is done! It was an exciting/fast-paced five days, and we’re thrilled with how the Morrison’s living room turned out! (More importantly- so were they! … Continue reading


    Design TV Eve

    The team is all here in Suwanee… …the iPads are all functional and connected… …my secret weapon is ready to go if I wake up to dark circles tomorrow morning… …and there’s a sweet, young (newly-married) couple with an outdated … Continue reading


    Suwanee, Georgia

    Well, it’s just about time to get this redo party started! We’ve already shown you a sneak peek of the living room we’re working on this week… …but here’s a shot of the house it sits inside of… The home … Continue reading


    Homie Improvement

    I did something outside my comfort zone today. I spent the afternoon at a hair salon. (TheParlorSalonATL.com) We’re here in Atlanta to makeover a living room, but since it may end up on TV one day, I thought I’d better … Continue reading


    How To Stretch Shoes

    Remember when I blogged about the (cute) shoes that were killing my feet? Well, I’m happy to report that my Rocket Dogs aren’t barkin’ anymore! A whole bunch of friendly folks left comments on that post about using frozen bags … Continue reading


    Scenes From A Dining Room Recording Session

    Kev’s taking a stab at writing the theme song for our pilot episode this week. And although I think my semi-shy guy probably wanted to kick me under the table when I initially (and spontaneously) suggested it at one of our … Continue reading


    Fancy Footwear

    Holy cow did I get schooled yesterday! LOL! I had never even heard of most of the shoes that were recommended, but I’m so glad to have Merrell, Rocket Dog, Sperry, Keen, Tom’s, Clark and Simple (among others) on my … Continue reading


    Sneakers For DIY’ers

    Confession: I spend more time thinking about these… …than these: Those are the shoes I wear every day, all day, and will continue to until those faux leather straps are no longer attached to the sole. Or it gets too … Continue reading


    Design TV Casting Call # 3

    As with most design-related projects, the concept of our design TV project continues to twist and turn. The good news is, it seems to be shaping up into exactly the kind of show we’d love to have the opportunity to be … Continue reading

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    To Denver And Back

    We’re baaaaack and whooo-wee! what a whirlwind of a trip that was! We pulled back into Prattville just after midnight on Friday night, and I had fun putting together this video full of snippets from the trip yesterday afternoon… (I … Continue reading