Southern Makers

Southern Makers | Alabama

Attention fellow Alabamians! 😀 I wanted to let you know about an event coming up at the Union Station train shed in Montgomery on May 3rd. It’s called Southern Makers, and it’s one-day festival that brings together artists, chefs, farmers, brewers, architects and designers to explore “Bama-centric” inventiveness, through panels, workshops, and cooking demos. I couldn’t […]

Spring Houses

Yellow Cottage

“The spring came suddenly; the rains stopped, the days grew noticeably longer, and the afternoon light felt powdery, as if it might blow away.” -Jane Mendelsohn ***** Yesterday afternoon was beauuuuutiful. Sunny, blue sky and a cool, spring breeze…ahhhh! Spring is definitely my favorite season. *achoo!* 😉 A friend invited me to go house hunting […]


Herons in a tree

“Words are like nets- we hope they’ll cover what we mean, but we know they can’t possibly hold that much joy, or grief, or wonder.” -Jodi Picoult They sit out there every afternoon, those egrets… One by one, they fly over to those twiggy trees from all edges of the lake. Reminds me of a […]

Hay Bale Decorating

Hay Bale Decorating House

It’s hay bale decorating time again! Remember last year? I published this post: Halloween Hay Bales, and said I hoped to get in on the action next time around? Well, turns out, the Town of Pike Road has a hay bale decorating competition every year, and this year 41 different neighborhoods entered their decked out […]

Half Bathroom Update – Sink


My ankle is still swollen, but it’s been so pretty outside this week. I needed to get out and about. Do you feel that craving when you haven’t been outside enough? That craving for vitamin D on your skin? I stuck my hand out the window as Kevin and I drove down a new road yesterday. […]

3 Fall Favorites


#1- This stuff: Fluffy cotton tufts, dotting rows of spindly sticks, can be seen by the field-full all over Alabama each Fall. And to make matters even more marvelous-looking, runaway puffs gather up into pillowy clumps in the ditches, so taking the scenic route is an absolute must around here. We flew past that field […]