• American Blogger – The First Journey

    It’s been almost a year since I first blogged about Chris Wiegand and the time he pulled into town with his Airstream… He was traveling around America, gathering footage, in hopes to learn more about this “hobby” called blogging his … Continue reading

    American Blogger Airstream Chris Wiegand

    My Day With The Movie Man

    Our visit with Chris Wiegand was so fun! He pulled in verrrrry early Saturday morning, and after he had a few hours of sleep (bless his heart!), he and I ran around and filmed at a few different places thoughtout the … Continue reading

    American Blogger Airstream_Chris_Wiegand

    American Blogger Blue

    Wow- this week FLEW! Chris Wiegand will be here tonight! I’ve been following along with his travels on Instagram this week, and I can’t wait to see that Airstream come rollin’ down the road! So far, he’s stopped at Mary Beth’s … Continue reading


    American Blogger: The Movie

    I’m gearing up for an very exciting weekend this week. Filmmaker Chris Wiegand is coming to town! Do you read his wife Casey Leigh’s blog, The Wiegands? Such a great read and fun photos! Unfortunately I won’t get to meet Casey … Continue reading