• Built To Blossom

    Okay- it’s t-shirt day over at BlogThreads.com! Here is a size chart for the Unisex t-shirts: (I am wearing a Unisex size Small in the photo above) Here is a size chart for the Ladies cut V-neck shirts: Here is … Continue reading


    Adoption Update – Yesterdays

    “Oh, I believe…in yesterday.” -Paul McCartney *** Our adoption adventure officially began in December of 2012, (note: I’m calling it an adoption “adventure” vs. an adoption “process” to help keep my focus on the Wonder vs. the wait lately. ) and … Continue reading

    Built To Blossom T-shirt at BlogThreads.com and TheLetteredCottage.net

    Haiti Adoption – Knotts Family Gotcha Day!

    This was the sky in Alabama last Friday night…June 13th, 2014… …the night Gary and Amanda flew back from Haiti with their twin boys… It was almost midnight by the time they landed in Birmingham, but we were all SO excited … Continue reading

    Haiti Adoption | Gotcha Day

    Adoption Update – We Got Our Letter!

    AAAAHHHH! I have looked forward to writing this post for so long I can hardly type fast enough! I have two GREAT adoption updates to share with you today! First, remember this photo of all the kiddos currently living at … Continue reading

    Kevin and Layla Adoption

    Adoption Update – A Better Line

    It was right around noon on Monday when our caseworker’s call came in. I was out and about, running errands in the rain at the time. “Is Kevin with you?” Meredith delicately said, “this is going to be a kind of … Continue reading

    Teddy Bear

    Adoption Update – Referral Page

    “She woke each morning with a glow of hope, not because a new dream had been born, but knowing the one she carried inside her heart would last.” -Jodi Hills *** They came bearing desserts, y’all. They swooshed right into … Continue reading

    The Lettered Cottage | Tshirts | Cow Doorbell

    Adoption Update – Soon

    “When people walk closely with other people, it’s the grace of God- and if we carry the priority of loving and serving our friends, we’ll impart life.” -Zeke Pipher ***** Thank you for walking so closely with me this week. … Continue reading

    Three Angels Childrens Relief Haiti

    Adoption T-shirts

    **This sale is now closed, but a HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who made it such a success! I appreciate your e-love and support so much! XO** ***** Okay! It’s t-shirt day! Like I mentioned in a previous post, … Continue reading


    Two T-shirts

    Remember that daydream I blogged about a couple of months ago? It had to do with t-shirts. These two to be exact: I’ve got oodles of other designs floating around in my brain and on my computer, but I’m just … Continue reading

    Kevin Palmer Tshirt

    Adoption Update – Invitation and Consentment

    “Keep you best wishes close to your heart and watch what happens.” -Tony DeLiso We got a call from our caseworker, Meredith, while we were at the Empowered to Connect conference on Valentine’s Day. She had a green light/yellow light … Continue reading

    Angel House Kids at Three Angels Children's Relief in Haiti

    Working and Wandering

    Whew- what a busy week! Among other things, I was painting, painting, painting, and I’m so excited to finally be able to put the finishing touches on my third episode for The Design Network this weekend. I don’t know exactly … Continue reading

    Rusted Cow Head Sculpture | Boxwood Wreath


    “Words are like nets- we hope they’ll cover what we mean, but we know they can’t possibly hold that much joy, or grief, or wonder.” -Jodi Picoult They sit out there every afternoon, those egrets… One by one, they fly … Continue reading

    Herons in a tree

    A Storm, A Song And A Son

    “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” -Tom Bodett A winter storm blew through on Tuesday. Rain turned to ice mid-morning and … Continue reading

    Snow House

    Library Pocket Door On Sliding Barn Door Hardware

    “My brain has too many tabs open.” -Unknown Remember when I blogged about “having” to paint the wall (and ceiling) outside the room I’m working on right now? Well, now you know why it had to be done. I had … Continue reading

    Sliding Library Door | 85 Dollar Galvanized Barn Hardware

    Adoption Photo Book

    She wasn’t where she had been. She wasn’t where she was going… but she was on her way. And on her way she no longer looked for the answers, but held close the two things she knew for sure: One, … Continue reading

    Adoption Photo Book