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“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” -Erin Flett Happy June! I forgot to include a photo of the cover of the Country Living magazine in the post I published about it on Friday, so I thought I’d do that here today…this is it: The red truck […]

More Decorating In The Dining Room

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“Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning sun can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day – like writing a poem, or saying a prayer.” -Anne Morrow Lindbergh I think the same goes for potting a plant. What is it about sinking our┬áhands into the soil, you know? I got the basket […]

Living Room Decorating

The Lettered Cottage Living Room Decor

I haven’t spent too much time decorating our living room yet because we hope to be doing some construction projects in there later this year. That said, the house was extra quiet this morning (Kevin had a date with his Dad), and I was in the mood to do a little jooshing. Or zhushing. Or […]

Cottage Style Stuff

Lettered Cottage Style Kitchen Sugarboo Art

It’s been a shuffle-y couple of months around here, but now that the wall paint is dry, we’ve started putting things back into place. There’s still a fireplace to paint (Simply White), and tile to (temporarily) cover up… …but things are definitely starting to feel more like us around here. I’ve had the shelf above […]

Nautical Theme Kids Room


I’m helping my best friend put some finishing touches her son’s nautical-themed big boy bedroom right now, and gosh am I having fun scouring the internet for inspiration! Check out these photos I found: (Sources clockwise from top left: unknown,,, unknown, House Beautiful, unknown.) Man are there some creative, kids-at-heart out there in […]

830 Miles From Home


Today is Kev’s last day at the studio here in Canton, and it’s snowing! #ILoveSnow The song is coming together beautifully, and we’re feeling very blessed to be here together. I’ve been sticking pretty close to the studio while he’s been recording (’cause I’m scaredy like that), but it’s all good because there are so […]

The Lettered Living Room


Every time I pass one of those great big pre-assembled doll house kits at Hobby Lobby I think about how wild it is that (insert ever-changing mortgage company name here) gave us a great big pre-assembled grown-up house to play with just because we promised to pay for it. Do you ever think about wacky […]

Lettered Cottage- Entertainment Unit Accessories

It all started when my friend Rhoda gave me this great big, old sailboat for me ( she got for $2.00!) about a week ago. I brought it in the house, when I got back from our Endless Yard Sale excursion, and immediately placed it on top of the entertainment unit in our living room… […]

White Flower Farmhouse

I received a package on my doorstep yesterday from White Flower Farmhouse.The first day I stumbled upon their website, the words “Simple Country Style” on their front page immediately made me feel at home… Inside my package, were the vintage theater marquee letters I ordered…which spell out one of my favorite words… (Marquee letters= $4.00 […]

Lettered Cottage- Coffee Table

The first time I saw this coffee table in a Pottery Barn magazine, it was love at first sight. But priced at $599, I knew I had better start looking for something comparable (but priced waaay lower) at the local flea. Finally, after some intense searching, I spotted this antique childrens schoolhouse table for $125. […]

"Olive" on Etsy

Her name is Fallon. Like “Allen” but with an “F”. And if you think her name is cool, just wait til you see her work! Have a looksie… I LOVE this pillow! The “Antique Shop” pillow coordinates beautifully with Fallon’s “Flower Shop” and “Market” pillows. The base of this pillow is a buttery yellow-and-white polka […]

Drop Cloth Drape Update & a trip to TJ Maxx

I fiiiiinally got around to purchasing some ring clips for the curtain rod in our Dining Room.Now I need to order the shell trim I’m going to edge the drapes with. Don’t you just wish everything could just be done with a simple snap of your fingers?I’m having one of those kind of days.Not to […]


I’m pumped to announce the latest Lettered Cottage shop creation- the Shellbox! These “works of heart” are created by my Mom , Jude, and this is how she describes them- Shellboxes are available in three finishes. Honey maple, distressed black, and distressed white. (Edited to add: The honey maple and distressed white are currently unavailable!) […]