Camping In Wisconsin

So…writing that last post was a pretty emotional experience for me, and thanks to you, reading through the comments required a few Kleenex’s too!

If you left me a comment, THANK YOU. I can’t even begin to tell you how full they made me feel!

The photos in that post were all taken at Camp Wandawega, in Elkhorn, Wisconsin…

…but I’m not the photographer in this family, so unfortunately many of my photos are poorly lit and a little grainy. More than anything, I was really just trying to capture as many images of the place as I could, so that I could spend more time soaking it up without a camera attached to my face- LOL!

(The view from our cabin)

The 3-bedroom cabin we stayed in was the epitome of simplicity.

No TV…no shower or tub in the bathroom (there are “buck” and “doe” shower rooms below the cabin)…

…and nothing but natural light flowing into the porch and kitchen all the live-long day.

Sometimes the soul of a cottage just reaches out and connects with a guest and a bond is formed that is hard to put into words.” (source)

That sentence sums up my experience in Cabin #3 to a T.

Mom and I were the only ones staying there at the time, and the lookie-loo in me had so much fun wandering around inside all the different buildings on the property!

Cabin #2 was adorable

…and the view from the foot of the bed was extra-gorgeous, too…

And cabin #1 (a.k.a. “A Very Modest Cottage“) was just as sweet and inspiring as I imagined it would be…

The old 2-story hotel was chock full of vintage goodness, too…

Tereasa has done such an amazing job of making all the rooms feel so quaint!

The treehouse that sits behind the cabins and the old hotel was one of our favorite places to hang out while we were there…

It was pretty windy while we were visiting, but the treehouse was a great place to “play” because it provided shelter from the wind, and we still felt like we were outside. Love that!

David and Tereasa’s lodge was quite extraordinary too…

Made me want to start collecting wool blankets and Fiestaware!

Here are a few additional pics I snapped while we were at (or around) Camp Wandawega

(Pedal & Cup – Springfield, WI)

(View from inside the twig teepee in the woods)

And last but not least, here’s a short video we shot so that you could get an idea of how the camp is all laid out…

Ooh! And if you ever get a chance to visit it- make sure you spend some time in the teepees and tents! Mom and I both agreed, those were our favorite places to be!


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  1. says

    OK, feeling like a real dork now. I live 20 minutes from there and had never heard of it…would love to take my grand girls there one day.
    Love your pics. Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Kelly C. says

    Y’all can’t possible know how bad I want to go there! And, I collect Fiestaware. That kitchen pic reminded me of all the things my grandmother had. That silver cake top and all of that white/red rimmed cookware. Love! Thanks for bringing this place to our attention. I’ve totally enjoyed all of your posts about it!

  3. says

    I have just read your blog from start to today’s post this week. I’m inspired!
    And I’ll be taking pictures of my house/kitchen in hopes that your presto finger will start twitching.
    Love to you!

  4. says

    I enjoy reading your blog. You are such a gifted lady. Reading this specific blog entry makes me just want to cry. I lost my mom a few years ago and still pick up the phone to call her. Enjoy every minute with your beautiful mom! Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. AzieBazie66 says

    We Wisconsinites love our Fall weather- unfortunately what we are currently experiencing is not the “norm” for us..too chilly too quick. Your pictures remind me of why I call Wisconsin home. Thank you for sharing this “Elkhorn secret” with us, we will need to go check it out..hopefully next year. Cozy Cottages are everywhere.

  6. Carrie says

    I drooled over the pics in yesterday’s post thinking they were probably taken in Washington, Maine or Virginia. Somewhere so far away that I would never get a chance to see it in person and wishing my state had awesome, beautiful place like that. Then to find out you are in WISCONSIN only 2 hours away from me blew my mind! I’m making reservations for next year!!! GO PACK GO!

  7. says

    LAYLA!!! You were in Elkhorn and I had no idea?! It is only about 35-45 minutes from me. You must have passed right through Rockford, IL on your way there. ;o(

    I have not talked to you in so long, my friend. Hope all is well. Your little vaca with Mom looks fabulous. Such a great experience for both of you! Just think of all those memories you created, intentional and accidental. And too bad you didn’t make it to Elkhorn when they had one of their flea markets running. By far one of my favorites in the US!


  8. Carol Sullivan says

    What a delicious adventure for you and mom! Thank yall so much for letting me “tag” along!

  9. Diane Stringham says

    Layla. I so enjoyed your “what I would tell my 17 year old self”. So much wisdom in your words. The one that resonated the most was about losing the inner fire and recapturing it. We are so full of inner fire when we are late teens and as life experience can hit us upside the head at times, we can lose that. I am such a fan of your and Kevin’s blog. You inspire me!

  10. Kathleen says

    Wonderful photos! I am ready to grab my mom and take a road trip to Wisconsin after reading your post. What a fun place, thanks so much for sharing your adventure !

  11. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    The TREE HOUSE was so adorable……..I could spend a week in it! I have to say…………… made me tear up. It was precious and really touched my heart!
    Thanks Layla for the spectacular tour……………………..and yesterday’s message. I shared it with my adult kids! Beautiful.
    …………………..darn it.

  12. says

    I want to go there SO badly. I love collecting all that fun vintage cabiny stuff! And your photos were amazing! I’m actually printing them all off to put in a binder! Don’t want to lose them! :) Thanks again for sharing!!!

  13. says

    I really, really, really want to quit my day job, buy a camp, and live there all year round. I spent most of my summers growing up either at camp, working as a CIT, or as a Camp Counselor. I loved, loved, LOVED it. I always worked at Christian camps, and I felt so close to God in the mountains. Seeing nature and Him light up their little faces in chapel or on hikes by the lake, they are memories I will forever cherish.
    So glad you and your mom got to have such a special time together in the little cabin in the woods.

  14. says

    I had no idea you were so close! Only about an hour southeast in IL! I’ll definitely check out the Camp when we’re thinking about vacationing in WI. If you’re ever back up this way, we have a 1940’s coach house you’re welcome to. :) Sorry you had poor weather…comes with the territory!

  15. says

    We have a cabin/tent campsite down here near Mobile AL but they’re so modern. They’re not simple like the ones pictured here which is really what I would like to experience. Maybe after we move to our new house, the boys and I can build a teepee in our backyard. Only a few more weeks to go! I can’t wait to try some of the things your blog is inspiring me to do with them. Thanks.

  16. Sherry Ann says

    I want to take my husband there for a second honeymoon and we have been married 24 years ! It looks like HEAVEN ! My dream to own/operate a place like this ! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Pat says

    this is such a beautiful place, thank you for sharing your trip with your mom! I enjoyed your letter to your 17 year old self. I was remembering things I did with my mom and wishing I had done more.

  18. says

    Beautiful photographs and great post. Looks like the kind of place to go if you want to unwind and forget about the craziness life throws at you. Thanks for sharing.

  19. says

    Seeing these photos touches my inner child. How refreshing to kick back and enjoy life and each other. We sometimes forget that is what it’s all about. Thanks for giving me something to add to my bucket list:)

  20. there says

    I am enchanted! My DH and I are considering reserving a few days next summer! Lovely post and it looks like you and your mom had a wonderful time. We will most likely take our grown daughter with!! Great post!

  21. says

    Beautiful photos. I felt the breeze and heard the crunch of the leaves as I was taken back in time. Such a simple quiet place even though my mind would have still been on high alert as I looked around taking it all in trying to imagine the life of all the “goodies.” Thanks for sharing your time with your mother with us. Precious.

  22. PammyC says

    O.K. – LOVE the camp! Loved going to summer and winter camps as a kid and I TOTALLY envy you getting to go with your MOM!!!
    And Layla – you might not be a professional photographer (I’m far from one) – but I LOVE your pictures!
    Yesterday’s post – Letter to my 17 year old self, made me want to send your link to MY 17 year old, but I don’t think HE would appreciate it like I did. I might have to send it to my 17 (almost 18) year old neice though . . . maybe she could get a grasp of the oddities of her mother and specially myself. I LOVE, love, LOVE your blog and wished I could be at that camp right now!!!
    P – :o)

  23. says

    I have been a “silent stalker” of your blog for a long time and truly love it. I think you and Kevin are just completely adorable and so funny! This particular post really touched my heart (and the one from yesterday as well) about your road trip with your Mom.
    I grew up in MN and spent many happy days at my Grandparents cabin on the lake “up north”. My Mom passed away 3 years ago and how I wish I still had the chance to do more mom/daughter excursions and adventures with her. Enjoy each and every moment (as you do) with your Momma–we never know the number of our days. Happy for you being able to create these sweet memories with your Mom!
    Kelly McMaster :-)
    PS- I used to work as an infant adoption counselor if you ever need an ear.

    • says

      Sounds like a wonderful trip and what great memories to have. I have six kids ages 27 to 9 and I treasure each moment I have with them and with my parents. Love your blog, my daughter told me about it and now I am loving blogs and trying to start one.
      ps Your photo’s are GREAT!

  24. says

    You definitely are a photographer. Those photos are gorgeous. What a place too, and a great way to spend time with your mom. When you have children, you realize all the more how special your mom is, and what work they have put into raising you!

  25. Sheila says

    Oh my goodness! I wish I were there. I could really use the peace and serenity. Have fun with your Mama.

  26. says

    For not being the photographer of the family you definitely take gorgeous pictures! I love all the vintage goodies that are in Tereasa’s cottage!

  27. says

    It looks like you and your mom had such a great time at the camp. I could practically feel how it would be to walk around exploring the woods or to go canoeing on the lake. I would love to go there in the summer of early fall for a relaxing get-away. I envy you such a wonderful relationship with your mom and the chance to get away and have time with her. It is a blessing that comes only once in a lifetime.

  28. says

    Oh my goodness! I am a Wisconsinite and I have never been nor heard. I can’t wait to make a visit, adding to my list as this place is beyond inspiring and lovely!

    Thank you so much for sharing!


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