Camp Wedding and Baby

Welcome to Day 5 of Wandawega Week!

Today I’m going to share a little bit about the friendly folks behind the oh-so-creative camp. David, Tereasa…and a sweet, little cherub-faced girl named Charlie.


“Boy meets girl. Boy proposes. Boy suggests that they purchase his abandoned childhood summer camp to be wed at. Girl accepts on both counts.”

David and Tereasa’s wedding ceremony was held at Wandawega, atop a hill, and overlooking the lake. Tereasa, carried a bouquet of daisies, and her father, Tom, walked her down the aisle to Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” played on the guitar by Nicholas Barron. They hired a Nashville-based company called Hatchshow Print to create their wooden wedding invitations and silk-screened RSVP and Save-the-Date postcards. The invitation and RSVP cards were packaged inside a brown kraft-paper envelope, along with an old map of the Wandawega resort. The envelopes were secured with a gingham ribbon and fastened with a small embroidered patch.

Upon arrival, wedding guests were greeted by a 1955 Mercury Monterrey. The couple shares a love for vintage cars and motorcycles, so it was only fitting that they park one from their collection on the property. Next to the car, Tereasa placed a “D.H. + T.S.” sign, and surrounded it with pots bursting with bunches of daisies.

Even though the day was rain-filled, Tereasa and David still describe their wedding as being “the color of sunshine“. Partly because of all the yellow rain slickers, rain boots, and the abundance of daisies- but also because they believe that “sunshine is very much a state of mind“. (I whole-heartedly agree!)

Their vanilla wedding cake was decorated with buttercream icing and daisies. And, of course, no camp gathering would be complete without a bonfire, so following the reception, everyone gathered ’round to roast marshmallows, sing campfire songs, and enjoy the starry night in the woods.


Here are all the dreamy wedding deets:

Venue: Camp Wandawega; available for rental through Town and Country Locations
Stationery: Hatch Showprint
Band: Nicholas Barron Quartet
Photography: Chris Strong; Matthew Gore; Robert Jillson; Mitch Gordon; Landis Smithers
Cake & Catering: Rodney Oksuita,
Desserts & Brunch: Christine Busby of Busby Bakes
Daisy Wreath and Garlands: Pesche’s Greenhouse
Bride’s Dress: Jenny Lee


Fast forward to nine months ago. David and Tereasa welcomed daughter, Charlie, to the world…

Tereasa created a woodsy-style nursery for her in their Chicago home…

…and another one at Camp Wandawega…

To create a paint-by-number (PBN) mural like the one above, Tereasa suggests searching eBay to find an old school PBN painting guide you love. Next, give each of the colors on it a number, and then match each number to a paint chip.

Once you’ve decided on your palette, take your paint chips to the paint store and buy ‘em up, Buttercup! After that, use a projector to display your PBN guide onto the wall and begin tracing it out with a pencil.

Last but not least, fill in your numbers with the latex paint your purchased using a foam brush.

Tereasa also broke out her brush to brighten up a collection of old cuckoo clocks hanging on the wall in the Charlies Wandawega nursery…

Yesterday, I asked Tereasa about where she draws her inspiration from. She said…

“My inspiration is 3-fold:

1- Our biggest project yet, 9 month old Charliegirl

2- My dear (late) Dad, Tom (Turtle)

3- My freakishly patient husband, David.

Each of them has made me hyper-aware of just how fleeting life is, and that you have to chase down your dreams like a cheetah. My three muses inspire me daily to look at things with a lens of optimism, and quite simply, transforming the homes and spaces around my loved ones makes them happy, which makes me happy.”


Outgoing and hospitable, David and Tereasa host a constant, rotating stream of visitors at Wandawega.

If you’d like to visit them and their magical camp, leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a 2-night stay for you and a friend, (if you’re parents with kids, the little ones are welcome too!) and we’ll randomly select a winner on Sunday (August 14, 2011) at noon (Central Time). Your getaway will include a welcome gift basket and access to all that wonderful Wandawega has to offer. Think: peace and quiet, boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, etc. David and Tereasa will be in touch with you to see about which dates will work best for you, based on availability. Good luck and may the fun force be with you!

PS- If you missed any of this week’s Wandawega posts- you can find them here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4!

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  1. says

    I have visited their site so many times this week it may be considered stalking now! ;) What an inspiring place and family. I want to win!!

    Thank you, sweet Layla, for sharing with all of this the beauty and passion behind Wandawega. It is magical.

    xoxo michele

  2. Jen says

    What a great wedding! I keep coming back to these posts, amazed at the transformation of the camp. Awesome! I’d love a chance to visit. Thanks!

  3. Momsy says

    I hope I win, I hope I win! I have been so charmed by your posts this week; I’d love to see this awesome place in person.

    Thanks for a great contest!

  4. says

    I would love to take my husband and steps-on to Camp Wandawega! If you looked up “outdoorsy” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of those two. And the tree house is now on our to do list for our next house.

  5. says

    I have really enjoyed reading all about this wonderful camp this week. They seem like such an amazing team to have taken this on and created this beautiful place to share with others.

    I’d love a chance to escape and stay for two nights!

  6. Sarah says

    I have LOVED this weeks tour and camp wandawega seems like “home”. I too have visited theeir site many times this week. thinking…If i could only visit their real site…in Wisconsin, that would be amazing! Alright random number picker…pick me!

  7. says

    What a sweet story…


  8. Kathi says

    I would love to visit this place – it’ looks like the all American perfect place to spend a weekend in the outdoors…they’ve done an amazing job restoring it!

  9. says

    Oh my gosh, my husband & I would love to win a stay at Camp Wandawega!! We’re coming to Wisconsin (from PHX) in October and can not think of anything better than a two-day retreat at your lovely camp.
    And thank you Layla, for sharing Camp Wandawega with us. THE most inspiring transformation ever. And the fact that it is in my home state of Wisconsin makes it extra special.

  10. Alanna says

    I’m already planning a trip here with the hubby for some time next year now – but winning would be super too! Thank you for introducing this lovely place to us.

  11. Jessica says

    I fell in love with Wandawega the first time I read about it here. Even if I don’t win, thank you for letting us peek in on this magical place!

  12. Jody Heifner says

    Have been checking and rechecking the reservations site for available dates. I would love, love, love to win this contest.

  13. Heather says

    Pick me pick me! I live in WI, and would absolutely love to spend a weekend here. It seriously looks like my version of heaven!

  14. Debbie says

    Oh how I am loving these posts! I look forward to them every day! Swoon is right! Wow! I would love, love, love to spend a weekend there!!

  15. Caprice says

    David, Tereasa and Charlie are living my dream. What an amazing place!! I would love to take my family there to visit!!

  16. Erica S. says

    I would love to visit Camp Wandawega! I have such wonderful memories of my time at camp as a kid and I would love to see someone else’s memories!

  17. Rebekah says

    I want to go!!!! We have our own baby girl on the way — what a great family vacation getaway!

  18. Melissa H. says

    I was just showing my husband the website for Camp Wandawega the other night and we were talking about how neat it would be to stay there! What a wonderfully relaxing getaway :)

  19. says

    I feel like a stalker… I’ve been ADDICTED to every post this week & have often thought about it through my day! I am a camp kid myself and would love to open my own campgrounds someday nestled into the beautiful ozark mountains… :) Hope I will get to see the wonder of Camp Wandawega!

  20. tracy hall-ingram says

    Well, because of this series I am becoming obsessed with scout platform tents. I love what they have done. All marked on my Read It Later to refer to again and again.

  21. says

    Dear Layla,
    You certainly saved the best for last! I cannot get over how much love lives in the details for this couple. From their wedding to their nursery and that sail boatin’ baby….precious.
    My fingers are tightly crossed to win.

  22. MiMi says

    To be able to visit here and spend the night in a place decorated with so much awesome vintage would be a dream come true! I love barkcloth, gliders, paint by number etc. etc. etc!

  23. Sarah Brown says

    What a beautiful place. Absolutely love it and know my husband would live it as well.

  24. zandermom says

    Yes, please! And my son, (9), makes clocks – and wants to learn more about the cuckoo clocks in the baby’s room! Do they work? And where did they find one with a racoon???!!! Thanks!

  25. Emily D says

    I would love, love, love to go. It would be just the getaway my hubby and I need to reconnect! Life is busy over in these parts!

  26. says

    How fun! Sounds like a wonderful relaxing getaway for my family. The pictures on their site just make me breathe a bit deeper.

  27. tanya rogers says

    how absolutely wonderful it would be have a camp out at wandawega! i love this week of wandawega week!

  28. Jennifer says

    Would be a wonderful escape …. I would love to go … and take my hubby and kids along too!

  29. Sarah Mulvehill says

    What a magical place for family and friends. We’d love to see this amazing place!

  30. says

    I love wandawega week!! I’m overwhelmed and intrigued with all the talent that Tereasa has. This camp is beyond beautiful and I would be thrilled to see it in person! My fingers are crossed!! :)

  31. Kelly says

    I would loooove to win. This week’s posts have been so inspiring – and their place looks magical!

  32. Anna says

    Thanks so much for introducing your readers to this magical place!

    I would love to see it in person with my boys (husband and 2 sons)!

  33. Cherice says

    I am in utter awe at how amazing Camp Wandawega looks. Theresa and David’s wedding is so similar to everything I have imagined my own wedding to be some day. I just have to visit Camp Wandawega! Whether through winning a trip or planning one myself, it is already on my list of future vacations.

    Thank you, Layla for Wandawega Week! This has been great!

  34. Katie Greenlaw says

    I would love to win. This place is amazing! Thank you SO much for sharing it with us :)

  35. says

    OOO I love this! That would be such a great place to take the kids for a weekend. I’d love to be chosen! Thanks for sharing that with us! :)

  36. says

    I’ve loved this series of posts, and I’m hoping someday soon my new hubby and I can take a visit!!

  37. Liz says

    My husband and I need some kid free alone time and how fun would this place b?!?

  38. Alayne Eisloeffel says

    I have fallen IN LOVE with this camp. Every detail is amazing. It seems that the couple behind it is even more amazing. I’d love to go…

  39. says

    This place is amazing. I’m all about some “found, flea, or free,” and Tereasa is immensely talented to say the least!

  40. Dorothy Sadler Hemphill says

    All I can say is “Oh My Gosh.” We have been married for 51 years and when I read that she walked down to aisle to Elvis – “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”, which is just about my very favorite Elvis song and one which my husband always requests for me at weddings, I said to my husband – why didn’t I do that!!!! Well, back then, who did that! Toss in a camp on lake in the woods, a super wedding, a baby and lots of love and shake it all up and you have
    magical moments. Thank you for sharing your joy!

  41. sarah jonsgaard says

    This would be a vacation of a lifetime, to be so inspired by nature and the camp. I really hope my husband and I win. Our 2 year old was born playing with dirt and sticks.

  42. Diana says

    I would so LOVE to have a little R & R in the quiet country.. away from the electronica of my world!! Also, a bonus would be to drag my computer-addicted hubs away for a sweet weekend!! PICK ME!!! LOL.

  43. Carol Schneider says

    Unbelievably charming and beautiful. I love this weeks posts! Thanks for sharing with us.

  44. Michele says

    Love the week at Wandawega! We spent vacations at a camping “resort” called Timber Shores (near the tip of the mitten that is Michigan) when I was growing up, and these articles bring back memories of the fun we had there with extended family. I wish our family had bought it so we could do something like David and Theresa have done. What a treasure! I’d love to win and visit Wandawega.

  45. Jessica says

    After reading these posts all week, I am IN LOVE with Wandawega! This romantic escape would be a dream come true!!

  46. Haley Whittington says

    I would LOVE to spend a few days there with my husband and 2 year old boy before our new baby comes! It is magical!

    And…totally obsessed with the deer paint by number!


  47. Scargosun says

    I am obsessed with this place now from finding your site…but in a good way. ;) Also we have friends moving to Chicago and told them that we MUST Plan a weekend at Wandawega when we visit even if we don’t win.

  48. says

    what an amazing little family…I would love for my family to get a chance to explore camp wandawega… the ‘tent’ camp is amazing & the tree house is delish!

  49. Jess M. says

    How cute! I love the paint-by-numbers idea for a wall mural. The mural itself is absolutely adorable (as is the baby!).

  50. Lynda says

    This couple sound just wonderful! What a special and unique wedding….it’s sounds like it was wonderful. I am totally charmed by this camp. THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful place with us. This would be a great place to vacation for this country girl!!

  51. Shelley says

    …used to love summer camp. I’ realize from these posts how much I miss it.

  52. Judy says

    Who wouldn’t love a little get-a-way like that? I would love to win it! It’s been a fun week…..great decorating ideas.

  53. Judy says

    Who wouldn’t love a little get-a-way like that? I would love to win it! It’s been a fun week…..great decorating ideas.

  54. Denise Armbruster says

    Last night after reading Days 1-4, I looked at the website for the camp and starting figuring out how my entire family of 13 (kids & grandkids) could swing a long weekend or a full week at this camp. I. fell. in. love. with. it. I would be thrilled beyond belief to be able to do it and will discuss with the family at our next gathering how to git ‘er done. I admire David & Teresa for their incredible dream way back when they saw the property. Wow, to do what they’ve done is right where I’d like to be.
    I love the PBN idea. I did those when I was a kid weekly. I was obsessed with them!!
    Enjoyed the heck out of these posts. In fact I took the tree house and pinned it to my Pinterest board.
    Thanks, Denise

  55. Lynn says

    Omigosh … how cool would it be to stay at Camp Wandawega and meet these amazing people?!?!? I’d love to go!

  56. Cheryl F says

    I have decorated dozens of weddings but the outdoor rustic resort wedding is one I have yet to tackle – and I would be all too willing to try! Next week I’m decorating a wedding in a sales barn. (Where farmers take their cows and pigs to sell). I’m told there will no be no lingering animal smells! The reception is in the barn on the family homestead. I can’t wait to get started!
    Charlie is gorgeous, and a very lucky girl! She’ll have wonderful memories of growing up at this place her parents are recreating.
    I would LOVE to visit the camp. Throw my name in the hat.
    Thanks for this week. Your blog has been my happy place.

  57. Beth B says

    These are all such beautiful pictures! I have loved your posts this week about Wandawega. My husband is from Wisconsin and I know he misses the camping and lakes up there. This would be an awesome surprise for him!

  58. says

    I LOVE the style of the wedding, nurseries, and cottages. How amazingly refreshingly real and sweet and fresh. Lovely.

  59. Krysta says

    AAAhhhhhh!!! That paint by number wall is exactly what’s been in my head for the last six months to do to my bedroom walls!! LOVE

  60. Kait H says

    Thanks for sharing this amazing place with all of us! I would love a chance to see it in person!

  61. Morgan says

    I’d love to win a trip to this beautiful property. Thanks for sharing it with your readers!

  62. Jill G. says

    Wandawega sounds absolutely idyllic! I always wanted to go away for summer camp as a child. This would be a perfect place for a getaway. Thanks for sharing, Layla.

  63. Tracy Doede says

    I am from Wisconsin and have never heard of Wandawega…and I now live in Weyauwega, WI!!!!!! I would love the experience of taking my husband and 2 boys ages 6 and 8 to their neck of the woods.

    I have been following these last 4 days and look forward to your future posts.

  64. stefanie cimoli says

    loved the cuckoo clocks! I have one such clock sitting in a box in my basement and it never occured to me to paint it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  65. shannon says

    Ooooh! I’ve been longing to see this place in person since your series started!

  66. Chana Albury says

    What an honor it would be to win this. It looks like a magical place and Layla has made it sound even more romantic. It is my 26th Wedding Anniversary and I cant think of a better gift than winning this ! Good luck to all :)

  67. says

    Definitely looks like a magical place. We spend our weekends across the river from Wisconsin on a houseboat out of Lansing, Iowa. Love all things nature and water. What an awesome opportunity for someone to win!!!!

  68. says

    I think I did that paint by number when I was a kid – only it was not that cute. My Mom is an artist but I never got beyond badly painted paint by number art work.

  69. says

    This would be a dream come true for our family! My family has fallen in love with all we’ve seen on the website. What an awesome place!

  70. Darcy Krumhauer says

    Thanks for the opportunity, I’d love the opportunity to visit in person.

  71. Gail E says

    Thanks again for introducing me to this magical place. I’ve enjoyed each and every post this week.

  72. Janna says

    I am excited everyday this week when you post more about their camp. It’s so inspiring and I would love to win a trip to stay there!

  73. says

    Oh, I would love to win! My husband has been toiling away on his dissertation for YEARS and is now in the final weeks. What a great post-dissertation getaway surprise that would be for him! :)

  74. Jackie says

    UGH! I love EVERYTHING about this camp! The paint by numbers, clocks, and absolutely PERFECT wedding are just making it even worse! Sometimes I swear it seems impossible for such an adorably sweet place to even actually exist, and now there is a chance (albeit slim) of winning a trip there?!? Consider my mind blown.

  75. Amy says

    My hubby and I would love to visit you with our 2 boys. We need a get away! And….. we are die hard Packer Fans!!!

  76. Jessica Lewis says

    What a beautiful place. I would love to win this for my family. I know our little boy (11 months) would love it there. I need to build a tree house like the one the have, absolutely amazing!


  77. Paula says

    looks like such a great place to spend a quiet weekend with my family. a possible family tradition?

  78. Olivia Juenke says

    I have loved these posts! I’ve bought the book and I would love to visit, well stay in the tree house. Please pick me!!!!

  79. says

    When I saw your camp it made me think of this quote by John Muir “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”
    Thank you for sharing your little wonderland!

  80. Beth Moore says

    I can’t even begin to express how much I would love to go … with my two 4 year-old grandsons in tow…as they would love it just as much as Poppa and I would! :-)

  81. says

    I showed my hubby the treehouse and now he’s in love, too. I’ve even got him thinking that a Wandawega style spot would be a fabulous retirement. :) Thanks for introducing us to such a fab place. Win or not, I’m thinking a trip there is in my future but… it’d be pretty cool to win!

  82. Wesla says

    I would love to visit such a magical place with my little munchkins!! Thank you for sharing, I was inspired by their creativity and resourcefulness!

  83. Diane says

    I would love to win this. It would be spectacular and a lot of fun! Love everything I saw on here!!!!!!!

  84. Kim in MD says

    I have enjoyed every single post about Wandawega. What a beautiful life and story they have!

  85. Laura says

    We just moved to Wisconsin – it has been a year of transition, and a get away to this beautiful spot would be wonderful……..thanks for posting about this magical place.

  86. says

    Such a fantastic giveaway! If I can’t win the books this would be the perfect make up gift! lol I gotta win SOMETHING!! PLEASE! falls on knees and begs with hands clasped.

  87. Corrie says

    omg this sounds like a little dream weekend! such a relaxing place to go with the bf. i need to go check out their site now… :o)

  88. says

    Wow, what an opportunity! After reading all of your posts this week, I was planning on getting in touch with them myself! Being a Chicago-ian, it’s right around the corner! Yeah! Thanks for hosting this fab giveaway! liz

  89. says

    Oh my goodness! What a great giveaway!! We’re stationed at the Naval Base in Great Lakes and this would be a fantastic weekend getaway for me and the hubby. :)

  90. says

    That nursery is incredible….I love it!! And a camp wedding sounds so perfect too. Thanks for the chance to win a trip to visit this amazing place. I’d love to bring my family to make memories there together.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  91. Susan says

    I’m in the Chicago ‘burbs, and their camp sounds like a dream! My family would love the chance to check it out in person!

  92. says

    OH my goodness — I just realized that this isn’t too far from home!! I would LLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE to spend time at this magical camp!! Thank you for this amazing opportunity (and for sharing it in the first place)!

  93. Alison says

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about these two delightful and unique individuals and their truly awesome camp!

  94. says

    What an amazing story and truly inspiring family! My family and I love to camp and I am a design junkie with a love for recycling, refinishing and re-purposing. It would be such a neat experience for all of us to have the opportunity to visit camp Wandawega!

  95. moesha in mn says

    I would love to go camping there and bring along our little 4-month-old CharlieBoy! :o)

  96. Elizabeth says

    Love, love, love this giveaway!

    I had to visit their website to make sure it was the same place, but my great grandfather built a little cottage about a block and a half from Lake Wandawega. It is one of my goals in life to have a similar little cottage just like it…preferably on the water though. If I could I’d have it exactly like this magical place you’ve featured. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  97. Maggie says

    I’d love to visit this wonderland! I think my little 7 month old boy, Emory, and little Charlie would love to meet!!!

  98. dee says

    Ooohhh – I was just telling my husband about this place – i’ve never been to this area of the country but he has great, vivid memories of fishing in Michigan as a child with his Dad and Grandpa but hasn’t been since he was 10. Would be so great to go with him. Thanks for these posts about your trip -love them!

  99. Renae says

    yes please, i’d love to win the book! we’ve been contemplating buying an old jeep wagoneer and this place would be just up our alley!

  100. Kary Ross says

    I want respectfully submit an entry for this wonderful ‘getaway’ for my son and his wife. For many reasons but when I read the date that you plan to reveal the winner I knew I had to TRY to enter for them. Their 12th wedding anniversary is the 14th!! So, I would love to treat them to Camp Wandawega!! They have 4 children between 3 & 8 yrs old. My son has just retired from the business world and is now a full time local missionary and building their less than 1000 sq ft home! This would be a dream for them to “get away”! Love, love, love it! I applaud you for making YOUR dream come true! Thanks for sharing Layla & Kevin!

  101. says

    I have found Wandewega incredibly inspiring and would just die to have an opportunity to visit.
    I’m also dying over the Wandewega nursery, that mural, and those clocks. Swoon.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  102. Cheryl says

    Oh my, I love that the wedding theme centered around daisies. I love daisies. It sounds like a beautiful and magical place and would love to come there with my daughter and husband.

  103. Maggie says

    What a magical place! They are quite inspirational people. Thank you for introducing them to us.

  104. Sherrine says

    What a wonderful, dreamy place!
    I have enjoyed getting to look around Camp Wandawega this week.
    A definite MUST visit!

  105. Rox says

    WE NEED A VACA!!!!!!!!!!!! How charming is THIS place??? It’s like they plucked it out of my dreams!!! Good for them!!

  106. ann in indy says

    Of course, the hubby and I would love to visit! I’ll start packing now! ann in indy

  107. SuzG says

    I have been so inspired by this lovely “visit” to this gorgeous place! Delight around every corner! Would love to see it in person!

  108. says

    Wow! I would love the opportunity to vaca at Wandawega with my husband and 10 month old daughter. We haven’t taken a family vacation yet and with the economy the way it is, may not get the chance to for a bit. Even if we don’t “win” the getaway, I feel like I’ve been on a mini-getaway all week with these posts. The nostalgia just invades me! What a place!!!

  109. Julie C says

    I’ve never been in this neck of the woods, thanks for the chance! Looks like a fantastic place, great place to get ideas, and insprired.

  110. says

    I think I just died when I saw the PBN mural in the nursery… WOW! I am so in love with that!

    I would loovvveee to take an outdoorsy campy trip with my new husband! What a perfect retreat. :)

  111. Elizabeth says

    What a wonderful place and story. I have enjoyed reading all week! Thank you for sharing.

  112. Nancy says

    That has to be one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever seen! It is absolutely amazing and beautiful! I would love the opportunity to visit.

  113. gina says

    I have enjoyed reading all the posts this week over and over again! What an inspiration!! I would love to visit Wandawega in person sometime and to win a getaway there would be a dream come true.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  114. nicole says

    Everything about this places seems like just what the doctor ordered! My husband would be so incredibly thrilled with a surprise like this! Fingers crossed ♥

  115. Janet says

    I’m sorry to see the week come to a close … only from the Camp Wandawega perspective! Thanks!

  116. Teresa Sword says

    Who needs a couple of nights away with their loving husband of 27 years?? I do! We have decided that vacations are not really affordable for us, so we have opted for day trips or weekends away…..Wandawega is now on the list!!

  117. Ruth Padula says

    I love the paint by numbers mural. I’m going to look for an idea now.

    I really, really need a vacation. Their camp looks like just the place.

  118. Darcy Bavery says

    What they have done with the camp is beautiful and brings back so many childhood memories! I would love to have the chance to reminisce while visiting such a beautiful and amazingly creative place! :)

    Thanks Layla for this series!

  119. says

    How fun! My husband and I would LOVE to take our little one for a little fun in the northern part of the US! We have never traveled as a family farther north than Tennessee.

  120. says

    We never did go anywhere this year for our anniversary and we have two little ones at home (13 months apart) that keep us very, very busy! What a treat it would be to getaway to their beautiful Wandawega and relax for a change! Thank you for hosting and I so hope we win!

  121. Heidi says

    I would love to stay there and absorb all the wonderful vintage-ness(word?) I used to live in Wisconsin and miss it greatly!

  122. says

    I so enjoy Teresa’s take on life, running like a cheetah, and her three muses… she’s brilliant! I would love to see the camp in real-life.

  123. Hera says

    I loved the post. I first heard about this when Tereasa’s book about the cottage first came out. It’s looks like a great place to get away to.

  124. Lexie says

    Wow-that’s a fun giveaway! I have always wanted to go to sleep-away camp-and would absolutely love to visit Wandawega-and even better-it’s only a few hours from home!

  125. says

    Now you are offering a weekend here?! Gracious, yes!! Forwarding this to a friend planning an outdoor Denver wedding. This is def her style!!! You know, just in case she doesn’t read your blog. Wait! Is there anyone who doesn’t?!

  126. Gay says

    Thanks for this week’s worth of postings; what a wonderful place, so full of creative ideas. I would love to visit!

  127. says

    I have enjoyed your posts this week! Well, I always enjoy your posts, but W seems like such a step-back-in-time-and-enjoy-the-simple-things place and I love how they have decorated their rooms! Thanks for sharing!

  128. Terri Driggers says

    i am so ready for an ole’ fashioned camp out at the lake!!… Who knew places like this even still existed!!!!! I am loving these posts (well.. okay… so I love all of your posts) but this place is so peaceful and laid back and reminds me of days gone by!!!! :) Terri

  129. jenny says

    thanks for so many ideas for my little fixer cottage in the woods. i want that tree mansion;) cheers

  130. missy says

    so beautiful! makes me want to get married all over again :) love charlie’s nursery. so creative :) thanks for sharing. put a little sunshine in my morning.


  131. Ruthie says

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  132. Alissa says

    This trip would be AMAZING!! I live in the suburbs of Chicago, so I’m actually quite close. I grew up in rural IL on Iroquois River and it would be nice to relive some childhood memories out in the woods at Camp Wandawega :) I REALLY hope I win this trip for my husband and I to enjoy spending time together in such a magical place. Thanks for all of your posts on this, they are very inspirational.

  133. says

    Ahhh! Continuing to freak OUT every single day you post something new about this fabulous couple behind this fabulous campground! My husband and I have been drooling over how wonderful and “right down our alley” this place looks! Simply perfect. Crossing my fingers for a 2 night stay!!!!! :) Keep up your great work, Layla!

  134. says

    Thanks for the chance. Her decorating is amazing. I used to camp in northern Wisconsin when I was a kid, so it would be an amazing thing to revisit.

  135. Joanie says

    I just can’t get enough of these posts, I’m so sad they’re over! :) This is such a charming, delightful wonderland!

  136. amy says

    I have LOVED this whole story, and the great pictures, and inspiration. I think the paint-by-number mural is my favorite thing ever and I’m trying to figure out where I an do that in my house! Thank you!

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    Count me in!

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    Fabulous story! I purchased a cabin with a long family history myself (in WI!) and have loved reading about Camp Wandawega. I would LOVE the opportunity to visit and appreciate all the wonderfulness this place has to offer! :-)

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    getting too old to be inspired…………lovely.

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    Nancy and family.

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  169. Karen Honch says

    How this brings back memories for me. I grew up in northern ontario in
    Canada and my family camped on an island where we all slept in one of
    those very large old canvas tents on a wooden platform that my dad built.
    I can still recall the smell of the canvas tent mixed with the smell of pine
    and cedar……..Looking inside the photos of the tents takes me back to 1963
    with all the plaid and buffalo jackets etc and all the old coolers. I would
    so love to take my husband to visit this most beautiful and rustic retreat….
    This really has made me happy to look at………oh and love the old (I think it is Hank Williams?) music from the website……I have
    truly been transpired back in time …….thank you thank you…Karen

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    My common-law husband of almost 19 years and I have been planning to finally tie-the-knot and make it “official”, this would be a great place to go for our honeymoon!

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    Keep up the great work–you’re wonderfully inspiring!

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    Thank you so much for sharing their wonderful camp with all of us. What a dream! Of course we would love to have a fun-tastic visit & have two beautiful daughters that would love to have the experience too. Ah, they grow up soooo fast.

    Love and Blessings, Teresa

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  192. Melissa Bihl says

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    Thanks so much for sharing they’re story this week… I suddenly have an urge to thrift this weekend!

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    Thanks so much for the chance to win – we’d be in heaven.

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    All the best, Heather

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    Have a great weekend!

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    This beautiful camp brings back many wonderful memories from when I camped when I was young! I would love to be gifted with an opportunity to visit the camp and relive those wonderful times with my family. They have done an AMAZING job rejuvinating the camp!
    Thank you Lettered Cottage for sharing this amazing camp ground with all of us!

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    Thanks! :)

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  272. Dorothy Brown says

    Would I love to win this-Wisconsin is my home state and I graduated from college at UW-Madison. We live in Minnesota, but I miss Wisconsin so much. Can’t tell you how much this reminds me of my summer camp years!

  273. Shauna says

    Oooh la la, wouldn’t Mr. Mooney and I just love to win a weekend at Wandawega!

  274. Debbie Bernard says

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  275. Kelly says

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  276. Anita Wilkinson says

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    I’m loving these camp Wandawega posts! I was born and raised in Chicago, but now live in New Mexico with my husband and 6 kids! Growing up, we used to drive from Chicago to Wisconsin to “get away”. We would stay at my brothers boss’s lake house and my cousins would go, and also my sister in laws family. It was so fun, and I have so many great memories of that. I only wish my children could experience that. I really do miss those days. Even as an 11 year old, I loved how the lake house was decorated! Each room had it’s own style of decor, but it all tied in to the nautical/coastal feel of the house. I’m hoping to recreat that in my own home. If we win, we’d love to go out there and would truly appreciate it. Thank you!

  278. Jan says

    What a wonderful place, wonderful people, wonderful fun! Who wouldn’t love to spend time there!

  279. Cindy says

    :raises hand:
    We would love to go! Our little guy would have the grandest time exploring.

  280. Sheaffer Sims says

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  281. Diane says

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  282. Kathy says

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  283. Emily says

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  284. Leslie Garland says

    Their wedding looked amazing and I love they named their daughter Charlie.
    Hmmm where can I buy 25acres on a lake?

  285. says

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  286. Amber says

    Every picture I see of Camp Wandawega is so refreshing. I would love to see it in person. What a perfect spot for some quality family time:)

  287. kathleen kelly says

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    Tereasa’s love for her daddy reminds me of my love for mine. He passed away 6 years ago, but he is in my heart everyday and is always my inspiration. I loved the treehouse, and the paint by number wall was AWESOME! I want to go do that right now! :)
    Thanks, Layla!

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    I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really wanna win this!
    (In memory of my mom, Wanda.) :)

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    Thank you for sharing the info about the camp.

  304. Julianne says

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    We would love to come here with our two little ones. This is such a magical-looking place! Really great job on fixing it up (and on the posts this entire week, Layla!).

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  307. says

    Lovely place owned by lovely people who are very grounded in their life. This week has been a joy to read and I have ordered both books. The day the mailman drops those off will be like Christmas in August. Thanks to you and your husband for capturing it for the rest of us.

  308. Cheryl Gibbs says

    I saw their treehouse and my heart stopped! It’s the one I’ve always dreamed of–I would be sooo happy just laying in the hammock underneath it.

  309. Sandy says

    Layla, I would love to see this place in person! I’ve been so intrigued since getting her book last yr about their cabin redo. Since you wrote abt it all wk i hope it means you are staying until sunday for the elkhorn flea mkt. Unfortunately, i’m up north for a week so will not be there:( It’s the best flea in the midwest. I would probably tackle you or something then ask you tons of decorating questions and check out everything you bought. (Maybe I will have to go!) I’m gaga for your blog and all you do! Pick me..PS. Warning: I may be attending Junk Bonanza;)

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    I LOVE the paint by numbers idea! Super clever and cute:) I also love the picture of little Charlie on a “boat” I would love to steal that idea too, but I don’t have blue hardwood floors;)

  311. Melanie says

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    After reading the first segment of this series, I added Camp Wandawega to my ever growing ‘to go’ list. It reminds me of my childhood days spent at 4H Camp in Stokes State Forest.
    Thank you for these wonderful posts (one of my favorites to date) and for introducing us to Tereasa and David. Would love to win this very generous give-away!

    Your Friend,

  327. Angela says

    That paint by number mural in the nursery is too cool!

    I would love to see Camp Wandawega in person!

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    We’d absolutely love to win. I’ve enjoyed all these camp posts and have been wishing to visit the camp. =)


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    It looks luscious. Ideas, inspirations, reflections.
    Fabulous for sure!
    Best for me it holds a ton of my favorite color,
    except for winter dress which hopefully would hold plenty of

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  339. Vonda L says

    Wow! What a great giveaway. I love old camps and the feelings they evoke. We were unable to have a vacation away this summer as I had injured myself and was out of work for a month. No income means no vacation. But this summer wasn’t a complete loss, I was able to spend my summer with the most important people on the face of this earth – my kiddos!

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    I stumbled across your blog and have been visiting daily! I absolutely love the photography and design of this site. I would love to win the honor of staying at Camp Wandawega with my beautiful wife. She is a speech pathologist who works with birth to pre-K kids. She’s also the wonderful mother to our two ornery children. If anyone deserves a little rest and relaxation, it is her. If we don’t win the trip, I’m sure we’ll look into coming up anyway.

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    I LOVE the tree house….even pinned it on my board on pinterest!!!! I was just showing my boys this morning the tree house and they were freakin out….every little boys dream! Then I read this post and new I had to at least try!!! Happy camping!!!! :)

    Karrie Gee
    Nashville, TN

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  349. Tracy R says

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    I have to say, after all these great post, I would so love to meet this couple!

    And, it looks like even the tents are up off the ground, so I’m sure I’d be fine :)

  351. says

    What a wonderful gift for someone. It was a delight to view today. August is the month both of children passed away with Cystic Fibrosis. Today was 14 years ago today and August 1st was 2 years for my son. I spent my morning pulling weeds and grass from my neglected flower beds thanking Gos for getting me out today in the fresh air. Life is good. This a place to put on your bucket list.

  352. Diane says

    I have followed your blog for a couple of years now and always love your ideas…thanks for all the inspiration. And your postings this week are no different….I have fallen in love! As soon as I get off work, I’m headed to the bookstore for copies of “A very Modest Cottage” and “Found, Free & Flea”. Their camp is a real treasure…I’d love, love, love to spend some time there!

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    Wow, I’m constantly amazed with what people do with their lives. This has been very inspiring. Wondering if there are any camps available for sale here in Oregon. Not that I have the gumption or talent to restore one this way!:-)

  355. Lisa says

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    so fun! thanks for the giveaway!

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  360. Cindy Chapman says

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  361. frances says

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  362. Keri Sheckler says

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    It would be awesome to see this in person. Thanks for sharing.

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  379. says

    I would so love to go there! My husband, kids and I live in Georgia. My husband’s dad lives in Wisconsin! We don’t see him that often, but I saw that Wandawega is only about 30 minutes from him!!! It would be so fun for the whole family to go there and spend some family bonding time together! Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful place!

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  383. wendy lentz says

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  384. jackie says

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  394. roger lauger says

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    My wife has been following your blog for some time. Your property is absoulutly one of a kind. Your dedication and vision for this place is admirable to say the least. My mouth dropped at your creation. This would be a dream getaway. We are only 1 1/2 hours away from Elkhorn. Our kids would love a chance to go off the swing and soak up the tree house and have memories like your husband did when he was a kid. I would love to surprise my family and have an awesome retreat at your camp!! Thanks for the chance, Roger

  395. Debra says

    Swoon! This must be heaven on earth! Never have I seen such a renovation that every “found” detail completes every part of the process. My husband’s family vacationed on Lake Rabun in Georgia where they owned property and these recent posts have taken me back to those days of our courtship (we’ve been married 30 years now). Would love to be given the chance to visit this dream property!!!

  396. Kar in Colorado says

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  397. kelz fowler says

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  399. Laura says

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  406. Renee Bianchetta says

    New to your site! Just loved it! Would love for my son&, daughter-in- law to visit your camp! They are in desperate need of some rest and relaxation- our new grandaughter was 4 months old on the 12th and daughter- inlaw turns 30 next weekend! It would be a great surprise!
    Will be returning to website frequently.
    Thanks so much!

  407. Jude says

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    I would love to curl up on a chair by the lake and read while watching my kids splash around. Happy Campers : o )

  413. Julie Hosley says

    Oh my! A little slice of heaven! Looking at their site brings back such happy memories…I was a camp counselor in WI during college (that was over 20+ years ago!). I long to get back to that part of the country…and this would be a dream come true really.

  414. says

    OMG…even if I don’t win I am so saving up to get our family there! It looks FABULOUS and since we’ve only been out of PA to go to the Jersey shore, I am thinking it would be fun to get our 4 kids and see a little bit of America. Crossing my fingers for sooner than later!

  415. Shelley says

    What a beautiful and simply place! Certainly beats the hustle and bustle of the city!

  416. Dawn Stone says

    Some of my best memories are at camp – church camp, girl scout camp and just camping with family. This place looks magical. =)

  417. Susan Booth says

    What a refreshing flash to the past!! Love how they are lovingly restoring memories and feelings….and inexpensively!! How all American!! Would love to visit and share the warm and fuzzy feeling this place brings to all of us. Plus who doesn’t love to go to camp?? :)
    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. You found a home-run!!

  418. Jen Wilson says

    This place looks so fun! We live outside of Chicago and we love to visit wisconsin!

  419. Mary Ellen Mazo says

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  420. Christine Edwards says

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  421. Dayla says

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  422. Leah says

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  423. katie says

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  424. Lisa W. says

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  425. Teri says

    Beautiful! My kind of vacation. They’re just 6 hrs away and I love a roadtrip! Very generous of them to make the offer & I’d gladly accept ;)

  426. Tina Youngblood says

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  427. says

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  431. Kate Ostrem says

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  432. says

    This is better then when miss O gave away cars!! Very wonderful, and ive enjoyed every post :) Jenny City Cottage

  433. Kristin Enstrom says

    Hey there Layla and Wandawega-stars!

    I would


    to win a getaway at the fabulous Wandawega!

    It would be great to surprise my husband for our 15 year anniversary with a getaway at Wandawega (in September)! I think he would


    it too!


  434. Christie P. says

    These posts have been scrumptious! Thanks for featuring this adorable camp! I have been a little rejuvenated just by looking at the pictures & imagining myself & family there :0)

  435. Lynn says

    The more I read about this beautiful camp, the more I’d love to spend some time there with my family. Pick me, pick me!

  436. Linda says

    Your articles about camp relay the essence of summer! The amount of effort and time required to recreate “camp” must have been overwhelming at times but well worth it for the memories yet to be.

  437. says

    I’m not posting to enter the contest, just wanted to let you know I really loved that post. Very sweet couple, it touched my heart. Thank you for the post.

  438. Ginene says

    I have a vintage furnishing and furniture shop in Richmond, Illinois…about 40 minutes from Elkhorn. As the sole owner, buyer, decorator, repair and “expert at packing a truck full” person, I would love to sit in a lawn chair and read a novel at Wandawega. I ran by my 1960’s full-spring blue roses chaise lounge in my little garden behind the shop this morning and realized it is August 14th and I haven’t sat down in it yet!

  439. says

    It’s just a beautiful thing to take a treasured memory and make it a part of your new life and then having that become a new treasured memory.

  440. Tracy Barton-Niles says

    Love this place and love your blog! I have shared the camp so many times my friends are getting a little miffed! so pick me! My husband and I so need a get away! our daughter would just eat this place up!!!! thanks, Tracy

  441. says

    I am so envious of Wanawega, I have always wanted a cottage on a lake; but what they have is heaven. Too bad Wisconsin is so very far from Pennsylvania. Love it!