Camp Tent

Welcome to day 4 of Wandawega Week!

Today’s post features another area of Camp WandawegaTent Hill.

This area of David and Tereasa’s rustic resort is home to a collection of vintage, perfectly weathered, Boy Scout tents.

These aren’t just regular ol’ tents. They’re more like canvas cabins…

After a 5 year search, David and Tereasa found a source for the vintage tents and the wood platforms they originally sat on…

They also picked up the original, vintage metal bed frames, mattresses, and tent poles that went with them…

Here’s how Tereasa describes her tent budget breakdown:

3 tents: $20 each

9 platforms: $5 each

6 vintage Boy Scout beds: $5 each

Creating your very own Boy Scout tent village: Priceless.

And speaking of Tereasa’s love affair with vintage collections- if you’d like to throw your name in the (virtual) hat for a chance to win a signed copy of Tereasa’s newly-released book, “Found, Free & Flea“, just leave us a comment on this post between now and tomorrow (Friday, August 12, 2011) at noon (Central Time)!

And don’t forget to swing by tomorrow for the final Wandawega Week post…you’re not gonna “wannamissit”!

PS- If you missed any of this week’s Wandawega posts- you can find them here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3!

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  1. Linda Matson says

    Oh, I would so love that book. It’s so wonderful to find a treasure that’s discounted or, even better, FREE!! Pick me, please!

  2. says

    Loving these posts and stories. It makes me want to grab 20 of my closest friends and go there for a long weekend.

  3. shannon says

    I am completely smitten with this series. So awesome. And of course of copy of that book would be great!

  4. Isobel says

    Free, if it is something you love, is always exciting. It will be fun to see how someone else discovers treasures to be utilized again. It seems to be even more of a lark if you use the item in a completely different way than the original purpose. I look forward to reading this book.

  5. Nikki says

    I am LOVING these posts about the camp, the tree cabin was spectacular and this boy scout “village” is very cool too! Would love to have space (and time) to do something like this! And would also love a chance at your book, thanks!

  6. Sharla Kennedy says

    Would LOVE to have a tent like this in my backyard!! How fun!! And would love to have this book to sit and read it in!! :)

  7. Susan Martin says

    I love this series. It makes me want to go to Camp Wandawega. I would also love a copy of this book!

  8. Sabrina says

    I have recently taken on building my own furniture (thanks to and a friend of mine and I are opening shop soon on etsy (hoping to become a stay at home working mom in the future) with all of our own crafts we have recently come up with…. This website has inspired me in so many ways because I am redoing my house with a cottage inspired theme and trying to do it as low cost budget as I can, so I just wanted to say thank you for being so inspirational. It’s amazing how just visiting someone else’s website can make you feel better and brighter when you are stuck in a down spirit and think there is nothing else out there other than your corporate America job… :) You guys are great!!!

  9. says

    OMGosh she is a girl after my heart. I love everthing they have done but ESPECIALLY these tents. I would love to know where she found the beds and other stuff. Oh and I would love to have her book. Thanks.

  10. Cinda says

    Seeing these pics brings memories of simpler times!! The book would definitely be a source of inspiration!

  11. Jane Frederick says

    Found, flea and free could be my nickname. I’d love to win a copy of this book!

  12. Tracy Martin says

    OMG!!! Please sign me up! I have been sharing these posts with everyone in the office. We all decided we want the tree house!!

  13. Jody Heifner says

    Thinking of doing some redecorating in the walkout basement. Could use some unique and inexpensive ideas. Would love to have the book.

  14. says

    I have loved every one of these posts… I have read and reread them and shared them with family and anyone that will listen to me go on and on about how fabulous this place is! Thank you for sharing the love! t. xoxoxo

  15. Sarah says

    Love the tent idea!! Might have to look into doing something like that here! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of the book…love your blog!

  16. Meghan says

    Loving these posts! They all definately fit in with my “up north/lake theme” sunroom!

  17. Ellie says

    This is all so neat to read! I’ve been following your blog for about a year now I’d say and I just LOVE everything you’ve done! When I read “Wandawega” I was like… how cool my mom lives on a Lake Wandawega… as I read further I realized you the Surratt’s Cottage is on the same lake! What a small world!

  18. Kelly says

    I have enjoyed the posts this week. I love the passion that shows through each of the rooms. I would love to have a copy of Tereasa’s book.

  19. Rhonda G says

    The week at Wandawega has been awesome, can’t wait for tomorrow. It is like going to Never, never land. What a fun group of people Tereasa and her friends must be. Wonderful work TLC!!!!!!

  20. Joanne Peachey says

    I love the feeling of depth and purpose in these blogs! Would love to win a copy of the book!

  21. Alexis says

    Love, love, love her style!! There is some definite inspiration waiting in the pages of that book!

  22. Kim in MD says

    These tents are so cool, and so is the resort! I love, love, love that they are using vintage items whenever possible!

  23. Danielle D says

    What great prices on the tents and beds! I’d love the book so I can learn some tricks on how to find a great deal too!

  24. Anna says

    This has been such a fun week of posts. With each post I am mentally calculating how long it would take me to get to Wisconsin!

  25. Jackie says

    I absolutely do not think I have ever been so jealous of a person as I am of Tereasa! Her life looks completely DREAMY! I’d love even just a *pinch* of her awesomeness!

  26. says

    Ohh I would love a chance to win this book! Thank you so much for these posts this week. This place is absolutely amazing and helps remind me – you never have to completely grow up :).

  27. christine weeks says

    wow, can I say I just love all things “The Lettered Cottage” you are truly an inspriation to all!

  28. says

    Want the tents, the book, the vacation. The whole enchilada. We have two sons in scouts and it is the best organization = not just for boys, but for families. Thank you for another awesome post.

  29. Shea says

    Oh! I want to join the party in that hat. Party hat? Hat party? Whatever. I want that book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. says

    Oh please sign me up for the book giveaway. That girl has style… my kinda style. I know this is weird, but I love the smell of those old canvas tents. And, I wasn’t even a girl scout.

  31. Deborah says

    So unique and wonderful. I love that all materials are re-purposed.

    Absolutely the most inspiring post I have seen in such a long time. Please, please sign me up for this one.

  32. Kate says

    I’m loving these posts!! I would love to get the book. I have furnished my house & my closet by that mindset!! :)

  33. Teresa Sword says

    Fabulous that you found a source for your boy scout tent village! But even more wonderful that the prices were such a bargain! I can never seem to have that kind of luck….but I’m going to keep trying!! Very inspiring!

  34. Cathy Haney says

    Amazing! What a dream to find all of those treasures behind boarded up walls and in basements! Love it!

  35. Janet C says

    I’d love to win her book! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts about her wonderful place this week.

  36. Annamarie says

    Awesome. Camp brings back some great memories. I’d love to have a copy of the book.

  37. says

    I am loving your series on Camp Wandawega!!! I want to go there–and stay for weeks! And would love to win the book–so fun! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  38. Carol Ann says

    Without a doubt, the most fascinating story/pictures I’ve seen in a long time. Hats off to those that cherish flea market finds!

  39. Emily says

    I LOVE this series- what creative, fun ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg!! I’d love a copy of this book!

  40. Debra S. says

    this has been such a fun week looking at your blog with all about Tereasa’s love of vintage treasures!! love it! thanx for doing this and please throw my name into the “hat”! :-)

  41. Gretchen Nelson says

    This is one camp I’d definitely want to visit :) Would love to win the book, too!

  42. says

    Whoo hooo…I love this week. In the middle of constructing a new bathroom at home and was in desperate need of a pick me up with week. I would love to to have this book to draw inspiration from.
    Can’t wait till tomorrow…

  43. says

    I love the whole concept.
    The door to my heart is flapping in the breeze.
    I love that they went so far as to set it all up it.

  44. Kelly Martin says

    I would love this book and I’ve really enjoyed this series. Woke up this morning excited to see what you had in store for us today! We too purchased a run-down lake home that came with an assortment of “found” objects…unfortunately, they were more late 70’s era junk instead of vintage collectables. A book like this just might help me see the value in this disco-era memorabilia!

  45. Laurel says

    What a great place to learn how to be a kid again.
    I’d love her book – she’s inspired me to look at re-use in a whole new light.

  46. Tara says

    What a great inspiration – love the old tents and the kind of vacation they represent.

    And I would LOVE that book :-)

  47. Heather Travis says

    those tents are just like the ones I used to spend my summers in! love it! am always looking for ways to turn found items into my own little treasures, would love the book:)

  48. Kristen says

    I NEED THAT BOOK!!!! haha! LOVE your blog and LOVE Wandawega Week! (WAY better than Shark Week!) ;)

    ([email protected])

  49. JMB says

    Have thoroughly enjoyed this series of posts!! Would love a copy of Tereasa’s book too!

  50. LauraT says

    Hey, I slept in tents and cots just like those, at Boy Scout camp last summer! Shared a tent with my youngest son and several mice and lots of grandaddy-long-legs.

  51. Jennifer says

    I absolutly adore the simplicity and the creativity! So many people think a vacation/weekend get away has to be this extravagant shindig. In these times it is refreshing to see the contrary. This would be the ideal weekend getaway in my world! Lucky people!

  52. Lani says

    Wow every day I have just been amazed! What a talented lady! Sign me up! I would love to get her book!

  53. Margaret says

    I’m already planning a vist to the lovely camp. My in-laws live a few towns away so now i only need some vacation days and a few plane tickets. Would love the book too!

  54. Lynda says

    That would be my kind of vacation!! Those tents looks so inviting. I would LOVE a copy of that book.

  55. Allison Y says

    This book looks awesome…. would make a PERFECT christmas gift for a friend of mine!!

  56. Amber M says

    I’ve just been captivated by this project and love what she was able to create on such a limited budget.

  57. says

    I’m in LOVE with this camp. Thanks for the chance to possibly win what looks to be such an inspirational book! :-)

  58. Paula says

    This book looks amazing and I’m loving the posts. It has sparked some amazing ideas for my own abode. Thanks!!

  59. says

    Love this! And would love to read the book. Please add my name to this mix. Great idea with the tents– I had no idea about these boy scout items. Very cool!

  60. Diana says

    We stayed in these kind of tents when I went to a youth camp in high school!… what memories! Thanks for this wonderful post and I hope I win the book!! :-)

  61. carla says

    ohhhh I want that book. The cover is lovely and cheap and free is how all my projects are. Love these posts

  62. says

    I just spent 5 days in a boy scout tent, and I have to say, her’s look much better!
    I’d love this book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. chris says

    i love it! it looks straight out of a vintage scout handbook. its like a time warp…. i bet down the road you’ll find Kellerman’s Resort.

  64. Lauren says

    I’m DYING over all the inspiration I’m seeing in these posts for my boys’ rooms! I’d love a copy of the book:)

  65. Heather B. says

    I am really enjoying the Camp Week posts! I would be thrilled to receive the book :)

  66. Kimberly M. says

    Looks like another totally must-have book from the uber talented Tereasa! Thanks so much for sharing.

  67. Paula says

    Wowzers! I’m in!! I would love a chance to win this book. I am in awe of Camp Wandawega! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  68. nicole says

    Wow, wow, wow. Their place is magical and I’m sure her books are too :) Would love to win.

  69. Lynn Smith says

    I have her first book and love it. If I don’t win this book I’m sure I’ll buy it anyway.

  70. Martha says

    I am doing my kitchen in vintage items. Everything that I have so far has sentimental value. My husband’s great grandfather’s tomato canning label from his cannery, my great-grandmother’s skelton key from her aprtment in Barcelona, Blue Mason jars found on my property… The list goes on. This book would give me great inspiration!!!

  71. Sara says

    Living in Chicago, I never knew about this charming camp….but I do now!!!!! Thanks :)

  72. says

    camp wandewega is my style of camping! love,love all the repurposing of vintage style. AND i love the boy scout beds…for $5 no less!!
    please add me to the “hat” for this awesome book. i would LOVE a chance to win! thanks!

  73. Cath says

    I couldn’t help noticing these might have been the same Girl Scout tents we slept in way back when. Same metal cots and all. WOW now that brings back some fond memories and tons of secret telling. Would love to have a few tents for when our brood gets together.
    Really enjoy your journeys.

  74. Natalie says

    Oh my! Please pick me! Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top!

    I can’t believe I live less than an hour away from Wandawega – I see a family weekend getaway in our near future :)

  75. Jenn says

    What a great spot! I used to work at a summer camp that had a very similar set up…not quite so well staged though. I’d sure love to be able to flip through that book!

    Thanks for a great series, It makes me want to start collecting vintage lanterns for our cabin. :)

  76. elle says

    Oh! I would love some “free” inspiration! Having 5 boys I would LOVE to be able to do something like that!

  77. Nancy says

    This place is amazing. I love everything about it, especially the tent village. Thanks for sharing!

  78. says

    Seriously how does she have the coolest things ever at this camp!! Any idea where she found the tents? I would love a few for our cabin.

  79. Nicole says

    I think I would like anything this lady puts together – would love a copy!!!

  80. says

    My boys would go mad for those tents! I’d love to win the book…my life is all about found, free or flea :)

  81. says

    oh this boo is just up my ally! i will be buying even if i don’t win; but thank you for giving me the chance to save a few bucks for treasure hunting!

  82. Skuba says

    I would love to have her books for a little inspiration. I have lots of free stuff that I have no idea what to do with it, but I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not throwing out anymore of it. I do have a suit case just like that blue one on the cover of her book.

  83. Brandi N. says

    I’d love a signed copy, count me in… Those tents are the coolest thing!
    Brandi N

  84. Suzanne King says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I’m not a tenter but would certainly consider their tent town!

  85. says

    I would love to win this book and I am so in love with Tent Hill…that is how I grew up enjoying summer camps. In rustic, primitive tents with no air conditioning or modern conveniences.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  86. Rachael says

    That is just too cool! I am loving the vintage boy scout theme.
    And sign me up for that book, it looks awesome!

  87. says

    Ooo that would be so cool. I love the feel of this post. I can almost smell the hotdogs over the fire.

    And umm, if ya don’t mind, I’d like a crack at the book too please?

  88. Tresa says

    I would love to have a copy of her book. We’re currently in the middle of our cabin redo and would love some ideas!

  89. says

    These posts have been so fun. It’s just like going back through time and enjoying the feel of “camp” all over again. Thank you so much for delivering once again. Also, please enter me in the book giveaway. thanks.

  90. Cheryl says

    I love this story and would love that book. If I don’t win it, I am going to buy it anyhow.

  91. Lisa says

    I’ve been loving these posts — can’t get over how cute this place is!

  92. Pam Cothran says

    An upgrade from the beloved tree house I grew up playing in on hot summer days in Georgia. Out in the country where kids stayed outside until the fireflies lit the beautiful star filled skies. Love your decorating ideas :)

  93. says

    I love this place! It reminds me of a camp in Maine we used to visit as a family when I was growing up. Do they rent out? WI is much closer to where I live now! :-)

  94. Tammy says

    Talking to self….

    “I wanna be a creative person! I do! I do! I do!”

    Everything is just so darn cool!

  95. Courtney says

    Loving this series. My husband and I want to build something in our backyard that our kids would enjoy for years to come and we have been so inspired. Would love a copy of her book.

  96. Destiny says

    I am loving this series and would LOVE the book! Boy scout bed for only $5.00. Seriously!

  97. says

    Loving all of these posts! It reminds me of the North Woods of Minnesota where my family has a place. Loving the tents! And more importantly what a fabulous thrify shopper Tereasa is!

  98. says

    You guys are great! Love the idea of a vintage boyscout camp. I love vintage too….and would love a copy of this book. Thanks and keep up the great work! Karen

  99. Katie S. says

    I can’t believe the prices for the vintage camp! I would’ve thought she spent a small fortune finding ones that were usable and good condition; that’s fantastic!

  100. Christina says

    Missed the first book giveaway this week but I’m glad to get in on this one!! This week might go down as my favorite week of posts on The Lettered Cottage yet! I bought a cottage (?) down the street from the lake a couple of years ago. We are still in progress in making it the cute place I know it can be but this week of posts has provided so much inspiration!

  101. Alanna says

    My family only lives an hour from here and I’ve been scheming the past few days on how to take a mini-vacation with my husband here now! Plus, I want one of those “treehouses” in a future yard now. Thanks for sharing!

  102. Amy S. says

    My kids think they need to have a tree house like the one featured yesterday, they are already starting to plan it and figure out which tree we can do without. The camp looks incredibly fun!

  103. Rachael W. says

    I SO want in on the book giveaway, but even more than that, I want to live at camp!! =)

  104. Donna Young says

    Please sign me up for a chance to win the book! Also, is Wandawega a place where regular people can actually go, or is it more of a family camp? Just wondering. It looks like the kind of place I’d want to go on vacation. :)

  105. says

    Golly I loved camp! I went to a sleep away camp from age 6 to 16! Wish I could go every summer from here on out in my life.

  106. Judy Warman says

    Such a blessing to have your on little camping site, with such cute tents and vintage accessories!!!!!!! Would looooooove this for my grandchildren!
    I so enjoyed it!

  107. says

    This book looks amazing, and the camp setup reminds me of the original Parent Trap, which was my childhood favorite.

  108. Ellen says

    My husband and I are currently renovating our own lakehouse retreat and are almost ready to decorate (sheetrock has just gone up). Would love to use this book to help decorate on a budget. Love her design style!

  109. Janna says

    The tents are amazing! Everything I’ve seen this week is absolutely breathtaking! This Camp is really something special and her books look fantastic!

  110. Meredith R. says

    I love that motto… “found, flea, or free.” And all their hard work has definitely paid off! What a charming little resort they’ve created!

  111. Betsy says

    Just love the series you are blogging right now…..would love to win a book….thanks

  112. Lorrie says

    Great series – today’s post reminded me of my first camping trip with Girl Scouts & sleeping in platform tents!

  113. Bloom says

    I’d love to have this book. Just the thing to get me started on my new adventure!

  114. anna says

    oh my goodness! i have loved this week. it’s been so fun looking at all the camp pictures….although i stared at the name of the camp for awhile trying to figure it out. :)

  115. Vanessa Bower says

    Hi Layla and Kevin,
    I’ve been reading blog for about a month now and I just can’t get enough !!!!!! The two of you are so talented, whitty and adorable. LOVED the video about your road trip to the DYI disaster house. I gasped when I saw you stopped at the Brass Armadillo, you were just outside of Kansas City, which is where I live.
    Please throw my name into the hat for a chance to win a copy of “Found, Free, Flea”.

  116. Kate says

    Oh, I’d love a look inside that book! I realize that rhymes, but I’ve spent all day painting closets and am a little goofy at this point! :)

  117. kelly in georgia says

    Somehow, these look soooo much better than the tents looked when I used to drop my son off for his week of Boy Scout camp! They are the same “Scout issued canvas tents”, but they never looked THIS good. Amazing!! AND her blog sites/websites are amazing too! Would love to have any of her books.

  118. debbie says

    Yes count me in. Since i will never get to live there the least i could do is have the book!! Thanks.

  119. Pia Hurley says

    I love those tents!! Is there any way to get the source information? I would love to surprise my husband with one of those for his birthday! Oh please, please share the source :-) and I would so enjoy winning the book for myself. Thank you for sharing the inspiring photos.

  120. Denise says

    Looking at those tents made me think of Girl Scout camp at Mitre Peak. What a blast!

  121. Jody says

    Please add my name to the list :)

    I love the tents and am going to be on the look out for something similar. I’ve also loved every post so far this week & can’t wait to read the book. Thanks so much for sharing the amazing story & photos of how the camp came to be…magical!

  122. Sheila says

    Camp Wandawega looks like a fun place to be. I just bet they had a ball putting this all together. Please oh please put my name in the hat.

  123. says

    I would LOVE to win this book!

    I absolutely love that she was able to bring the original stuff back.:)

  124. says

    Wow what an awesome little village! :) That book sounds like just what I need right now, moving into a new place with a very tight budget and could use the tips!

  125. says

    I have so enjoyed your posts this week about this unique camp. And the book looks like a fun read. Thanks for sharing!

  126. says

    These boyscout tents are wonderful! I love them and I wouldn’t mind staying in one. Looks like fun.


  127. Beth says

    I have so enjoyed your posts and can’t decide whether I would want to stay in one of the cabins or the tents. But first, I would have to talk my husband into taking the trip up there!!

  128. laurie says

    I really like the look of these vintage canvas cabins! Put my name in the hat and thanks.

  129. Carrie Howton says

    Loved todays post! I recognized the tents right away from the years I spent living in one during the month of June. I was a boy scout “assistant horse wrangler” at CLP in Wyoming for 5 years. Oh the memories….

  130. Sandra says

    I love the vintage camp site. How adorable. It reminds me a lot of our families camping trips as a child. I would love for my name to get thrown into the mix for a chance at her book. Thank you.

  131. says

    My husband and I are about to move out of big city L.A. into the valley of Salt Lake City, where we hopefully are able to use our favorite “found, free or flea” philosophy to make our new house a home! We’d love to see what Tereasa does with the same philosophy.

  132. Meredith Smith says

    Another great post. I would LOVE to win this book. FOUND, FREE & FLEA is the only way I know how to decorate!

  133. maggie says

    Love this post. We had one of those old tents when I was a kid and looking at these pictures brings back a lot of memories. I can still smell the ‘inside the hot tent’ smell!

  134. says

    I bought Teresa’s book when it first came out—now I wanna win this one. What I really want is one of those tent set-ups, complete with flannel lined sleeping bags that (hopefully) don’t smell like mildew like my girl scout sleeping bag did. Thanks, Layla!

  135. Melanie says

    complete awesomeness! ive never been to illinois but after learning about all this, its like its own lil big city and im dying to roast a marshmellow and swing from toms treehouse swing! what a meaningful way to honor her dad! i just love it all!

  136. Laurel Meribela says

    Your story on this camp has been so interesting and what a fun project! I would love to have the book to read more.

  137. says

    I am in love with her work! Wow! I am just amazed. I want to live there and be twelve forever and explore everything!

  138. Emily Bennett says

    Where on earth did they find those tents? Love them! (And wouldn’t mind having the book either) Thanks!

  139. Jenn S. says

    I saw their article in Country Living and had to buy her first book and would love this new one!

  140. Linda says

    Amazing, tent hill, I would love to visit. Decorated tents on platforms and platform deck/porches. True design stars. Linda

  141. Michelle says

    I so need that book. I’ve always had a hard time describing my style, but vintage, flea or free is it!

  142. Ria says

    COOL CAMP!! Its where big kids spend their sleepless summers under the stars! Sound like my kind of party :) Thanks for sharing this unique lifestyle!

  143. Debra Clanton says

    Yes, please! Exactly the kind of things I love. Finding lots of ideas for our mountain property.

  144. Mary says

    I would love a copy of that book and love seeing these pictures of this camp. Thanks for sharing.

  145. Gail E says

    These tents are delightful and so inviting!! My 3 sons all spent many years camping with the Boy Scouts in these same type of tent set up (although the inside of their tents never looked as inviting as these at Camp Wandawega- Tent Hill!) David and Tereasa’s passion and creativity is so evident throughout the entire camp — it makes you just want to pack up and visit!

  146. Cathy says Would love to have one of her books! This has been such a fun post to follow :)

  147. Kim says

    I’ll take one!!! Saw that you won the grain sack at MMS – can’t wait to see what beautiful-ness you create with it!

  148. Wendy says

    Yes, please. And while you are at it, tell me where I can get those tents at that price!

  149. says

    I am absolutely LOVING this series of posts. So would love to be the lucky winner of this great sounding book. Enjoyed so much the tale of Tom and the swing and how the LOVE of a father grew to their incredible tree house in his honor. As a Minnesotan, I’d love to one day visit their property. Incredibly gifted couple, sharing that passion with others is passing Tom’s love onto people ten-fold. Her Dad would be so PROUD of her.

  150. Judy says

    Loved the posts this week…reminded me of when I worked at a small resort when I was 16…..great memories of all the little cabins by the lake. I would love to have the book too :-)

  151. Katie says

    Wow! What a deal they got. I have loved Wandawega Week! Makes me want to my now defunct church camp and fix it up! :) Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  152. Barbara Nelson says

    I just came from camping at Lake Tahoe NV, the land was just so breathtaking so green but the diggs looked nothing like Wandewega so amazing and I sure that Tereasa’ book is just as amazing!

  153. Sunny says

    LOVING the tents! I want one!!! I never seem to find the awesome $20 vintage tent deals. SOOOO jealous!

  154. downthelanegirl says

    I love this place. How magical and what work the owners have done to restore it!

  155. Jacqueline says

    I am amazed by David and Therea’s ingenuity. I adore the treehouse and the boy scout tents. Although their place is large and spectacular, it proves that you can make the most cozy retreat with a small budget and a big heart. Thanks for featuring their resort. Very inspiring!

  156. Marsha says

    Love a great garage or estate sale! Junking with my best friend; doesn’t get any better than that!

  157. Stephanie says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series, it absolutely motivates me to find the beauty in already used items. What a great legacy these two are leaving!

  158. Mary Lynn says

    My daughter stayed in tents like those at girl scout camp on Lake Martin. Kamp Kiwanis. Love the post!

  159. Jenny says

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