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We have some exciting news to share today!  We’ve been working on something “design TV-related” for a while now, and we’re really excited about the direction it’s moving in.
our blog in 3D…meaning, low-dough/high-smile room redos, real-life DIY adventures, and lots of YOU!

At this point, we need to see if you’d be into A) having us over to help you redo a room or two (or three!), and/or B) helping us redo someone’s elses space(s). (Maybe you’re a mural artist, or a seamstress, or you’d just like to lend a helping hand by painting a wall or working on a craft project with us, etc.)

We also need to know what area you live in. (City/State/Country)  (You can live anywhere, and every comment will be read!)

We hoping to round up as many responses as we can in the next 48 hours, so if you’re interested, and you have time to leave a comment, please do!

We’re working with some super-talented and creative folks and they’re very interested in seeing the response to this post, so please don’t be shy, and thank you so much! We’ll definitely keep you posted and we hope to hug you soon!

PS- We’d also like to invite you to join us on Facebook & Twitter!

(We’re seeking responses on those sites too! Thank You!)



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  1. Amber Stifflemire says

    P.S. Would love to help out wherever the next project takes you! I’m the handy man of the house, but I don’t have any real background in it, so I would love to learn from y’all :)

  2. Cari Hedglin says

    Help! I’ve been following your blog and check in for design inspiration but like a writer has a writers block, I have a decorators block. I am first time homeowner with my husband aka “I’ll get it done” my amazing 2 year old son Liam aka “I’ll tear it apart” and of course our dog baby max who is not used to all of our space so we do our best to keep him in eyesight his nickname is “I’ll mark it” . We are both hard workers being full time mommy and full time manager has definitely hindered my ability to execute all of my ideas. I love fashion and interior decorating and I am always so inspired by magazines and blogs such as yours. I love to mix fabrics and materials and am inspired by antique pieces mixed with classic. Here I enters my nickname “I have commitment issues” I buy and return all the time I change my rooms over and over so I live among a blank slate. I always half finish and I get so frustrated because when it comes to the fine details of decorating I get lost. I would love more han anything for you to come to my home and help me create a space fit for my amazing family and maybe in the process we can all work on our other issues! Good luck to all who are interested, I’ll be anxious to see who gets picked!

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