Calling All E-Friends


We have some exciting news to share today!  We’ve been working on something “design TV-related” for a while now, and we’re really excited about the direction it’s moving in.
our blog in 3D…meaning, low-dough/high-smile room redos, real-life DIY adventures, and lots of YOU!

At this point, we need to see if you’d be into A) having us over to help you redo a room or two (or three!), and/or B) helping us redo someone’s elses space(s). (Maybe you’re a mural artist, or a seamstress, or you’d just like to lend a helping hand by painting a wall or working on a craft project with us, etc.)

We also need to know what area you live in. (City/State/Country)  (You can live anywhere, and every comment will be read!)

We hoping to round up as many responses as we can in the next 48 hours, so if you’re interested, and you have time to leave a comment, please do!

We’re working with some super-talented and creative folks and they’re very interested in seeing the response to this post, so please don’t be shy, and thank you so much! We’ll definitely keep you posted and we hope to hug you soon!

PS- We’d also like to invite you to join us on Facebook & Twitter!

(We’re seeking responses on those sites too! Thank You!)



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    • Tina McLelland says

      I have one for you. We live in Burkburnett, TX!!! My husband is a fireman and I am a legal assistant/fitness instructor. We have two boys and two dogs. We bought a foreclosed home that we have been trying to work on for three years. It has a pool in the back yard and lots of work to be done in almost every room. If I had to choose, I would choose either my living room or my kitchen. My kitchen is huge, with lovely 80’s white formica countertops and I am at a loss. Come to good ole Texas we would love to have ya’ll!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobbi says

      I own a 1950’s bungalow that we will be renovating from top to bottom. Please come see us in SoIL (southern Illinois). I wanna live in a Layla house;)

    • Vel says

      Awesome idea!!!! I live in Marion, IL and have just moved in (literally today!!!!!!!) to our new gigantic home! We have a great room with. A 23 ft high ceiling with a sooo ugly fireplace on the side ( not in the middle) of the room!!!! we need help!!!! Keep up the good work and stay happy!!!!!!

    • JEN JESCHKE says

      I live in Carroll Iowa and would LOVE a makeover!!! Our laundry room is in bad need!!! I am struggling with my daughters room as well and have lots of friends who would love a makeover…would love to have you in Iowa!!!

    • Lindsey Wise says

      I live in Delaware, Ohio and would love help and a total kitchen makeover. We have lived in our home for three years and have a spacious kitchen but need an updated functional kitchen for our growing family. My husband and I are both teachers and would be forever grateful for you presence and to participate in this adventure with you both:)

  1. Sherri says

    Oh Heck Yeah! I’d LOVE to have ya’ll come redo a room (or two or three or four) at my house!!! I’m in Liberty, SC.

  2. says

    I know you want to come back to Minneapolis, Minnesota to help finish up the rooms in my house that don’t look like the rest of my house!

  3. says

    Hi Layla! I am SO interested in design help! My husband and I are just about to close on our very first home, and it needs lots of TLC. :) We live in Snellville, Georgia, just east of Atlanta. Cheers!

  4. says

    Ummmmm, YES PLEASE! I have a little man’s room, a foyer, and a living room that needs a ton of lovin! I am in Newark, DE and would LOVE to have your help!!! Also, I can sew and/or craft and would love to help you work on someone else’s space too. Heck, I’d just love to sit and talk to you for a while!

  5. says

    I’m in Grand Rapids, MI, USA and I have a house full of rooms that could use redoing. ;)

    Congrats on your adventure – – sounds like it’s about to get even more exciting!

  6. says

    Yes! I’m all for option A. (I would be into Option B if I had some cool, unique talent to share.) We’re hoping to do our basement soon now that we’ve dealt with some water issues. And we’re all about doing it on a budget! We’re definitely thinking about bringing some “cottage” love to the space. Whatever you guys end up doing, though, this seems like a fun and exciting new adventure!

  7. Mindy says

    OMG, is this for real?!?!? I would LOVE the opportunity to have you and Kevin over to help us with our home and I’d be willing to help you with someone else’s home! (I’m in Massachusetts)This is so exciting!

    • Kristi says

      Fun! I’m in Silver Spring, too.

      L&K, I’d love some help with my 80yo house. Our narrow living room is such a challenge! And we have so many windows that I’ve just lived with the hideous trim paint for far too long.

  8. says

    This would be AWESOME!

    I most DEFINITELY have a room (who am I kidding? A HOUSE) that could use your creative touch! And if you were in our area, I could definitely lend a hand however you’d need.

    Location: Des Moines, IA
    (you know you wanna :) )


  9. says

    TLC re-do in my house? Heck yeah!!!!! Save us from our stipple ceilings. Snellville/GA/ US. Congrats to you both and your uber talent.

  10. Nicole Henley says

    It’s a rental but we have been given pretty free reign. I rent a beautiful home in Hermosa Beach, CA and would love to have you both here for Option A. Good luck!

  11. says

    We are moving into a new home in Illinois next month and for the first time ever we are renting which poses certain challenges. I would be thrilled and honored to have you work on a room in our home!

  12. says

    Hey Kev & Layla! Count me in! I’d love to open up my home to your brilliant DIY talent! I also have a love for creativity & helping other people. (I’m a pretty good painter, seamstress, & idea girl.) I live in Utah. Hope to hear from you! {Have I used enough *exclamation” points!?!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

    • says

      I vote option A! I would LOVE to have you 2 creative peeps in my abode for a makeover! And I would love to be part of it!! ANY DAY! You are so inspiring and I love everything you do! My whole home could use you 2! Especially my living room (only one-no family room and small) and combo kitchen dining area! I hope you guys get this gig! HOW EXCITING!!

  13. says

    We’re in the process of buying a total fixer in the country just outside of the city limits of Gainesville, TX. Every room in it will need some sort of renovation. I would love some help and I love y’alls style. Good luck with your venture.

  14. Carolyn says


    I live in a 1920’s home in the historical neighborhood of Highland Park in Birmingham, Alabama. Some of the more “unique” features of my home, (most pre-existing) are:

    -a mural of Lady & the Tramp on my laundry room floor;
    -a face coming out of the wall that peers at you as sit on your throne in the basement bathroom;
    -a room with 2 walls of casement windows;
    -an original brick fireplace with the “alpha” and the “omega” brickwork;
    -2 kitchens;
    -3 fireplaces;
    -the world’s laziest dog who can’t wait to give you LOTS of kisses!

    We’d LOVE to have you over at the house. My roommate and I are both lawyers who work hard and play hard. We have a crowd of crazy, fun, and diverse friends who range from non-profit employees to residents at the local university hospital. We get together all the time for important occasions like Sunday dinner or helping with a renovation project.

  15. lisa says

    i’d LOVE your help!! i live in toronto, ontario, canada and am a graphic designer and am willing to help if there were anyway you could use my skills. :)

  16. ansley b. says

    hi! we’re in jacksonville, florida and are closing on a historic home on the 20th of may–fresh and ready to decorate!

    • Crissy Armstrong says

      I am also in jax – ponte vedra bch. Love seeing locals here! I’d love to redo some rooms here with your help! Come to our area!!

    • Megan says

      Another jacksonville person here! We live in a 50’s ranch that we’ve been renovating inside and out. We have one big room left and a bathroom. I agree, come here!

    • says

      Hey there! from J’ville. I have a friend in B’ham who has a lake place near Jasper on Smith Lake. It would be right your alley! I have wanted to get my hands on it forever. Count me in for the sewing! I have a drapery workroom so its right up my alley!

  17. says

    I would love to have you redo some of our spaces and I would likewise love to help out with someone else’s if I could! (I sew! And can wield a paintbrush!) I live in Lehi, Utah.

  18. Joy says

    Heck ya! That sounds awesome! We live in a tract home in suburbia. I’m in Arroyo Grande, CA. Between Monterey and Santa Barbara on the beautiful central coast. Did I mention we live close to wine country, too? :)

  19. Sarah says

    How exciting! We would LOVE to have you in our home to re-do a room or rooms. We have a lot of square footage with very little inspiration. We live in Atlanta, Georgia (Sandy Springs more specifically).

  20. Lindy says

    I would love to help or have you help me! I live in Stockbridge, GA- just 25 minutes south of Ikea. I can paint and sew also!!!

  21. says

    Seriously? Sign me up for some TLC action pronto!! I’m in Baltimore MD. I’m also responding for my mom…her kitchen needs help ASAP! She is in Richmond VA :)

    PS…I LOVE me some house projects and getting dirty so I’d definitely be willing to help yall out too!

  22. Jill says

    Oh please come to my house and re do my bedroom, my kids room, my play/laundry room, kitchen, and living room. :) I live in Eugene, Oregon!!

  23. says

    Oooh head on over to San Antonio, TX! I would love to help in any way that I can! I’d be happy to lend my sanding, painting, crafting skills or offer up a room in our new home for a redo! We just moved in a month ago so we are still in the first phase of organizing and decorating!

  24. Angela says

    We’re wanna-be DIYers that need a kick in the butt to get us started here in Atlanta, GA and we’d love the help! We have a fairly new house that we’ve now noticed a lot of corners were cut on so most of our projects would be great DIY projects – adding some style to our cookie-cutter interior!

  25. Sara H says

    I could def use some help in my husband’s office/guest room (I think you can see the challenge right there) in Atlanta!

  26. says

    Oh wow! This would be fun. I have tried hard to accommodate our family in our tiny abode….3 kids under the age of 4 and very small quarters. Would love some creative help :)!! We live in Avon, CO.

  27. Elizabeth Washburn says

    Oh Wow! We’re moving into a home in late May that is very nice, but stuck in the early 90’s, but with some character underneath. Know what I mean??
    I’d LOVE your help with some transformations!!! It would be tons of fun! I read your blog every day and was even planning to use it as a reference as we make our changes. I’m in Jacksonville, TX (east of Dallas) Love what y’all do~

  28. melissa says

    You KNOW you’ve been looking for a reason to travel to Canada! We live in a new, beautiful home that simply requires come character and finishing/lived in touches added. :) With #3 arriving soon, hubby and I are short on time to get everything done ourselves. Funny, how I just e-mailed you this week and now you’ve posted this! Meant to be??? Hmmmmmm.
    If you were to do any others while you were here, I’d be sure to lend a helping hand both with my own or someone else’s…alas, no special skills to share!!!
    Congrats to you on this new adventure! Way to go!!!

  29. says

    I’ve replied on FB and twitter but wanted to here too…who wouldn’t want you to come and fix up a room? I would LOVE it! Count me in (northern Wisconsin). I knew you’d get a show eventually!

    • Becki says

      Oh my gosh! Layla and Myra – jackpot! I will dismantle my home just to have both of you come visit! I have a loft that I am overhauling into a craft room/Mom cave. Would love to have some creative help! I can sew and my husband is “handy!” Dayton, OH

  30. Jill Waters says

    Layla- I would love to have you help re-do a little cottage that my parents have on their property. They live Grandbay, AL. So excited because no one will ever come down this far for anything! Every home improvement T.V. show is typically based out of CA. Since Montgomery is relatively close ( a little over three hours away) perhaps it may be not be too far!

    My Parents built this little cottage to live in while they were building/DIY’in their home. It’s been empty for a while and needs some TLC. Our goal is to fix it up to have a place for my Grandparents to stay/visit/live in the event they can’t stay by themselves.

    You guys are great… best of luck for your new 3D endeavors. :-)

  31. says

    ABSOLUTELY!!! We are moving into a new (to me) house that was a foreclosure…which means A LOT of work must be done. :) It would be a dream for the two of you to come to my place here in College Station, TX (about 1 1/2 Northwest of Houston). I know you’d love to spend part of the hot summer in TEXAS, right?! And since it’s a college town I know I could round up a lot of our students to help. Please, Please pick us!!

  32. says

    Oh my goodness now exciting! I could SO use your help with our kitchen/dining room. It is one large room with very outdated cabinets/counter/sink etc. and needs so much help. We have more of a midcentury/vintage vibe going on in our house though – but I know you could rock that as well. :) We are in Richmond, Indiana which is right on the Ohio border. And I’m totally going to name drop, but we have a mutual friend – Erin of Rare and Beautiful Treasures. :) She lives close to me – how fun would it be to do the makeover together?! :) I’ll stop rambling now but just the thought of having your help to make over our space makes me giddy!

  33. Laurie Tacheny Borden says

    This is totally cool! I am trying to figure out renovations in our home and would LOVE the help. I think you also asked what “talents” I have. Can I offered up my husband? He can fix and run any machine out there. And, I think he has every machine and tool the planet offers! Everyone we know at the university we work at comes to him for tools and help!
    We live the the tiny rural town of Socorro, New Mexico. It is about an hour south of Albuquerque.

  34. says

    Bring it on, Layla! Come redo in Orlando, FL. Or the barn!!! Yes, a barn in Orlando!
    I love your style!!

  35. says

    Sounds like so much fun! If you’re ever in the Raleigh area, I would love to help out. I’m not an expert on anything really, but my husband and I have had fun fixing up our house!

  36. says

    Please come do a room or more in our house in Columbia, SC. We would also love to lend a hand if you plan on doing anything close to us :) I can sew and I can paint walls like it’s my job!

  37. Leah says

    Congrats Kev & Layla…. we’re in Fort Worth, Texas… come on over and work your magic on a few of our rooms!

  38. Bri says

    We’d love to have you come out here to Eugene, OR! And of course Max is always welcome too! I’m not a muralist, but I do know my way around a sewing machine, paint brush, broom and nail gun (etc).

  39. Elizabeth L says

    Sign me up! We live in Greenville, SC and still have our master bath from 1972 (yellow toilet and all) and/or are getting ready to add on an open air porch (big, like 16×30) and was just thinking today about who could possibly help me see a vision for it before we build it so I can know what to have built in (like bench seating all the way around, or not…?) Would love help on design and/ or decorating!!

  40. Susan says

    How fun! I would love for you to come to Decatur, Al and help me with a few things (e.g. unfinished space, porches, bedrooms, outdoor space, and lots more!)

  41. says

    If you find yourselves in the DC metro area (Northern VA) we’d love to have your help OR lend a hand! I couldn’t paint a mural to save my life, but the husband and I can DIY the heck out of most projects! FUN!

  42. Joyce Davis says

    I would love to have your help with decorating my bedroom. I can paint and sew, so I wouldn’t be totally useless during the redo. I don’t like the way the room presently looks but I’m stumped for how to improve the room. I live in Lexington, Kentucky.

  43. Sue says

    I can paint (walls, trim and murals) and I can sew! I live in St. Louis and we need a show like yours!!! I also just moved so I have lots of rooms that need refreshing/help (and I have a swimming pool, so come in the summer!).

  44. says

    Oh, and I forgot to add that I would love to add my crafty talents – I love DIY and home decor projects, but with twin almost three-year-old boys running around the house and working full time, my plate has been a tad full. ;)

  45. Nathan Killen says

    Yes ma’am and sir! It’s a 4-square house from 1918 that can’t make up its mind about what it wants to be (Because we filled it with so much Ikea stuff when we got married) Columbus, Ohio, USA

  46. says

    You know you want to stop by central Illinois! We’re in Moline, Illinois, and fixing up an old late-19th century house. We can do the big renovation jobs but have NO IDEA how to pull everything together. I’m especially nervous about our huge living room and dining room. We need you. =)

    Check out some of our current home projects here –

    Thanks for the consideration!

  47. Mary says

    I would love to have you here to help! I’m in the greater Boston,MA area. I’m also happy to help out. Good luck!
    Your blog is so fun.


  48. Emily says

    I would love some help with my kitchen and guest room and bedroom for that matter! We’re in Washington, DC.

    I speak for my mom too, she has a blank canvas that is new purchased in Jupiter, FL.

  49. Katie says

    Absolutely! Love y’all’s style–would adore having your help in our new cottage. And would love to help on a project, too. Nashville, TN.

  50. Sarah says

    I have a new (to me) house full of blank walls and empty spaces! I also have 4 kids, a husband, and a dog. Obviously, I need help! I would love to have you come, and I can certainly offer assistance if you need help for someone else’s home. I can sew, paint, and craft like crazy, and I also know how to run a drill if I need to….

    Come visit us here in Appleton, WI! We’d love to have you, and our guest room is available if you need it! :)

  51. says

    Can I volunteer my mom’s house? She lives on a small farm and your style would be perfect for her. She really, really needs the help. Really! She lives in a small town (Gholson) in Texas. She’s surrounded by fields, horses, cows, and a recent addition, chickens.

  52. says

    Are you kidding me!!! I am in for every option you have rooms or brooms !! And so excited for you guys!

    I live in the Spokane Washington area – I know it’s a real hot spot:)

  53. says

    This Canadian gal could use your help in my living and dining room and yes, I’d be all in redoing/reusing/repurposing. heck, I’ll supply the tools :) I’m in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Yes, kids…… WINE COUNTRY! Think about it.

  54. Aron says

    Come on over! Would love your expertise! Wilmington, NC (a coastal town, right up your alley!)

  55. says

    I have a 100 year old yarn dyeing studio in a historic building *AND* a 100 year old house that needs some major assistance! We’re in Duluth, MN — right by Lake Superior!

  56. Kristi says

    I would be so excited if you made a trip WAY up north to Duluth (well Carlton), MN. I’ve got a screened in porch, a kitchen, a bathroom and an extra room with not much purpose that need lots of love! I go to your website daily for inspiration :)

  57. Larissa says

    I would love some help here in Chesterton, IN (about 45 minutes outside of Chicago). And I would also be willing to help. I don’t have many talents but I am good at painting, and can demo like it’s nobody’s business :o) Oh, and I will throw in my husbands talents as well. He is a WONDERFUL carpenter.

  58. Abbey says

    I’d love to have you guys help me in my home! My inspiration board is made up almost entirely of your designs! It would be great to help on someone else’s project too. I’m an artist and I build furniture. I’m in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

  59. Nikki Burke says

    Uh …yeah! Count me in as a workin’ girl for any kind of crew – demo, paint, anything. Would be great fun to work on a project with you guys! My hubby and I always have projects going. Working on several rooms now, so would love some inspiration help too. I’m from Dayton, Ohio. Good luck with your new endeavor! Love following you and can’t wait to see what’s comin’ down the pike!

  60. Deb Townsend says

    I would love to have you help decorate our house. We currently live in a rental, but may purchase something in the next couple months. We live in Ladera Ranch, CA which is about halfway between LA and San Diego.

  61. says

    I would so love your help w/my master bedroom (bathroom, too, and we could do a couple more bathrooms while you are here)! It is a really strange shape, so it puzzles me. My home is newer construction with some interesting elements, so I can’t go totally coastal and vintage authenticallly…BUT I would love to add some charm to some of the open, uninteresting spaces. I struggle with my family room, too, because it has two focal points: a fireplace and an entertainment center, and is open to the rest of the downstairs.

    I think you guys are fantastic, and would love to watch, if not participate, in your show!

  62. Casey says

    Please come to my home! We live in Lovettsville, VA. There are some great places that you would love to stop by as see as well!

    We are getting married in June and bought a foreclosure!

  63. Becka Fitzgerald says

    i would love for you guys to travel up north and help me out at my house in new hampshire – about 40 minutes away from boston. just moved in to my first house ever and there’s lots of projects to tackle! trying to turn my standard 1990s cape into a cottage-y/vintage house just like yours. i

  64. says

    You can come help me decorate after we move this summer, just know I’m college-broke. Ick. But I’d LOVE to help out if I could, I have fab ideas, love to paint… but I can’t sew much [yet].

  65. Lynn Doty says

    There is nothing quite like finding peace and solace in your own home. I’ve had many life changing events in the past few years that caused me to hasten my retirement. From my own health, my dad’s death and my sweet mother moving in with us. Since then, I have been on a continous mission to try and find a calming order in my home. Being a caregiver when everyone says to care “for yourself” is an impossible job. I have found that I can’t focus on any one thing because I am trying to focus on everyone else. I daily play Design on a Dime by moving around the things I have! HELP….. I would love some guidance to finally be able to put my feet up and say, “Ah…..I’m home.”

  66. says

    Yes! I have a living room with a difficult layout I’ve been trying to decorate for years! I’m the “handyman” in my marriage so I would love to help in any way possible! We’re located in Gaithersburg, MD (right outside of DC). Best of luck to you both on this new adventure!!!

  67. says

    You can come help me decorate after we move this summer, just know I’m college-broke. Ick. But I’d LOVE to help out if I could, I have fab ideas, love to paint… but I can’t sew much [yet]. I’m in Greenville, NC!

  68. Kathleen says

    My newly moved into home is dying for some style in the family room and extra bedroom! I live in St. Louis, MO

  69. says

    My house is yours, you can pick any room you want or the whole thing. Please be my guest:) We live in Marysville, WA, about an hour north of Seattle. Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. says

    YES!!! I would love yalls help! i just got married in March and moved to my husbands bachelor pad of home. It could use some help AND my mom, now living alone is wanting to do an entire downstairs revamp (kitchen, living room, dining room). She would LOVES yall help as well. We are in Nashville, TN.

  71. Michelle Gable says

    Of course I would love design help! I adore your blog and your style. I live in a funky little beach town in California – Cardiff by the Sea.

  72. Ada says

    I would love to have some help in my own home. We’ve got so many DIY projects to tackle. Front porch? Yep. Kitchen? That too. And there’s the painted stair runner that is yet to reach completion. Did I mention the horribly slanted patio out back? We just need a push and maybe some help.

    Greenville, SC

  73. says

    I would LOVE to have you come to my house and I would LOVE to help you with a project. I am a busy mom of three kids and I am needing to break out and do something CRAZY and FUN! I can’t wait to see your show. Your blog and your style is my favorite and gives me great inspiration! I am on a design/reno high right now…
    I am near Atlanta Ga.

  74. Amy R says

    I’d *LOVE* to have you guys come help me, and I’d love to help you all as well~
    I’m a quilter, but do all kinds of sewing projects, painting furniture, etc.
    Love mosaics done will all kinds of matl’s.
    Just a craft/diy/make over discarded things kind of gal.

    All the best to you. . . wherever this new venture takes you!

  75. says

    I need desperate help with my L shaped living room and my kids’ playroom. My living room is so blah, the boys like having space to run and play but I would love it if I could make it a bit more “proper” without sacrificing their playtime.

    We love IKEA and warm colors, we’re in Silicon Valley, and would love to have you guys over!!!

  76. Brooke says

    I would LOVE it! We live in Southern California, Aliso Viejo to be exact and our kitchen is teeny tiny and is vintage, as in not the good vintage as in late 80s early 90s vintage. It would be sooo fun to do, I love ALL of your work! :)

  77. says

    We would LOVE to be a part of this. We are a young couple getting married this summer and starting to put together our first place for the two of us. It is exciting and fun. While just in an apartment now, we are looking to move to a small house soon!

    We live in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area in North Carolina and would love to welcome you down to the Tar Heel state.

    I would love to help out if you’re down this way, as I worked as an interior painter for a summer job stint, and I have built enough DIY projects to be considered an amateur carpenter!

  78. says

    Oh yes please! I live in Centerville, Ut.

    My kitchen and my playroom…as well as my master bathroom and I’m sure a few other rooms, needs some low dough high smile type attention!

    I also adore helping others transform their space. Love to lend a hand when I can.

  79. says

    Oh yes……I’m in central Texas. A small town called Smithville. A lovely and charming old town where Hope Floats was filmed. There are soon to be about 5 other movies released that were filmed here…One being Tree of Life with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. I would love to meet you and give you a tour!

  80. Ali Moore says

    I’m in for whatever – sounds exciting! My husband and I bought our first house together almost two years ago and our making it ours – one room and DIY project at a time.

    We live in Wichita, KS. I know everyone is dying to come here. :)

  81. says

    Oh my goodness! My husband and I read your blog everyday together (we’re both big DIYers now that we have our 1940’s cottage). We live in Valdosta, Georgia. Our home is beautiful and has a ton of character. However, a few year’s back, an addition was made to the house (an office, master bedroom, and bathroom) to connect the home to a freestanding garage. Unfortunately when the owners did this, they did little to ensure this new part of the house maintained the wonderful charm and character found throughout the rest of the house.

    Also, we’d be happy to help with your projects! I am really creative/crafty and my husband works for a commercial construction company. We’d love to be a part of your new endeavor. I just started a blog and you can find it at

    So excited for you and we sincerely hope it works out for you!

  82. says

    There is nothing quite like finding peace and solace in your own home. I’ve had many life changing events in the past few years that caused me to hasten my retirement. From my own health, my dad’s death and my sweet mother moving in with us. Since then, I have been on a continous mission to try and find a calming order in my home. Being a caregiver when everyone says to care “for yourself” is an impossible job. I have found that I can’t focus on any one thing because I am trying to focus on everyone else. I daily play Design on a Dime by moving around the things I have! HELP….. I would love some guidance to finally be able to put my feet up and say, “Ah…..I’m home.”

  83. says

    I would want you to help if I HAD a house. But I’m willing to help you if you need it. :) Just a general helping hand nothing special. Oh… Salt Lake City, UT.

  84. Katie Madden says

    In the process of moving to Charleston, SC. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and house and already plan on trying a few of your ideas in our new place. I am sure you would do a better job in our house than we would! You would be welcome to any and all rooms in our house.

  85. says

    How so very exciting! I would love help with our living/dining room. And I would love to help with crafting! We are in Nor Cal. Hope to hear more very soon! I love your style and awesome ideas!!!

  86. says

    We would LOVE for you to come and redo as many rooms in our home as you want! Den, kitchen, master br, office, guest room, are all in desperate need as well as the basement that we can’t figure out what to do with that was never finished. Built in 1961 I believe. We are desperate for help since we are lacking in creativity. Our friends just took pity on us and came over and painted our living room and dining room. They also switched them (we would never have thought of it) but I think it is still lacking something. We live in the Nashville, TN area.

  87. says

    You’re welcome to come anytime! I’ve got one huge room with a totally open floor plan and a neglected master bedroom. I’m just 15 minutes from Albuquerque, NM in the East Mountains. We’d love to have you!

  88. says

    Congratulations to you! This is such exciting news.

    Having you two come to our house and helping us out would be a dream come true! I absolutely adore your style. You can have your choice of any room (or even rooms!). We’re located 20 minutes outside of Boston, MA.

  89. says

    I would love for you and your e-peeps to redo a room in our new place. We are in Massapequa, NY. I am game for anything!!!

  90. Denae says

    If I had any talent to offer, I would! But the first option would be such fun.

    We live on a farm near Dahlen, ND (you’ll have to google!)

  91. says

    Considering we’ve been without a kitchen for over a month with no completion in sight … we still have teenage sons bedroom, main bathroom, master bed/bath that all need total renovations… PLEASE HELP!!! {Philadelphia suburbs}

  92. Michelle M. says

    Hey! My apartment needs therapy. I’m an interior designer by profession, but when it comes to my space I just can’t get a style hammered down. I’m not into spending money just to have things, so what I’ve invested in, I am pleased with, but there’s a lot of inherited items that I’m just not into. Also, I have a skeptical husband (also a rocker) who is not easily swayed into decorating ideas. I just started following your blog and would love to work with you!

  93. Roxie says

    Oh, this would be awesome. I close on my new-to-me 1940’s era bungalow/cottage in a couple of weeks. I’d love a hand in making this place truly my own. I’m in Fort Worth, TX.

  94. mandy says

    Yes please! We live in Portland, Oregon and you can re-do any (or every!!!) room in our home!

  95. Jessica says

    Yes, yes, yes! Come to Portland, Or. I need help! My family room is the most awkward room ever and mr. will not give up his massive, ugly recliner…I have no special talents other than I’m pretty good with a paint brush and I’m an expert thrift shopper:)

  96. Beverly Palmer says

    Please come on over! I’m in Lakeland, Florida. I’ve been hooked on you guys ever since I saw what you did with your fireplace!

  97. Val Miller says

    I’d love for you to come redo my bathroom! We live in St. Joseph, MO and have redone all of our house except the bathroom…we need your help!

  98. Jane S says

    I definitely need some help putting some final touches on my master bedroom. Come hang out in the beautiful Pacific NW…Seattle, WA.

  99. says

    You can zoom on over to our house! We have a family room that’s the craziest shape ever and seems impossible to make it feel cozy. We’re live in Brownsburg, IN a suburb of Indianapolis.

    Good luck with your fun new endeavor’s!


  100. says

    We are currently buying a house. Our whole HOUSE will be a blank canvas for you guys!
    Las Vegas, NV.
    Plus I am always willing to lend a hand. :)

  101. Abby K. says

    Sounds like something fun is in the works! My husband and I would love some help with a room in our home or we’d be just as happy to lend a hand as you spruce up a room in a friend’s home. We live near Philadelphia in Bucks County, PA.

  102. Kristie says

    There’s not a room in our house that doesn’t need a re-do. I would love to have you come to my home and work some magic. We could set up a “command central” for you in our 5th wheel camper and you could stay as long as you needed to. Oh, and we live in Friedens, Pennsylvania.

  103. says

    Done! Pick me!!! I’m in Phoenix, Arizona!

    I’m not gonna lie, I don’t have any cute home stories at all. I JUST moved into a new, cute apartment with my family in our perfect location in our perfect neighborhood. I’m a photographer, so I constantly help other people make beautiful things for their homes but fall short on my own! There is a lot of room to play and I love some DIY projects and have TONS of people to help!!!

    If you would like to do more spaces while your in Phoenix, I’ve got loads of other places too!


  104. says

    I would love to help with someones space! I am good with power tools and I love to paint (walls or furniture).
    What a fun idea :)

    Stacy from Utah

  105. Diane Dykes says

    I have a sister who lives in C.C. Texas. She’s been putting off her kitchen for many years. My sister has sacrificed living a dream (to finish it) for too long. She has a big heart and puts her money towards her kids education and others first. I know that she’s doing a little upstairs to her son’s room. Please help me give her this gift to finish her dream kitchen, from you and your crew. Hoping to make her dream come true!
    A big thanks for your thoughtfulness!

  106. Jill says

    I am dying for your help!! Your style is inspirational to me and works with mine so well. My husband and I are do it yourselfers(??) as well. We live in Utah and we would love to work with you. I have just the room…my master bedroom.

  107. MJ says

    In response to option A, YES PLEASE! My husband and I just bought a foreclosure in Aliso Viejo (Orange County), CA and we’d love the extra help! Not to mention your amazing style skills!

  108. says

    You can redo as many rooms in my house as you want!! Come on down to good ole’ Okmulgee, Oklahoma! We would love to have you!

    Unfortunately I don’t think I would be much help with redoing someone elses room :(

  109. Colleen says

    I would love for you guys to help us with a room in our house. Your designs are amazing! We live near St. Louis, Missouri.

  110. Leslie says

    Um, yes please! We have a builder grade, perfect rectangle master bedroom that needs some serious help! I have great bedding and some antique pieces and no clue what to do with them! We’re in a suburb of Houston.

    And on another note – how awesomely exciting for y’all!!

  111. sara says

    oh please, pretty please pick us~! i just found out i am prego with number three today… so we could use some help with a shared boy and girl room for the other two kiddos. also our tiny family room could use some of your amazing talent. i love,love, love your blog.

    ps. we live in glen ellyn il. just west of chicago, so you could go downtown for a bit of fun on your trip.

  112. Kim says

    I’m in Los Angeles, CA, and would love the help/to help! I’ve got some ideas of things to do around the current house, and am hungry to try some other things that just won’t go with my current plans. Plus, I’m originally from Decatur, AL, and would love to meet fellow southerners! :)

  113. says

    We’ll hand over the keys to our entire coach house! You’re welcome to the main house, too, but the coach house needs the most help!! It was the original barn to the house and finished as a garage/apartment above in the 1940’s. LOADS of charm but needs LOTS of design help! I’m sure you could only make it better! We’re just north of Chicago, IL. We’re currently redoing the main house – a 1904 Victorian…check it out at!

  114. Megan M says

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love if you came to the two-bedroom townhouse where I live with my boyfriend and our pup. It’s definitely a fixer-upper and we don’t have the funds to do as much as we’d like. We are located right outside Philadelphia if you are ever in the area. Love your blog! It’s my absolute favorite :) xoxo Megs

  115. says

    Please come to St. Louis, Missouri!! I would die if you guys would redo anything in the nearly 120 year old one-time boarding house I am getting ready to move my family into! (and it needs lots of help!) I would also be more than happy to sit at a sewing machine, grab a brush or roller, or whatever else you guys would want me to do for someone else if it meant I got to get an inside look at how you work!

  116. Michele says

    Wow! I would love for you guys to come help me with a few rooms. I live in a 1962 ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. I recently had the foundation repaired and now I’m ready to do the inside. I’m a blank slate waiting for inspiration! I really am open to just about anything — the only things I have that are staying are my pool table and my master bedroom furniture. (I could help with someone else’s project by painting.)

  117. says

    Count me in for both. If ever you are in the UK I’d gladly hand the keys to my house over to you and would be equally happy to help you with painting and sewing and anything else I can do.
    Congratulations to both of you – your looming success is well earned and well deserved.

  118. Crystal says

    My family is moving to Nashville, TN this fall and we will have to rent an apartment. I’d love to have you help us guys personalize it and I’m so not that crafty but I could paint a wall for someone else!

  119. says

    I would be ever so grateful for your help!!! I recently became a single Mom of two small kids (2 & 3). I am in the process of adopting my son’s little sister (who I only found out about a couple of months ago). Since then my BF and I broke up and I am trying to give my kids their own spaces on a non-existent budget. We live in Southern California. Thanks so much for this opportunity. I can’t wait to hear more about it!!

  120. Elaine says

    I’d love to have your help in my house! Have followed your blog for a long time and I’ve gained so much inspiration from you guys! We live in Monterey, California. Come visit the beach on the other side of the country!

  121. says

    Of course I would love to watch or participate in anything you guys do! That would be a dream come true. Any chance of coming to Ontario, Canada? ’cause you guys have lots of fans in Canada.

  122. SheilaG says

    I would love to have a room or 3 redone! I’d also love to help you- I’m a good gofer, painter, snack-maker! :) I live in Acworth, GA, outside Atlanta.

  123. says

    Our backyard is a MESS. Huge, swampy, uneven, and full of crabgrass & mud puddles. We want to make it into an edible wonderland, full of veggies and edible flowers and herbs and a functional compost area. We’re in Eugene, Oregon and want to teach our kids (6.5, 5.5, 3 & 3) the wonder & beauty that is growing our own food, but we’re so overwhelmed! Help!

  124. Britani says

    Come on over! My hubsand and I just bought our first house in Oklahoma and it is small and has great potential, but definitely needs work!

  125. says

    We recently made the decision to stay, forever, in our older needs-much-work-but-has-great-character little blue house. We have 4 boys and are 2/3 of the way done with our 1st major project – a complete bathroom remodel. It is our ONLY bathroom. Did I mention we have 4 boys? And I’ve been without a door for 4 days. There are no words. Okay, there are but I won’t use them. Please consider a trip to beautiful West Michigan and help a girl out! I’ll take you to the best ice cream shop ever! :)

  126. says

    Fun! Would love your help here in Calgary, AB, Canada. I would also love to help you out if you were ever up here in the frozen north. :)

  127. Jill says

    YES!!! Pick me! Pick me!! Although I live across the ocean in Maui, HI. Married, mother of three on a tight budget. We bought are cottage three years ago and it still needs help! Master bedroom, daughters room ect:) I am a DIY er but have run out of steam. Hawaii would open there arms wide open for The Palmers! Aloha!

  128. says

    oooh, I’d love to have you come to my home! I live in Utah – near Park City…so if you come in the wintertime, you could do a little skiing on the side! :o)

  129. Lisa from Vermont says

    YES, PLEASE, come to Vermont! We would LOVE to have you. My husband is handy and I am willing to help in whatever way I can. Plenty of things that need your amazing skills, and Vermont is a very pretty place to visit!!

  130. says

    Um, HECK YES, I would love for y’all to come re-do a space in my house! There are so many that need help! : ) We live in Atlanta, GA, so maybe not too far for y’all either? Congrats on the new opportunity…love the blog SO much!

  131. Suzie says

    How fun!! We just moved in to a new house – it is a very unique (custom) 2-story home with tons of fun and unique angles and nooks. It’s a short walk to the lake with lake views from the top story and it has wonderful distressed hardwood floors throughout that gives it the cottage feel. We haven’t done any painting or put much thought into designing, although we would love to. So, we have a house with a ton of potential, just needs a touch from someone like you guys! We live in Temple, TX.

  132. says

    That is so exciting guys! I think you should help redo someone’s space! I am a bit bias though for obvious reasons :) We get tons of compliments on that guest room! Hope it all works out, you NEED to be on TV!!!!! You guys are so fun!

    • says

      You can do another room in Carla’s house and one in ours too while you’re in Minneapolis! I love their guest bedroom you worked on and we could use a little more ‘country’ in the house. Mike and Kevin could get their music jam on while I soak up all your wonderful advice!

  133. Jennifer Young says

    I have a whole house just 2 hours away that I would be happy to let you have your hands on! But seriously, I may be in the need of a nursery very soon. And we live just south of Auburn!
    Also, I sew, so there’s that too!

  134. says

    Oh my gosh yes please! We live in Navarre Florida (halfway between ft Walton and Pensacola), where i am a proud air force wife and mom of 4 young kids. We have an upstairs area that we would love help with!

  135. Lonna says

    Yes to A!!! Our house really needs a dose of character! Currently I’m sitting on my free cream floral couch looking at my bare cream walls with some lovely cream carpet below my feet. I live in the Portland, Oregon area… a fun place to visit ;)

  136. Brooke says

    Seriously?!? Who wouldn’t want you guys to come to their house :) sign me up ;)
    We live in San Antonio….. It’s only hot here 8 out 12 months ;)

  137. says

    We’d love your help as we totally suffer from Model Home Syndrome! I’m also a seamstress and can totally sew anything you throw my way. My parents live quite close and I’d also love to give their house a little TLC as well. <3

  138. Stephanie S says

    I would LOVE A and happily participate in B!

    I live in the St. Louis MO area. I have a 1920s 1.5 story, original floors, trim, etc. We are going to be redoing the upstairs, a two room big bright space and we need creative budget conscious ideas. I also have other spaces that could totally be revamped!

    Our style is beach cottage industrial country chic, and I LOVE your work!

  139. Cherie says

    Your blog is great! So many creative and affordable ideas! I would LOVE to have a room makeover! I live in Snohomish, WA. It is about 35 miles north of Seattle. Our town is known for it’s antiques. Hope to see you!

  140. Sarah says

    My husband and I live just outside Philadelphia (20 miles) and we have a finished loft in our townhouse that we would love to have you work on. And I am happy to help out in the process in any way: painting, sewing, crafting, etc! My husband doesn’t know how to use a drill, literaly, so I do the DIY around the house. He even got me a fancy miter saw for my bithday, at my request! =)

    Our loft are is pretty big and serves several purposes… it used to be our guest room / my craft room but recently my dad suffered a back injury and can no longer work. So, my amazing husband has agreed to my parents moving in with us. Now we need to convert the loft into a more permanent guest space (there currently aren’t any closets up there). We would love your help figuing out how to make this space work for our ‘growing’ family!

  141. Paula says

    OMG! I love you guys! I have a guest house that I’ve been gathering ideas from your blog. It would
    be so cool to have you guys come and do it with my husband and I. My husband is also very handy.
    We live in Kinder, Louisiana (Southwest Louisiana) in a beautiful, picture- book neighborhood.

  142. says

    How about two sisters, both newlyweds with absolutely adorable minister husbands, who live 10 minutes apart in Dallas/Fort Worth? I’ll volunteer both of our homes!

  143. Shannon says

    I’d love for you to do a room redo in our house! We are first time homeowners and have been in our house a year, so we don’t have too much in our home at the moment! We live in a house with a farmhousey-vintage feel, so it would fit your design style perfectly!! It would be great to have you come in and help!! We live in Nesconset, NY (on Long Island).

  144. says

    Hi – answered your tweet earlier too. We would love to have you! I have a master bedroom (used to be attic space) that needs a LOT of help. I have a friend here that sews and I love to do crafty projects (transforming old furniture with paint, etc) plus I like to hunt for “junk”/treasures/vintage stuff.

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA

  145. Kristi @ Creative Kristi says

    Ellsworth/Brewer/Bangor/Bar Harbor Maine :) I’m game to help or be helped!! Trying to sell our house to build one on some land we just bought so either works for me!! :) I’m very handy with a sewing machine & also with a glue gun and drill ;)

  146. Jane says

    Pick me..Pick me! I need a playroom for my small grandkids. And I could help too! I live in Murfreesboro ,TN. I just love what you have done to your sweet home.

  147. says

    Our living room drives me crazy with it’s crazy door and fireplace placement. Also, our master bathroom is in desperate need of some upgrades and new decor. I’ve love to what a little TLC could do for our home!

    I’m near Asheville, NC. I’m pretty good with sewing and I’m also a great painter (not murals, just walls and trim). I’d love to help out if you’re in the area!

  148. says

    Oh I need 3 rooms done! you can see my post here ( didn’t win that contest) about what needs to be done NOW the “master” bedroom, and once that’s done and we move over we need to remodel the bathroom and “girls” room. Right now there is a shower and we’d like to change it for a tub as well as add a window. And in the “girls” room we’d like to insulate the walls (getting rid of the old wood paneling) and of course paint and decorate! and I’d LIKE to see if we could squeeze a TINY half bath between the two (we’re a soon to be family of 7 living in a basement with one bathroom! an extra toilet would be GREAT!) Got to get the family all moved around before baby number 5 comes!

  149. Megan says

    You can come do my entire house if you’d like. I would even like an outdoor re-do. I’ve got 4 boys, lots of ideas, but no time and would LOVE the direction.

    We’d love to have you in good ‘ol Pittsburg, Kansas!!!

  150. says

    My (and 3 fun-loving little sunkissed boys’) arms are open wide for hugs! We have from playroom to mom-escape, kitchen to mancave open for redoing. Yall can spend a weekend (or a month, whatever) here in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, FL area!

  151. says

    I go to art school with a lot of really talented people. Which means two things- I know many of them would love to participate (myself included) and we are all poor starving artists who would love to have help with our apartments!

    Best of luck! I hope to hear more about this soon.

    PS: I’m located in central Ohio :)

  152. Stephanie says

    Ummm…yes!!! You can help me with ANY room of our house. The dining room is a total snore. The newly-finished basement is a blank canvas waiting to be turned into the ultimate family room. We’ve got lots of options for you!!! Minneapolis, MN

  153. Wendy says

    Man you can come do my house anytime. Pick a room. The master bedroom is in desperate need, but I can probably handle that one my own eventually. However, I can not for the life of me figure out how to place furniture in the front room!

    Cedar Hills, Utah

  154. Caitlin says

    I’d love to see what you could do with our guestroom/office/hopefully-someday-also-a-workout-space…or honestly any space in or around our home! Or I’d love to lend a hand, too, and just soak up inspiration. We’re in Alexandira, VA (=DC metro-area).

    PS: Pretty new to reading your blog, but loving it so far!

  155. says

    SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Do you have to ask? I would absolutely LOVE having you visit with your tool belts. I live in a house with a great floor plan that is blah blah blah builder boring. We’ve been doing things to spruce it up as we can, but I’m in such a rut! Especially with my ginormous open great room (family room, kitchen, dining), my tiny formal dining room that has been repurposed into a music room (all the kids play instruments), and my girls’ room–they have the coolest bed in the world built by their daddy, but the nastiest pepto bismol pink walls EV-AH! I welcome you to go wild in any of these spaces.

    We live in a suburb of Indianapolis, IN, have three kids, a happy dog, and the coolest playscape on the block (also built by the bionic daddy). My husband and I are pretty competent DIY-ers, but we’ve been running out of steam and inspiration, lately. Come give us the jolt we need!

  156. Sarah V says

    (Long time Reader subscriber, first time poster) We have a master bedroom that is desperate for attention. We love our bedding, but haven’t done a thing with the rest of the room. I can’t seem to find white bedroom furniture that wasn’t intended for either children or frilly Aunt Gladys, so we’ve been living with a mishmash of Ikea and hand-me-downs. The walls and ceiling are still the matte pale beige that the previous homeowners had the builder spray (who sprays a ceiling beige?) and like most busy couples the last place you decorate is the room that only you two see. We’re in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin (which would be a 30 min trip from the Milwaukee airport and a 60 min trip from Chicago’s O’Hare). I have an art degree but no time, and my husband has lots of ambition but little skills, which is why we’re stuck here. I refer to our taste as Kennedy-compound chic.

  157. says

    i’m in…we’re the new owners of an old spanish hacienda and would love for you guys to rain your creativity on it:) san antonio, tx…come on down!!

  158. Janna says

    Ummm, YES!!!! Would LOVE to have you redo a room, or 2, or 3 in my home. I absolutely adore your work. I don’t have any special talents, but would be happy to help on someone else’s home if you’re in the area. Pasco, Washington

  159. says

    I would love to have y’all come to redo my house… but sadly it’s a rental :-( not much can be done. If you guys should end up in Dallas/ Ft. Worth area or Tyler/ Longview I would love to help in whatever way possible! I can paint, sew, craft, whatever! Most of all…? I can take directions!

    Congrat’s! Can’t wait to see what you guys are up to!

  160. says

    i am really looking to redo my front room…it has double space ceilings…i am a lifestyle photographer and this is where is do a lot of consulting with clients and i would REALLY love it to young a fun…i am looking for a piano that i can paint some really fun color for in their too! i live in Littleton, CO.

  161. says

    Oh dear. The Golden Girls called our family room and they want their 1980’s miami knock-down texture walls back.

    Yes. It’s that bad. COME!!! Come do my 400+ sqft family room that is overwhelming me!!!!! It’s U.G.L.Y.

    Love your blog.

  162. says

    It sounds like a lot of fun! I’m a seamstress and could lend a helping hand in that department. If you send me a short email thriftyparsonageliving(at)gmail(dot)com I’ll tell you where I live.

  163. Lindsey says

    Ummm, yes!! I’d love to have you over. I have a home where there are 4 others just like it on the street. I’d love to be able to have my own individuality among all the sameness. The rooms that I’d focus on are a family room, kitchen, bathroom.

    I love your style and would be seriously starstruck if you came to visit. We are in Bountiful, UT.

  164. says

    Woohoo! I’m on the Texas Gulf Coast, and would love to have some help on a redo in my own space, as well as helping you do other projects! I’m a decent seamstress, and a better carpenter, thanks to Ana White!

  165. Becky says

    Count me in sister! We’ve got a very large bonus room above our garage that for the last 10 years has been my husband’s man cave. Man cave=empty. A couch and a TV. Would love to have your help making it into a functional, fun space! I’m crafty (I copied your dining room light) and my husband’s pretty handy w/ the power tools. Fishers, IN

  166. says

    Oh please pick me! Actually I have a challenge for you….we live in an apartment and are in desterpate need for a overhaul!

    Andrea in glendale, Arizona. (phoenix area)

  167. Virginia says

    My husband and I (along with our 2-year-old little girl, Lily:) just bought my great-grandmother’s house and, needless to say, we could use a lot of help! We’re located in West Virginia…I know you want to come here…it’s ALMOST HEAVEN ya know :)

  168. Esther says

    I would LOVE to have you come do a room in my house. I’ve even been trying to figure out the camera so I could send you a “presto/change-o” situation. I live in Salem, Oregon in a 120 year old house. You come in the front door and it splits the front room in half – I cannot figure out how to arrange it! I love your work!! I would also love to help, but about all I can do is paint walls and sew a few straight lines.

  169. Rebekah Renfrow says

    Orlando, FL
    Whatever room you would like to do or redo; the whole house if you would like the challenge. I can sew, paint and handle a hammer and nails. Thinking about this for a minute, we have 3 strapping teen boys that could use room redos (who in the world does boys rooms? – scrap that, pb does a great job on boys rooms). Our daughter is at college and her room has turned into the guest room, it could use a touch up too. Anyway, good luck on your adventure!

  170. Jennie says

    You guys have the greatest style ever, and we would love you to come help “cottage up” our suburban Chicago, IL house!!! We love the idea of feeling like we’re by water, even though we’re not. Our whole family would be happy to help out in any way!!! We have several different rooms waiting for help…..

  171. Mary Craig Hart says

    Ooh! Yes, please! Moving in a few days to a new house that needs our personality! I’m in Johnson City, TN!

  172. says

    Yes! The “where” is TBD because we are trying to sell our home … but we are in the Philadelphia suburbs. We’ll either be staying put (if we cannot sell) or moving to a bigger home that needs lots of TLC :)

  173. says

    So yeah my husband started a project of redoing our fireplace and bookshelves…. and it’s been about 4 months and it’s not finished. So yeah maybe you could help us. AND help me figure out what I want to do with the rest of the living room while I’m at it! I’d love it!

    We live in Silver Spring, MD.

  174. barb says

    Holy moley – the only thing better than seeing you guys on tv would be seeing you design my space!!!!!! I live right outside Philadelphia, PA.

  175. says

  176. Angie says

    YES YES YES!!!! I’m not creative, so I won’t be able to help you, but good gracious I would love to have you here! I’m in Cedar Park, TX. :) :) :)

  177. says

    Hi Layla! I love your blog! I am in Chelsea, AL (suburb of Birmingham). You are welcome to any room in my house…come on…like now! I am working hard to get rid of the 90’s/early 2000’s look of my house. Ready for a little more calm…Oh & I forgot to mention that my husband makes frames. You would love them…very beach/cottagey. They would look amazing in your Tybee houses. I told my husband last night after looking at your ezine that we needed to rent one of those cottages.. our website is (named after our two girls). the website is not the greatest but it will give you an idea or you can find us on facebook:)

    You two are so talented..any way…pick me!

  178. says

    Yes please! We are in the process of redoing our living room. SO much work is going into this room and I would die to have any room in my house re-done. I live in a small town outside of Bradford, PA (home of the Zippo lighter). You are welcome to come and do what ever your creative heart wants to.

  179. Lisa R. says

    AAHH!! Come my way!! You’d even be close enough to have a visit w/ family, Layla (I’m in ND)!

    I think our living room is the next room on the chopping block. Either that or our master bedroom.
    The living room has entirely too much wood in there for my taste, and I had yet to figure out my style when I painted the walls a dark red. Think barnyard meets oak nightmare.
    Our master is a blank canvas…has been for the last 6 years. White textured walls, ANCIENT carpet, no headboard, my husband’s grandma’s dresser and nightstand…you get the drift.

    Help! :)

  180. Karilyn says

    I really need some help in our great room. I have no idea what to do. It really is the heart of our home and I would love it if it just looked more like us. We live close to Little Falls, Minnesota. Keep up the good work!

  181. says

    Yes please! We have an 1950s mid-century modern type home that we bought last year and haven’t done much to yet. Seriously it needs a loving touch.

  182. says

  183. Cambria Memmott says

    Wow! What an oppurtunity. I always dream of having a room redone in my house, but the problem is that I live in MEXICO (Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua to be exact- 3 hours south of El Paso, TX) so I never think of it as a possibility. I am from AZ, but we moved to Mexico 5 years ago to pursue my husbands dream of farming. I love to decorate, paint, craft, anything! I have a monstrous living room that is the most akward space in our house that I can’t figure out what to do with and a kitchen that is in bad need of some serious demo. You could have some serious sledgehammer fun here! Good luck with your new adventures! I love your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  184. says

    If I can be of any help….I love to sew and embroider ! Please come check out my work. Since you ask… I could use a yard, screen room or bedroom makeover. I live in Tampa, Florida….come on down!

  185. says

    would love to help. I have 2 sewing machine and a serger. Love to paint and craft and did drapes years ago when we lived in Texas. Live in Orange County, CA. Brea is the little town.
    But…..I would also love for you to redo my livingroom in the home. Tall cathedral ceilings and large window.

  186. says

    Really, really you would come do a room or two or three for me!! What a dream come true!!!
    I have my master bedroom, family room, living room, craft room, homeschool room and my basement to redo! So many rooms could use your magic touch!!!

    I live in Ann Arbor, MI

  187. says

    My husband and I have been slowly changing our 1980’s basic builder home into our own little “beach cottage” one white slipcover, painted brick, and plank of white paneling at a time over the past 3 1/2 years. We’re really good at demo and then slowly bringing our ideas to fruition….a really nice way to say we love the price and appeal of DIY, but it takes us for-ever! Our master bath has been half-demoed for over a year and our master and nursery (1st baby on the way in August!) have been left untouched. I’ve been inspired by so many of your projects over the last few years and would LOVE for y’all to work your magic on any or all of our spaces!!! Maybe YOU can find horizontal planks behind OUR drywall….we’ve yet to find it! :)
    Dallas, Texas

  188. says

    We just bought an outdated house in Ohio and I’ve started the mental decorating already. I was thinking to myself the other night that I sure wish you could come help me decide what to do and here is this post! Its a decorating miracle right? You can come do any room anytime.

  189. Julie Lollar says

    I desperately need your help! My house is a mess! The master bath and closet is pitiful. We have a half finished paint job throughout the house. The floor is torn up in our formal dining room and the ceiling also needs repair in there! I could go on and on and on.

    I’d also be interested in helping. We live in Frisco Texas. ;)


  190. Laura says

    I would love to have you guys come and check out my digs! My house is full of character and could benefit wildly from your creativity to really make it pop! I love helping other people in the organization category and am very hands on and capable! Pleeeease come see me in Holland, MI!

  191. Cat says

    Interested in visiting Belize? (it’s in Central America). We live in a tiny 570sq-ft house we built ourselves on a beautiful farm. There is definately plenty of room for redos, though!

  192. says

    We’re in!!! We are looking to add kitchen cabinets and countertops in a smart way to coordinate with the original 1980’s kitchen we’ve got… it’s updated a little, but it still needs plenty of help! We need to replace fluorescent box lighting, a ceiling fan, and organize a pantry/laundry room, too.

    And friends? We’ve got plenty of them! A couple we know has recently renovated their kitchen and are looking to update a few other areas of the house now.

    Pick us! We’re all about it!

  193. Lisa says

    Hey! I would love to have you help out with my my husband’s music room or any other room in the house. I’m in Hazel Green, AL, just above Huntsville.

    I hope your tv show comes to pass!

  194. Missy L says

    Kevin & Layla..I am a single mother of 4 who just bought her first house on tuesday of this week. 8 rooms that haven’t been touched since 1974….seriously….If you could find Raymore Mo I’d GLADLY let you loose on a room or 2 in my house because Low budget doesn’t even began to describe the budget I have to redo this house!!

  195. says

    Absolutely!!! I’d love to have you a heartbeat!!! We done a ton of DIY to The Magic FarmHouse and I can sew…also a graphic designer by trade. Congrats! This will be awesome for you!

    • says

      I forgot to mention that our circa 1880’s house is located in central Illinois & that on EVERY renovation we’ve done we’ve found something really cool…like newspaper from the 50’s being used for insulation, a secret doorway & let’s not forget the logs which hold the roof over our kitchen…seriously cool stuff!

  196. Focipresley says

    Hiya Kev, Layla

    The fact that you asked question A made me snort (with a compressed giggle). As IF a reader of your blogbaby would say NO but thanks!

    In response to question B) but of course I’d lend a hand. It’s all about pay it forward. My hubby is a handy musician as well (kinda put a pun in there) and when he’s away, I sink myself into design projects in our home.

    We’re up in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.


  197. Hillary says

    YES! Pretty Please!! I have many projects I would love to tackle with you guys. We live in Snoqualmie, WA!

  198. Kelly C. says

    I’d be up for anything – helping & having a room re-do. I’m in Rowlett, Texas (about 20 miles E of Dallas). Can’t wait to see what this is all about!

  199. says

    um, heck yes? we’ve been waylaid on this reno by baby’s early arrival. we have a kitchen, rec room, office, master still to do :/ location: outside atlanta, ga

  200. Jennifer says

    A) umm, who wouldn’t want you guys to come over and fix up a couple rooms!!
    B) i’d love to help someone else who needs it. I can draw murals.
    C) San Jose, California! Come over to the west coast and enjoy our beautiful weather!! :-)

  201. Beth in Utah says

    I would absolutely love you to redo any room in my house!
    I live in Salt Lake City, UT!

  202. says

    Yes, yes and yes! I would love to lend a helping hand and you wouldn’t have to twist my arm for a makeover either. Oh and my location is Knoxville, TN.

  203. says

    I would love to have a few rooms redone in my home! I am also a seamstress, would be willing to help redo a room for someone else. I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  204. Pat says

    We live in Memphis, TN (remember Elvis) and oh, my, do we need help. The hubby and I are both ambitious and can do some of our projects. . .our problem is imagination. . .no clue what to do or what will look best. Over the years, we have made many decorating mistakes so you will definitely be challenged. Love your blog!

  205. angien24 says

    Oh yes, we would be very interested in having you guys come here to help us in ANY of our rooms!! We live in WA state, about 40 minutes south of Seattle.
    My husband and I both love watching your videos. How exciting to be able to watch you on TV too! =D

  206. says

    So happy for you! I’m looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

    Absolutely to Options A & B. If anyone can make the freckled cottage look amazing, it’s you & Kev. I have a kitchen, family room, craft room, and two children’s bedrooms that still need some lovin’. As far as B) I’d LOVE to help with someone else’s space. I can sew some slips, build, paint, craft…whatever!

    Elmira, NY USA

  207. Heidi says

    Well if we’re being honest here than I’d rather option A :) But it would be fun to help out with a remodel too!! And I’m sure we would learn a lot just being around you two so that we could take it and apply it to our own homes! I’m in the Lombard, IL. (Suburb of Chicago)

  208. Mimi Beem says

    Wow!!! Our family would L-O-V-E for you to come to our house!!! We especially need help with our living room (currently it is our Play Station 3/piano/office room) and adjacent formal dining room–it has been “in the works” for almost 8 years. Our Master Bedroom could also use some help. I have been sewing since I was 12 (I’m almost 40) and I can paint up a storm. We have 3 kids (ages 9,11 and 13). We live in Lake Oswego, Oregon–about 10 miles south of Portland.

  209. Megan says

    Please come! We have been renovating our whole house & with a baby on the way we are ready to be done!!!!

    North Augusta, SC USA

  210. Bridget says

    Yes please! I desperately need help with a couple rooms in our house. I live in San Diego, California.

  211. Ashlee Olds says

    I need you in my 3rd floor mansion apartment that Im renting in St. Paul, MN, i’d gladly help you with prijects in my area, or anywhere!

  212. Alissa says

    We’d love to have someone who knows what they’re doing in our house!!!! ( Dallas/Fort Worth Texas )

  213. Heather says

    What fun! We would love to participate. We’re in the upstate area of SC., in Fort Mill.

  214. Debbie Karwoski says

    Columbia, Missouri
    One bathroom & our kitchen are on-tap for re-models in the next year or so.
    I should could use some design help.

  215. Carrie Yokota says

    I’d love for you to come and redo any room in my house! I love your creativity and share your love for white, with pops of color.

  216. Kimmie Elks says

    Well, 2 1/2 years ago we moved into a bigger home when we decided to move my Husbands 84 year old Father in to live with us, (myself, husband and our 9 y/o daughter). He was living alone in Miami, FL. in the home my Husband grew up in. It was the best decision we’ve ever made! The lessons it taught our daughter are invaluable life lessons. Sadly, he passed away a year ago. As for the house, we have not been able to do any updating that we had planned on doing. Our kitchen is large but is seriously outdated! We live in Largo, FL. just 5 minutes from the Gulf beaches!
    Thanks! Kimmie

  217. says

    I would love to have a house redone. We had some damage to our roof in the recent tornadoes and water leaked into our walls. We’re probably going to have to have the sheetrock ripped out of our bathroom and part of our bedroom. It’s a nightmare! I’d love some help making the new space a pretty one.

    I live in North Little Rock, Arkansas, in the adorable historic/arts district known as Argenta. My home was an old conductors house, built in 1913. It’s a constant work in progress, but I lurve it :)

    I would also be willing to help with a redo on any other homes in the central Arkansas area. I paint, I sew… I’m a pretty crafty bitch!

  218. Deneen says

    I am sure I can find a room for ya! Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    I am an artist of different mediums and can hand paint and distress furniture.

  219. Sarah says

    YES, YES, YES, we need your help. I have 5 boys ages 8 – 2 months so needless to say we are pretty busy with them. 2 are special needs and have lots of appointments. Our Master Bedroom needs re-doing and we could definitely use the help :) We live in Ontario, Canada

  220. says

    it’s about time y’all got a tv gig! and the answer is yes! i would love to 1) have some help in our little cottage in columbia, sc and 2) if my help was requested in my area i’d be all over that, too!

    can’t wait to see what’s next for you guys!

  221. knmkendall says

    Really?? You bet I do! We have a big fixer upper house that we need lots of imagination for and help with–inside and out. We live just north of Santa Barbara, CA (Lompoc).

  222. Tara says

    Hi there!

    We’d love to host you but you’d best be ready to head north. Like, way. I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The city’s nickname is CowTown and we play host to one of the biggest rodeos in the world. I’m smack in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, about 40 minutes away from Banff National Park, the oldest national park in Canada. I love your style – I’ve got two young boys, a couple of rescued mutts and a husband who loves things to look clean and tidy but who rarely gets his wish. Poor fella.

    So if you feel like a road trip – and you do like a road trip – point your way west and north. I’ll meet you where the grass meets the sky!

  223. Heidi says

    Yes to both!!! I would love for you to help decorate my home…. and would love to help someone else as well.
    I live in Hingham, MA. Good luck with the project sounds like a great idea!

  224. Susan Iacovacci says

    Come up North to my house. Stamford, CT and you can visit NYC…only 40 mins away! I’ve been a long subscriber of your blog and I have yet to see something I didn’t like. It would be an honor to have your magic and talent in my house.

  225. says

    Such a fun Idea! Would love to have a room or two or three done by ya’ll! I’m just outside of Boston. I sew , paint, craft.


  226. Krystyna Owings says

    Layla & Kevin,

    y 9-year daughter has a bedroom that needs help. We painted it lilac, but can’t seem to figure out what to do with it. Right now it is a hodgepodge of furniture and really needs help. Would you consider coming to Warner Robins, GA (15 miles south of Macon) for a room rescue?
    Thank you, Krys

  227. Becca says

    Would love to have you up to Seattle, WA to make our second bedroom/office an actual second bedroom/office! DIY was a condition of the house purchase – 2 rooms down, 4 to go, would love your help!

  228. Julie says

    Oh please, oh please, oh please!! I SOOO need your wonderful touch!! Please come to Santa Clarita, CA (just outside of Los Angeles). Pretty, pretty please!

    So excited!

  229. says

    I’m a mom of three girls in Visalia, CA. My house was built in 2009 and we moved in as soon as it was finished. I love the open floorplan and large windows that come with a newer home, but I hate that there are few to no architectural features or elements to the house–I’d love to have your help with fixing it! I have so many ideas but just as many design dilemmas in my house. For example, all the corners in my house (including window wells) are finished with a curved drywall edge instead of a 90 degree angle. While this is nice, I would love to frame out my windows with molding and add a nice wood sill, but I’m unsure how to do this with the curved edges. And while some finishes are nice–ceramic tile floors and counters in the bathrooms and granite in the kitchen, others, like our oak cabinets, massive bathroom mirrors, and all light fixtures are VERY builder grade. My house needs some personality and charm! Please help.

  230. Morgan says

    I’m all for option A! I love your chabby chic style and I’d be really interested to see what you could do for our rental house. I’m in Richmond, VA

  231. Elz & Rob says

    Awesome! We don’t need help in our house (does that make us sound snobbish? We’re not we just like to do DIY together as a couple bonding thing :)) BUT, we are excellent painters, on any surface. We can also wax, stain, oil, and clean rather well too!! We’re not so handy with power tools though haha. We’re located in Lexington, KY so if you ever need help anywhere in Kentucky we’re here for you!

  232. says

    Ummm… hello… come to my house!!!! We are renters and will be for a LONG time because we are Military. We live in O’Fallon, IL (20 miles from St. Louis). And I can paint a mean wall and sew a few simple things (I am far from being a seamstress though).

  233. Jenny says

    I would love help with just about any room in my house. I especial have 2 bathrooms, a master bedroom, a frontroom, a great room, a full length back deck, and a covered patio that I would love to have some TLC with. I’m in Provo, UT (really close to Sundance and Park City.) I would be willing to help if the site was close to my home. (about 30 miles in any direction.) I’m a big do it yourselfer. Painted several walls, cabinets, and furniture. I can also sew.

  234. Kelly Simon says

    Yes, please! I’d love your help redoing some of our spaces — indoor, or outdoor! We have a 3br, 2ba house. We live in southern California.

  235. says

    Layla! That is SO awesome! David and I would love for and Kevin to come help us work on our 100 year old home that we’ve been restoring low-dough-DIY-style. It would be a dream come true, since many of your projects have inspired us with our own home.
    We’d also TOTALLY be up for project. I sew all of our curtains and pillows in the house, we’ve built a lot of our furniture (not to mention some awesome IKEA hacks), and we paint and refinish floors…you name it, we’re up for it!

    We are in Macon, GA…not too far down the road from you guys. I met you in ATL at the Pioneer Woman’s booksigning (maybe you remember?)

    Take a look at our house and projects, at
    My email is [email protected]

    So excited for you guys!

  236. says

    Umm…..where should I begin? I would pretty much die to have you guys come redo a room in my house. And I’m up for helping other redo’s too! I’m in the Nashville, TN area :)

  237. says

    Yes, yes a thousand times YES! I’d love for you to design a room in my home! C’mon up to the Great White North (I’m actually in south western Ontario) and see what we’re all about!!

  238. Aimee says

    wow!!! Yes, come to my house! My house is just 5 years old and we are thinking of taking out the wall well, making an arched opening, between the kitchen and the dining room to make it one room….

    We are ready for anything/everything!

    COME OV’AH!!

    Aimee in
    Corvallis, Oregon

  239. says

    First, so glad to hear you are working on a tv project. You guys are destined to be a tv success and I have always thought that. I am game for any type of project with the exception of sewing, not a strength of mine. Love painting furniture, crafts, decorating – the whole kit and caboodle. I am located just about an hour outside of NYC in Orange County, NY. Good luck with everything!

  240. Elise says

    Wow! What an invitation! We rent, but it’s from my husband’s grandparents so we have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to the house and it would be awesome to have you here. It’s a cute house but still has so much un-realized potential. I’d also love to help you guys with someone else’s space… I am an “advanced beginner” sewer, an avid crafter, love to paint walls and have a working knowledge of power tools (as does my husband). We are definitely diy-ers and I would love to learn from you guys! Also, we live in a town just outside Peoria, IL.

    Good luck with everything! Sounds like some very exciting stuff!

  241. says

    Of course I would LOVE for you to come on over & create some magic in my home ~ you know you’d love to come to Danvers, MA. It would be so much fun! xo

  242. says

    I’d love to help on other people’s places! I’m a budget decorator in Minneapolis, MN, and in addition to general design, can make draperies, paint murals, hang gallery walls, and make-over furniture.

    Curious what you’re up to!


  243. says

    My house is decorated pretty nicely but there are a few room that still need major TLC!! The kitchen is pretty standard and the 1/2 bath need some lovin.

    I’d love to come pitch in on a project, I enjoy remodeling, design, decorating, painting, furniture refurbishing…

    I live in Orange County CA (southern CA)

  244. Rose says

    ooh ooh, me! I’m in a suburb of Chicago, IL. And you could do any room at all. It’s that bad.

  245. Jamie W says

    I’d love for you guys to come do a room (or two) in my house– or help you with one! I love knocking down walls and painting :) I’m in Alaska, though so it’s a bit out of your way!

  246. Harbormom says

    I can sew. I can tape like a maniac (as in around woodwork, etc.). I am available only on weekends, however, as I work full time. Also have a cozy little 970 s.f. place (read: mobile home) in Orange Beach, AL which you are welcome to re-do-do-do to your heart’s content! It’s in a small park of 8 mobile homes on the water side of the beach road – the only location in Baldwin County zoned for mobile homes on the beach side, I believe. Been there since the 50’s.

    I’d love to help any way I can if you work weekends! I live in Birmingham.

  247. says

    Hey L & K,
    We would love for you to come help us re-do some rooms in our house. We’ve already copied your old dining room wall….the one you took down. (We’re slow) and we’re currently trying to copy your kitchen. We live in Gilbert, AZ and have a cute house that has a lot of …potential. We have 4 kids and this is our first home!

    Jared and Rebecca Shaver

  248. Sheena Hind says

    come to my house :) The master bedroom is desperate for a face lift!

    Gymea Bay – Sydney – New South Wales – AUSTRALIA!!!!


  249. Sara says

    I would love to have your help! My fiancee and I are getting ready to move from Michigan to the Bay Area in Cali and are going to need some help getting our home just the way we want it =)

  250. Maria says

    New hope, PA, USA

    Our bedroom is BAD…B-oring paint color, A-sheet set from before we got together, D-ecorated like a tween’s bedroom

    We are getting married this summer and I’m ashamed at the state of where we will sleep as husband and wife!!

  251. Tiffany says

    I would love to have Layla and Kevin come and work some magic in my home. I live in L.A. (lower Alabama) in Daphne. Daphne is a small city about 35 minutes north of Gulf Shores and about 20 minutes from Mobile. I LOVE your work and would LOVE for you to work your magic in my home. I can’t say I am a seamstress or an artist, but can definitely lend a hand, especially in the painting department. :)

  252. Colleen says

    Are you kidding? Yes, PLEASE! We have a 1920’s colonial in Rochester NY. We are in need of help with our kitchen (I’m scared, but I know the cabinets should be painted), and living room (really big, but with 2 sets of french doors, 2 large radiators, a fireplace and an entry way, we have no idea how to arrange the place)!!

    Come on over!

  253. says

    yes indeed!
    an entire ranch style (one level) house
    but most desperately master bath total redo,
    hall bath, redo, kitchen TOTAL redo..
    not much $$$ but can help with sweat equity..
    food and beverage.
    location Denver Colorado!

  254. Patty Atkins says

    You are welcome at our house anytime. Old farmhouse redone twenty five years ago in need of serious dyi. A husband who is great and speaking and preaching, but no dyi ability whatsoever. Would love for him to learn and I guarantee you’ll have doing it.

  255. says

    I would definitely be up for a little TLC! Both options sound like a lot of fun… I live in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada (East of Toronto)… so if you ever find yourselves way up here, you’re more than welcome at my home and I’d be happy to help out in any way that I can.
    – Andrea

  256. Alea says

    I’m not sure if you’ll have anyone turn down your offer! I’m in the tiny farming community of Greencreek, ID and I would love to have your help with my 1930’s farmhouse. It’s sure got some interesting (in a not so good way) features!

  257. says

    Wow, this TV thing sounds sooooo cool, Layla and Kevin! You guys are going to get bombarded with comments no doubt! :) I have a 10×40 screened in porch that I really don’t know what to do with in my log home. I’d like to make it feel cottagy out there but am completely lacking in inspiration. I also have a couple rooms that could use your magic touch. I live in Efland, NC–feel free to pop in anytime. :) As for helping out, I can paint my heart out, have novice sewing skills, and am game to hammer, glue, and all that good stuff.

  258. Chelsea says

    YES!!! A) I would love for you guys to help us out. Alas, I’m a student, so I’m gonna volunteer for my mom’s house (in honor of mother’s day). She loves interior design and is the hardest-working, best-gardening mom ever!
    Knoxville, TN – mid-sized city, home to the state university..

    B) If you’re ever over our way, we’ve got plenty of talent! My boyfriend and I build furniture (he knows practical handman skills), my mom sews/paints/everything DIY. there’s little we can’t do.

  259. says

    Ohmigosh! I would l would love to have help with decorating my home! I can also do a mean cut-in when painting walls, doors and furniture, so I’m willing to chip in and help! My family and I are in gorgeous Austin, Texas!

  260. Danna says

    I have often cringed at some of the “help” I’ve seen on popular design shows. You and Kevin are the ONLY design team I’d welcome into my home:) I live in Commerce, Texas, a small college town, in the northeast part of Texas and only an hour from the world famous Canton First Monday Trade Days. My home is about 110 years old and we always have a room, or three, in some state of remodel. My den is next on the list, and I’d love to put in a reading nook, a dressing room, a shower in my bathroom….it existing shower is where I store my luggage! I can send pictures, my husband is handy, and we have a circle of wonderful friends that would be good company!

  261. says

    Help me! Help me! :-) My fiance and I are sooo in limbo with his living room. The house is older but has gone through renovations with the previous owner. Right now…there is a dark brown leather couch & chair in there & that’s it. We really wanted it DYI a built-in bookshelf & entertainment center but we’re so lost on where to start. The living room is one of the first rooms you see when you walk in & it stinks that it’s sooo BLAH!

    Heidi Rew
    Atlanta, GA

  262. says

    Um, yes. If you’re coming to the Tampa, Florida area, I can offer my sewing skills, and I have quite a few boring rooms aching for some help! I’m currently in the process of putting up a beadboard kitchen backsplash a la The Lettered Cottage.

  263. says

    My house could definitely use some Lettered Cottage love! We are currently getting started on several projects, all geared towards moving our 1992-built home out of the 90s…ha!

    I live in the Augusta, Georgia, area and I cook/write about food for a living, so I could feed you well!

    Can’t wait to see more about your project!

  264. Susan says

    Please come and re-do a room or two or three in my ranch style home built in 1958 in Houston, Texas. My den has a terrible layout and we could use some fresh ideas.

  265. Colleen says

    Colleen Waldheim, SK Canada. A Canadian location would mean a big road trip for the two of you to visit.

  266. Courtney says

    Would love to see you in Tampa, FL! Would love to lend a helping hand if you came this way.

  267. Danna says

    Oh, I forgot to mention…I have a pretty cottage style garden and we’ve been saving old brink to build an outdoor fireplace:)

  268. says

    I would love to have a room redo at my house and/or help with a nearby house. I live in Seattle, WA, don’t have many talents but I can do basic woodworking and painting:)

  269. says

    I have got the PERFECT project for your show, it is in Sag Harbor, Long Island. I can help you find whatever you need too! Love you guys, Lori

  270. Julie M says

    I couldn’t imagine anything better than having some help. I ‘ve never been afraid of a project, but some extra inspiration and motivation would be incredible. I live in South Jordan (Salt Lake City), Utah :)

  271. says


    is that impolite? i’m sorry! but it’s the first thing that popped into my head! yes, of course, i’d love to have yall redo a room or 10. i’d totally bust out my sewing maching and all. we have a big, giant 3000 sf (hey, that’s big to us!) home that needs a lot of tlc. we still have brass switchplates. ugh.

    oh, and i would totally watch you work on other people’s rooms. yes yes yes!

    natchitoches, louisiana

  272. says

    Well heck ya! We live in Spartanburg, SC. My home is a hot mess! Rooster decor mixed with palm trees and animal print! Told ya! Oh, I’m only 8 minutes away from Pottery Barn outlet and there is lot’s of really cool flea markets and antique shops around here! Oh, there is also salvage yard too. Heck, my dad house could be your own personal junk heaven! Come on down or up! lol!


  273. Lani says

    I can’t believe how many Canadian’s there are on the list. I live in Prince Rupert, BC (Canada). I would love to have you and Kevin come up to help us. We have a great house that could use your skills. We also built a “shed” next door that has a completely unfinished 1000 sqft loft that has endless potential – gabled windows, ocean view, vaulted ceiling and completely open – no walls. Living in northern BC we could offer pacific ocean fishing – crab feasts. We are hardworking – have lots of tools, just need your inspiration. Please, please, please!!!!

  274. Jen Jones says

    I would love your help with some rooms in my house! I live in a subdivision where every house seems to look like the other LOL AND I actually live in Prattville, AL We are active duty military and have been here for three plus years and don’t seem to be leaving any time soon. I would love help making the space uniquely ours!

  275. Audra says

    YES, PLEASE come and help turn my cookie-cutter house into MY HOME! My style is A LOVE FOR ALL THINGS WHITE mixed with ANYTHING FRENCH and REPURPOSED OLD WOOD EVERYWHERE with a sprinkle of TARGET CLEARANCE topped off with A LITTLE BLING!!

    Let me know when I need to pick you up from the airport :) PASCO, WA

  276. Raquel says

    Oh please! No shy! Come to Oklahoma, visit this Peruvian girl, do some magic and turn my brand-new house into a country-beachy cottage… Too much for a challenge???

  277. Jen Jones says

    Oh and I would love to help others. I can sew, paint, and used many a power tool in my time (including building my daughter’s bed from scratch!).

  278. Mindy says

    YES, YES, YES!! Come and redo a room or two or three at my parents’ house. I don’t live there, but they are in the middle of remodeling their kitchen and are stuck with quite a few decisions. They would love to work on other rooms and desperately NEED HELP!! :) They have so many cool antique pieces but need to figure out how to use them while giving their little home an update! They live in Southern California.

  279. says

    Come on down to fort worth TX!! My house needs your help!! I love projects and would be thrilled to have your wonderfully talented minds take over! Our master bedroom with the old lady-hand-me-down furniture needs your help :) thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea/opportunity!!

  280. Beth says

    Yes. PLEASE. Oh my goodness. I need you guys. I Soooo need you. Your design ideas are exactly what I want to do in my house. Am I the only one in Peoria, IL??? We have 2 brick walls in our house and lots and lots of rustic outdoor siding but it is INSIDE. I am longing to paint it all and make it look cottagey (is that even word?) I would love for you to come!

  281. says

    I’m near St. Louis, MO but could go to Jefferson City to help with your first commenter should you all go there. ;)

    I’d love to help out in some way if you come up this way…I LOVE to decorate and I LOVE to paint…although I’m SLOW because my hands hurt me but I STILL love it!!!

  282. Linda says

    Love your blog, look at it daily. Need some help with a 30+year old bathroom reno. Live in beautiful Surf City Ca.
    ( Huntington Beach)

  283. says

    Oh my goodness! I would love you to come over to my place! We live in a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house in Charleston, SC! However our house is a cookie cutter house in a cookie cutter neighborhood…lacking all of that charm of all the historic Charleston homes downtown. I’d like help adding some “oldness” to my house…ya know, making it feel less cookie-cutterish and more unique and cottage like…maybe some beadboard, decorative molding, etc. I’d be up for anything! I also have a persnickety 1/2 bath that is awkward. The placement of the toilet/mirror is weird. I’m just not sure how to work with it. Please come! I can sew, paint, refinish furniture, sand furniture, and am up for just about anything!

  284. says

    I’ll take option C : BOTH!! I am moving into an EXTREME fixer-up and need as much help as possible. I also dream of helping others create beautiful spaces!

    I can’t wait to see what’s up your sleeve!

    Oh and I live in Lewis Co. Kentucky (aka middle of no where)

  285. Ace says

    I’d love to do either! I live in San Francisco, CA, near the beach in a 1939 “Sunset-style” house – most of the house is upstairs and you enter through a tunnel.

  286. Dani M. says

    My husband is an active duty military man in the Navy. Because we move every three years, we are having a hard time nailing down a “look” that can move with us. We would love the opportunity to have you both help us to make our rental home feel like a true home. We have just moved to Chula Vista, CA. :)

  287. says

    Have I got a show for you! I live in Clyde, Texas in a 6 year old home that my husband and I built to look like a farm house that’s been here a little longer than that ;) I’ve emailed a picture of my living room hoping to be chosen for a ‘pick my presto’ because I don’t like the way I decorated my house when we first moved in and I’m ready for a change. It’s just not me. My husband has said we can replace furniture and paint and I’ve been scouting thrift stores for pieces that are my style.

    Meanwhile…my mom and dad just built the house next door to us which is a little stone cottage built in 1939 that needs a major overhaul on the inside. But it’s so full of charm already! They will be working on that project over the summer with plans to have it ready for our family Christmas.

    I just posted pics of it on my blog if you need a visual! ;)

  288. says

    I don’t think any of your readers would turn down this opportunity! You guys are AMAZING!!! I’ve never seen a room of yours that I didn’t like. I would love to have you come re-do a room in my house. I’m getting ready to transform a nursery into a playroom and a playroom/office/supposed-to-be-a-formal-dining-room into an office/homeschool room. My kitchen, master bedroom and bath could all use some love too. I live in Northwest Arkansas. Y’all come! :)

  289. says

    Yes!!! I’d love you guys to help us redo a room or two or three :) I love looking at your blog for inspiration but I have a hard time actually making my vision come to life in our own home! We live in South Orange County, California. So excited for you guys.

  290. says

    I’d love to help! I dont have any super helpful skills but I love to paint, craft and build!
    Bethany in Southeast, Louisiana

  291. Sheri says

    Oh, Layla, all of these options are a dream! I live in Pensacola, Florida, in a home we just moved into a few months ago. It’s an older brick colonial, and since all the old aluminum wiring had to be replaced, I have about 40 patched holes in my living room that are crying out for some vision! If you end up in this area, I’d love to chat about ways I might could help out!

  292. Becky M. says

    I have a little interior decorating business in Central Illinois, I’d love to help work on a space with you both. It sounds like a lot of fun!

    – Becky

  293. Joanie says

    We’ve got a guest house that’s we’ve half-way renovated…. parts look great, parts look BAD….going on 7+ years trying to finish, we need HELP!
    Keller, TX USA

  294. says

    um… YES PLEASE!!! i would love to have a room redone. we just moved into an olderish (built in 1980) house that has some quirky rooms. we have a long skinny room that is a bear to figure out what the heck to do with. pretty much every room in the house needs a makeover. think, 80’s wood trim awesomeness. we’re haivng a baby in august and need to create a nursery in a room with no closet…eeeks! tons of potential here. :)
    also, i would LOVE to help with a project. i can sew, paint, or anything crafty. i would love it!! we live in northwest arkansas and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you!!!

  295. says

    Come on over! We’ll even cook for you while you’re here. :)

    We can offer DIY carpentry, painting, basic sewing, family-friendly design to your already fabulous skills!

    Columbia, MO … Go Tigers!

  296. Kellie says

    You can come over anytime you want and help me! My husband and I are in the process of remolding a 1989 home that we bought last year and my pregnant belly is not letting me do much these days:) We’re just a few hours away in Woodstock/GA!!

  297. Heather says

    I would Love Love Love to have Kevin and Layla over to makeover a room and I would also Love to help makeover someone else’s room too. I can help with anything.
    {Eugene, OR}

  298. Amanda says

    Wouldn’t you LOVE to spend some time on the East Coast this summer?? :) I’m in Wilmington, DE in a sad little 1950’s rancher that is in need of some serious, serious help. Imagine popcorn paint as far as the eye can see….. ew. I’ve tried to put my own spin on the decor, but with no decorating budget I’ve had to come up with some very creative solutions. I am trying to use the old college hand-me-downs and dress them up where I can while infusing my spaces with some fresh items but it doesn’t seem to be working…

    My family owns a lighting store and we’d be willing to help in any way we can!! :)

  299. says

    pinch me. no, seriously, pinch me! are you guys prepared for all of these responses??!!?!
    y’all must have fell and bumped your heads. at the same time! ha!

    we live in north alabama, just a hop, skip and a jump away!
    and like you, we have started the adoption process. :)

    we could use help in turning our youngest son’s room into a shared space for two, since our new son will be moving in by the end of the year hopefully!

    and while it would be wonderful for you to help us on that project, my parents recently made the move from new jersey to alabama and i would LOVE to help you help them get a master bedroom of their dreams!
    they help us each and every day and it would be so much fun to surprise them with something like that!

    best of luck on all of your upcoming projects! i enjoy your blog so very much!

  300. Anjali says

    Ummm.. yes, PLEASE! How could anyone say no to this wonderful offer. I live in a house that from the outside is very cottage-like, but unfortunately, the inside leaves a lot to be desired. I have been a student for the past 9 years so my budget has been pretty limited. I would LOVE to host you guys (I’m a phenomenal cook so there’s a bonus for the time spent!) as we re-do a few rooms. How I would love to come home to a house that actually feels like “me.” Let’s get this party going….

    Oh, yeah, I live in Nashville, TN. :)

  301. Laura says

    Wow–what an opportunity! We just moved into a new (to us, it was built in 1964) house and I have one room where the furniture placement is making me crazy trying to balance a fireplace, built-in bookshelves and the tv plus maintaining a clear traffic path to the stairs. It’s quite the challenge! I love your cottage style, so come on over! We’re just up the road in Hoover, Alabama.

  302. says

    Are you kidding? OF COURSE any of us would participate in something like that. We keep coming here because we like YOU and we like what YOU DO. Can’t wait to find out the solution to this mystery!

  303. Tracey @7294cottageway.blogspot says

  304. Jenelle says

    Absolutely!!! I would love more than anything for you to come help me with our house. We’ve been in the fixing it up process for 2 years and I’m down to 3 rooms. I absolutely love your style and watching what you’ve done already. I’m in Harrisburg, PA. Hope to see you soon. ;)

  305. Bethany says

    Yes please!!! I live in the San Francisco bay area, we just bought a townhouse that I am trying to make look like a the inside of a pottery barn magazine which is a hard task! Plus I love love remaking furniture, painting and anything DIY so if you are going to be in area I am your girl, plus I know the best antique fairs!

  306. says

    Um hello McFly ! !

    Who wouldnt want A or B or A+B = C u in 3 D :)

    Come see me in sunny California and we can get silly.

    Orcutt, CA USA

    I would really love to see some home shows in areas OTHER than metro/big cities.

  307. says

    You can come do a room in my house any day! I would love to help you guys makeover other rooms as well…It would be a learning experience from the best : )
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  308. Montgomery Family says

    I would love for you guys to redo my kitchen/great room. I really love my home, but would like to brighten things up a bit. With walnut floors, dark alder cabinetry, and warm tones throughout, I feel like I am stuck in fall/winter. I am ready to jump into a light, bright and airy room thats is more spring/summer! I live just outside SLC, UT. I love your blog and am so excited for you guys to begin this new adventure!

  309. says

    I would LOVE for you to come to my house! My husband and I just bought our first home in Fayetteville, GA and have a $0 budget to make it our own. We’re drowning in beige and could really use some help. This would be a dream come true!

  310. says

    well, you can count on the whole blog world to sign up for a room redo..and yes, add me to that list!
    But I’d also like to help. I used to have my own decorative painting business when that was really big (think the ’90’s) and I turned that into an Interior Decorating Business.
    What I’m really good at is finding thrift store, side of the road finds, and just over all wacky things to turn into useful object ( think Junk Market – Flea Market Style )
    I live in Ambler, PA , which is about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from NYC.
    Can’t wait to see what you’re up too!
    Good Luck with everything!
    d e n i s e

  311. Mary Feagley says

    We live in Evansville, Indiana in a lovely subdivision-built 2-story which is unique and custom, yet classic and lovely….OH WAIT! No we don’t! Help us make our McYuck into a fantastic HOME!

  312. says

    I’m in Phoenix Arizona and you can come over and redo my entire house! But you might want to wait until fall, or else you’ll melt!

  313. Lisa says

    We have a couple rooms that need help – office, downstairs walk out with a fireplace, craft/homeschool room, guest room, living room…take your pick…they all could use some help.

    Hutchinson, Minnesota.

  314. Trista says

    My husband and I are in Chelsea, AL, USA. We are closing on a brand new (fully builder beige) home at the end of this month. I love reading blogs but have very little decorating skill. I would L-O-V-E to work with you and your hubby.

  315. JP says

    I would love to have your family help my sad house! Both my sister and I have plenty of work for you to do. We both are good workers and need direction. We live in Phoenix, Arizona. It may be hot here but we do have a natural wonder of the world close by. :) Jenn

  316. Rachel G says

    Umm……is that really a question? I would absolutely LOVE for Layla and Kevin to head out to SUNNY SAN DIEGO and take over as many rooms in my house as possible. My husband and I are loving the newlywed life and feel so fortunate to be able to own a home to grow into. However, as I am sure many can relate, Newlywed + New Home = Empty/hand-me-down poor excuse for anything close to designed!

    We call our bathroom the Tribute to the 70’s rock out room, our living room the P90X gym, and our office the storage room. They are all up for grabs!

    I’d also LOVE to help withy any and all projects you run into out this way. I grew up with a grandma who had a paint brush in her hand every other weekend and can follow directions with best of them!

    Good luck on this new adventure. I know you guys will rock it!

  317. Tami C. says

    We’re renters right now but I would love it if you could work with my mom!!! She and her wonderful husband live in Riverside, CA, USA. They have a lovely home but it’s been YEARS since most of the rooms have been updated (she keeps asking me to help her with her guest room).

    Thanks Layla and Kevin. It would be SO fun.

  318. says

    I’d love to have you guys come and redo our bedroom or living room.
    Also I’d love to help. I can sew, do crafts, and am I good painter :)
    From Salem, Oregon.

  319. says

    Can you PLAY in PEORIA!! COME on OVER!! You would LOVE the “opportunity” my house offers!! Remember there are no problems…only opportunities!! I have an ENTIRE family room brick wall fireplace–you know the one all the ranch style homes of 40 years ago HAD TO HAVE? Arrgghhh……and a master bathroom the size of a small closet–now that’s an OPPORTUNITY…a dining room that has issues….. But you choose–come over to the mid west and do what you do BEST!! Love you Kevin and Layla and bring max along-he’d fit right in!

  320. Becky says

    What a deal ~ I’ll take Option A and Option B. I can paint. I can clean-up. I’m sure you would love Sunnyvale, California (bay area) right now, high-70’s. I have a whole house you can work on!

  321. Nikki says

    Please, I am begging you, come to my house! I’m in a small town, near Branson, MO, and my ranch needs some updating!

  322. Lorrie says

    Wow!!! We are currently finishing our basement and my hubby has made me a craft room!! Would love to have you decorate and organize, I’m a little overwhelmed at all the possibilities!

    Tallmadge, Ohio

  323. says

    Hi Layla!

    Met you in MN at Junk Bonanza when you were shooting – I worked with Ki……just moved home to Portland, Oregon into a great home that we have been doing some cosmetic renovations in. However, still LOTS of work to be done! The “bonus room” first comes to mind as a great room to work with – it will be a hang out space for our two daughters (ages 9 and 12) – not so much a playroom but more a stylish hangout space.

    What a fabulous opportunity! Well deserved.

  324. Kellie Racine says

    I would LOVE option A! I live in La Verne, California…this last year voted number four best places to live for families in the US! Twenty minutes from the beach, twenty minutes to the mountains! Such a cute little cottage town! :)

  325. Namos says

    YES PLEASE!!! Just bought a cabin in the woods in Twain Harte, CA; found your website and am now inspired to decorate it “farmhouse, industrial, cottage” style but have no idea where to begin! PLEASE HELP!!

  326. Kirsten H. says

    Um, yes! Come do my whole house if you want! Especially our master bedroom, which is a disaster. Culpeper, VA.

  327. Tracy Martin says

    OMG!!!! I just recently found your site and have been showing it to all of my friends and now this!!!!! I would love for you to come to Silver Lake, Kansas!! We bought an old farm house that is 120 years old after our daughter was born due to her special needs and high medical expenses! We got the house at a good price but the whole house had to be redone sooo we have spent the last eight years just trying to get it done. I would love for you to come to our home, my husband is turning 40 years old this year and it would be an awesome gift to him to give him some help with the house. He has done alot of the work himself and also been my rock through the never ending surgeries of our daughter. I would love to give him this gift so that he can rest and just enjoy the house! Plus your ideas are exactly what we are trying to do in our own home but I have no talent so any help you can give would be so appreciated!!! PS-NO SHOW EVER COMES TO KANSAS!!!! We really are nice people here in the Midwest!!!!!

  328. says

    oh my goodness! how exciting is this?? i might die of happiness if i got you two helping me spruce up my house! we bought our home just over a year ago, a real fixer upper and have done a lot, but there is so still so much decorating that needs to be done. my master needs seriousl help, my front room, my office, my guest room-really you could take your pick of just about the whole house! i live in a beautiful little country town, ramona, which is part of even more beautiful san diego, california! i would love to help on someones else’s home, i can do basic sewing, but am great at painting and creative type stuff. good luck and i hope to be seeing you at my home in the future!{you know you need alittle west coast beach time:)}

  329. Candace Fielding says

    This would be my dream come true. I would love for you to come and work on some of my rooms. We just moved into a new house (new to us) and every wall is bare and we hardly have any furniture…like one couch and some beds. I have a vision of what I would like, I just can’t seem to do it. Plus I have three little children that seem to need my attention all of the time. PLEASE come see me!

    Pasco, Washington.

  330. says

    Come on up to the Toronto area, we would love to have you. I’m in the fastest growing city in Canada; Mississauga, which is a 30 minute drive from downtown Toronto.

    I would love to help you and you can help me :) I like this reciprocal approach to diy :)

  331. says

    Please come to Hawai’i and help me with my rental! I’d love to have a beach cottage theme going, but don’t know where to start! Plus, you can’t beat a trip to the islands!

  332. Kary Ross says

    Kevin & Layla,

    Come to Arkansas. I’ve got a challenge for you both! A log home. Beautiful 3 story with basement. Need a re-do there! I can help too! I’m great with paintbrush and screwdriver! I take orders well too! I’ve also tweeted this and replied to your tweet! Pick me!

  333. says

    Well, I don’t know how quickly you are thinking to do this, but we are trying to finish renovating our Victorian farmhouse in Knoxville, PA because we need to relocate soon to Memphis, TN area. We need to finish the renovations on our house so we can sell – so FUN!!! If you are planning to do something soon, we would LOVE to have your help!

  334. Kassandra Garza says

    Uh, yes please! Sign me up! I would love for your help redoing my living/dining/kitchen room haha. I live in San Antonio Texas. Come to TEXAS! No one ever comes to Texas.

  335. says

    I’m in Los Angeles. Would LOVE to help you fix up some deserving somebody’s place–I can wield a paintbrush, sand, lug stuff, and sew easy stuff, like straight seams. Maybe most importantly, I’m a very very good baker and keep people well fed and happy.

    And…I would love some help with my overly fussy dining room. It looks like an 85-year-old cat lady lives in it. Eeek!

  336. Mary says

    I’m in Newark, OH (near Columbus). Have a 1980 two story, lacking in architectural detail. Dark woodwork on first floor. (I’ve painted all the windows and trim on the 2nd floor.) Need help with our long living room with it’s dark valances, wood 2″ blinds, burgundy sofa and recliner (can you believe it?). With two children in college, I’m on a budget. And, frankly, am burnt out after redoing the rest of the house in the past 15 years that we have lived here. YOU ARE SOOOOO WELCOME TO COME HERE AND CREATE!

  337. says

    We live in Charlotte, NC and you can have at any room in my house almost 4000 square feet of home built in the 80’s…oh yeah we could use some major help! I would give you 100% free range!

  338. Nikole says

    Oh my gosh! This is amazing!! Please consider making a stop to the smallest state in the country :-) We live outside of Providence, RI!!

  339. says

    SO FUN!!!! You could definitely come to my house and help us work on our living room – it needs help! Think: old mis-matched couches, garage sale furniture and walls AND ceiling painted the same boring beige that it was painted when we moved in:) It has great potential – we love our house so much, we’re just moving very very very slowly one room at a time through it since our little ones are just 2 and almost 4 and we moved into our house a week before our littlest was born, which limits our DIY time a bit! Oh, and we’re in Lancaster, PA – come visit!!

  340. Joan says

    Really? Do you have to ask? I have a bedroom that is pathetically BORING & half finished! Help…
    Comstock Park, MI

  341. Patty says

    Ummmm……ABSOLUTELY!!! I have plenty of rooms I could use
    help with, and some really cute “nooks and crannies” that could
    use your talent! In the past I have painted almost all the rooms
    in my house and painted lots and lots of furniture. My friend is
    a fabulous seamstress who makes slipcovers and upholsters
    furniture so we could certainly be into doing the work:)
    I live in Wayne, PA, right outside of Philadelphia

  342. says

    You can come redecorate my house anytime you like. On a very small budget of course. But I know that you can do anything. I would also be glad to help in the moral support department at least. I can roll a paint roller without doing too much damage! My daughter, Jaime, on the other hand, is very handy and she would probably love some decorating help as well. Love and good luck to you. You have an awesome blog. I almost hate for the world to discover you, but I know it is inevitable!

  343. says

    We live near Kalamazoo, MI! I would love a redo of my whole house, but mainly my kitchen. Or my bathroom. Yeah, my bathroom. :)

  344. says

    How awesomely blessed it would be to have you come and HELP with this big ol house Jesus gave us to use for ministry!! Colorado is a beautiful place to visit too!

  345. carolyn says

    Ummm, yes please! You guys have the most amazing style I’d be honoured to have you work on a room or two or three or every room in my house. Even if you never make here to Canada (Ottawa, Ontario) I would most definitely watch your show. Oh, and I can paint a mean wall too!!

  346. Becky says

    You can come help us redecorate/remodel anything! We want to do our master bathroom/kitchen….oh everything in our house.

    Goshen, Indiana US (2 hours from Chicago)

  347. says

    OMG! I would love for you guys to come and redo a bunch of our rooms! We are closing on our first home tomorrow and we have so many ideas on what to do with the house, thanks to your blog. It’d be better if ya’ll just did it though ;)

    We live in Johnson City, NY!

  348. Emily Bennett says

    How exciting! You can come to my house anytime – We live in Waycross Ga – and my living room needs some help…and my dining room, too!

  349. Karen Dorman says

    Man, Oh, Man! Do I have a house full of rooms for you to tackle!
    I live in Raleigh, NC and would love to welcome you in our home.

  350. says

    I would die to have your help with a room re-do! That would be so much fun. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hoping I see you soon!

  351. says

    Help? We so need some help. The back side of our cottagey cottage is … well… desperate! We’ve got lots of fabulous trinkets and treasures we’ve inherited, but how to make them fit without… well… making ‘em tacky? We could so use any help.

    As for giving help? Me? Notsomuch, but the ol’ spouse? Yeah. He’s good and a quick learner. Precise should be his middle name!

    Our town, Clemson, SC, is halfway between CLT and ATL.

    I’m totally intrigued to see what is ahead for you two!

  352. says

    You could have absolute free reign with ALL of my home. If only you could come to Australia :-( It would be more than a dream come true. Can’t wait to see you weave your magic over some other lucky families homes x

  353. Melissa B. says

    I would love to have you re-do a couple of rooms in my house (OK, I’ll be honest–I have some rooms that need a “First time DO”!). I live in Columbus OH, and I would be willing to help out with others’ projects! I do some sewing, I love refinishing and painting furniture, and I can do some mean edging with my Purdy paintbrush when painting rooms!

  354. says

    Pick a room, any room… or two or three! Our home is in serious need of some help! We live in Bay City, MI and the only room I really like is my daughter’s nursery!

  355. Emily says

    Yes and Yes! We have a old funky Victorian in a small town in Maryland. We love your blog–actually just sent you some before/after photos of a window seat-turned-guest bed inspired by your reading room re-do. You can come to our house anytime. We have lots of projects…and we are more than willing to help out!

  356. Audrey says

    How fun! If y’all are around Indianapolis, IN, I’d love for you to stop by my house. My husband and I are DIY-ers and are slowly updating our first home.

  357. says

    HECK TO THE YES! Both A and B! I’m down with all that is crafty goodness!

    Southern Illinois. Like waaaaay south. About 1.5 hr from St. Louis (which is where we go to get our shop on!)

  358. kristin says

    i would absolutely LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEE to have y’all over and would die to have you help re-do rooms!!! i am very pregnant, we just moved into our house a couple months ago, and am too busy chasing around a 1 year old to help my husband lots with all his knocking down walls and painting projects. it would be a huge blessing and an absoulte joy to have y’all. we’re in germantown, tn…just outside memphis. please, please, please come!!! :)

  359. Julie says

    This is simply just so exciting! My imagination is going hog-wild, picturing you 2 on tv, with all the inspiration you’ve got going!

    A) you can come redo any/all part/parts of my house, inside & out! I’ll even give you directions to my parents house–they’ve been in the same 1890’s dairy farmer house since 1975 ;)
    B) working with the 2 of you sounds like a dream come true! I love painting so much that my kids sneak and call their daddy when I start going thru the paint chips ;) I’d loooooove to help you work on someone else’s home!
    C) I’m in Cincinnati, OH…the very utmost “northern” point of the great 127 yardsale! But I’d follow ya anywhere to help too ;)

  360. says

    Oh my Goodness!! Yes please come help me!!! lol I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! you guys are my inspiration for starting my own blog!!
    I entered the vintage revivals giveaway contest and didn’t make it and now I’m stuck with an ugly living room!
    I would love to have you guys come do my living room, help me finish my halfway done kitchen!
    I live north of Austin,TX! Howdy!! lol
    My husband and I can help as well! He is an electrician and can help install fans and lighting and I can help watch! lol jk I can help in whatever ya’ll need!!
    Seriously!! e-mail me! :)

  361. says

    Oh I wish we owned the place we are living in now. Well I guess you could still come out if you want to help us make a temporary two bedroom duplex feel stylish and homey. :) We are in Central Washington’s wine country.

  362. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Are you kidding? My door is always open to the two of you. Oh my goodness, it would be such fun to work with you. How soon can you get here? I live in Westminster (just north of Baltimore) MD.

    • sarah b. says

      oh, this would be a dream come true. i live in kaysville utah with my two kids, in a cute little 1400 sq ft bungalo/cottage. we need you… our house needs you!!

  363. Mary says

    I would love your help! Seven kids + homeschooling = not enough time for reno. I’m in the Twin Cities.

  364. Ashlee says

    I would love for you to help me in my kitchen…I actually love all the finishes in my kitchen but it is NOT functional. That would be a dream come true. I live in Keller, TX which is in between Dallas and Ft. Worth!

  365. Lynn & Tracy says

    ABSOLUTELY YES!!! We’re moving into a new home (in Charlotte, NC) with very few furnishings just a week from today. Your casual style would be perfect for us…. pick any room…. or two…. they’re all up for grabs! We need your help!

  366. says

    Hi Layla & Kevin, As I type this we are in the midst of moving to a suburb northwest of Chicago (we move in on Monday!). We bought an 1819 farmhouse which has been redone and is very pretty, but the guest cottage desperately needs your magic worked on it! It is basically a blank slate with a living area, a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. But I can just picture it with a Tybee kind of vibe to it. You can see photos here: My fingers and toes are crossed! :)

  367. says

    Well, you ought to be having a hay-day with all these responses! Of course, I’ve got a room I’d be tickled pink to redo – literally! You can even see it on my blog because it is on my list of things to redo. Just go to to see just how bad my laundry room really is and my ideas for it! I’d also love to help in anyway. I do murals (this is just too cool!), paint furniture, etc. You can see some of everything on my blog to give you an idea. Thanks for the invite!

    Location: Anderson, SC

  368. Mary Panus says

    Oh my gosh! To have a Lettered Cottage makeover would be amazing. We live in at 1928 house that some crazy person redid in the 70’s and we’ve slowly been trying to replace it’s original charm. We are stuck on both the kitchen and bathroom which 1) we can’t figure out exactly what to do and 2) our DIY skills only go so far (which is why my kitchen cabinets now have three different colors on them!).

    We live in San Leandro, CA which is across the bay from San Francisco (great scenic shots for you!).

  369. says

    KandLe (this is my brangelina name for you!) it could be no more fun for you than to come to Bowling Green, KY and help us make our home that has been on a 3 year remodel journey get her final push of makeover love. Think five young children, a dog with an attitude, Kentucky country living, wrap around porch, ponds, and some rooms that are in need of some Kandle loving!! We can paint, sew, knock down walls, cut and hang moulding, bargain shop and laugh and goof off while we are doing it!!

  370. says

    I would LOVE to have you come to our home to redecorate. We just moved to Lincoln, NE into a much bigger house than our last place and I have more ideas than time for making this house into our home. I love beach cottage decor and I’m struggling with how to integrate it into this more traditional, newer home than our last house (which was definitely more of a cottage). So I would absolutely love to see what you would recommend for our house. If you can come to the Midwest, we would love to have you! :)

  371. Megan Adams says

    I love, love, love your design style and am always coming to your blog for inspiration. However, we have been renters for a few years are are having trouble thinking of ways to reflect our style in a way that can travel with us and not involve much “construction” (e.g. nailing planks to the wall or tearing out a closet). I would always welcome you to come and help us out in any way possible. We currently rent in Austin, TX.

    I also would love to help you guys out in any way possible. If you are ever in my area I would be more than willing to lend a helping hand!

  372. Cerissa says

    um… dream come true!! My husband and I just bought our first place… a short sale in need of lots of love. I would be thrilled and overly grateful to have you do a redo in any (or many!!) room of our rooms! : )

    Beverly, MA

  373. says

    Hello! I live in Richmond, TX (a suburb of Houston) and I’d love to have you come redo my living room! It’s a big open floor plan room…and between the too light walls, light tile floors, 10 foot ceilings…it’s TOO light! I need some help grounding the space and making it more cozy. I’m a quilter, stitcher, sewer, etc., and I’d love to help out if I can, too!

  374. says

    I’m in for both! I would love you to redo some rooms in our home (or the outdoor space! that would be fun…). Also, I am a painter – as in, I have a small business painting wooden signs and canvases. I’ve re-created many a pottery barn painting in my day :) I live in Beach Lake, PA, USA! Good luck, I’d love to see you guys on TV – you’d be great!!

  375. Dorothy says

    You can re-do the living room, kitchen/family room, and/or bedroom of our 1978 split entry (ugh ugh) house, but it’s in Minnetonka MN. Anyone who can come up with an inviting plan for that awful railing side of the living room is a genius to me. Kitchen was redone (badly and incompletely-bad bad planner) and really needs help and correcting.
    You can rescue me anytime! xo

  376. says

    Who wouldn’t be down with y’all redoing a room?? Everything you post is gorgeous. You could have your choice of which room in my house to redo. The rub? It’s a rental. However, it has AMAZEBALLS character to work with. (12 foot ceilings. Dormer windows. Slanted ceilings in the attic.)

    I’m in Columbus, Georgia, which is SO not far from Alabama. Disclaimer? If I met you, I may try desperately to be friends with you. Fair warning.

  377. Cerissa says

    let me clarify… not LOTS of love. You won’t be working in bad conditions. Its actually in pretty good condition, just needs some help to help bring back its character and charm!

    beverly, ma

  378. says

    Yes please!!! That would be BEYOND a dream!!

    My kitchen looks like a 1987 wood cabin that needs to be put out of its misery. My husband and I are currently at a stand still as we can’t agree with the direction the kitchen should take. I am no artist, but my husband would be fabulous for murals and I’d love to help out with painting and crafts.

    We’re located in Woodstock, Georgia (metro-Atlanta)

  379. says

    Kitchen, master bedroom and kid’s room (and maybe a bathroom, too!) in our 1950s ranch in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina.

  380. says

    Layla! Congratulations on this fabulous gig! I would love to assist you in making over our kitchen/breakfast area! I love your style and often check your blog for inspiration! Huntsville, AL

  381. says

    Um, yes please! We just got permission from the landlords to paint and redo parts of the kitchen. And guess what? In the letter I sent, I used before and afters pictures of your kitchen for persuasion. Because I have almost the same oak cabinets, cream laminate counters, and white appliances. Plus, the most horrendous vinyl floors you’ve ever seen! They climb the walls! No kidding.

    I posted about it here, but haven’t started in yet…

  382. janet says

    Our home is open to you to do whatever you want! You could do the whole thing from top to bottom……..and we’d even help! Lots of talented people over here ~5 super talented creative older boys not afraid of hard work,who specialize in outdoor landscaping, a dad who is a wiz with a circular saw and electrical anything, a mom who has painted the whole interior of her home at least 5 times, and a a young grandma who can sew anything. With your innovative designs……. the sky is the limit. Oh I can see it now!
    Good luck with your new adventure~
    Come visit us in Framingham,Massachusetts……… :)

  383. Teri says

    I knew it! With your talent & personality it was only a matter of time!
    Big Congratulations on just the possibility but even bigger Congrats because It will happen!
    I’m there. I have a blank slate bedroom that I would love to work on with you!
    I’m there whatever you need, seriously!
    So exciting!

    • Teri says

      Oh sorry, in my excitement I forgot to mention I live in Michigan! As a state we need all the help we can get ;-)

      • Teri says

        Plus I’d be more than willing to let you use my house for a video demo if you need one!
        Very excited for you but I guess you can see that huh? :)

  384. says

    How exciting! We live in Columbus Ohio, with our 2 kids and fluffy bichon pup. Our basement playroom and laundry could use some of your magic touch!

    If you were in the area, I’d also help with someone else’s place–no special skills, but I can sew and paint!

    Good luck with this venture!

  385. says

    OH I would LOVE for you to come to Acworth, GA (just NW of Atlanta – NOT FAR FROM AL) to redo my daughter’s room (she’s 8) and my son’s room (he’s 6). Super high ceilings, big windows – LOTS of potential — I just don’t have a decorating bone in my body. FREE REIGN … and we have a shabby chic/rustic feel going on in our home. Hpw exciting for y’all!

  386. Summer says

    Ummmmm..yes please!!!!!
    Every room in my place would love your touch. I would also love to help do anything…I LOVE to paint…seriously!
    I live in beautiful…sunny..Southern California…Riverside, CA to be exact. :)

  387. Erika says

    When my son REALLY wants something he says “PEA PEA PEEASE!!!!!”. :) We would love to have you come to Breckenridge, CO! PEA PEA PEEASEEE!!!

  388. says

    Yes! I would *love* for you to redo my drab living room here in Houston, TX. I’m a major DIYer and have done lots of projects including painting, building shelves, tile work- all while raising five kids.

  389. Nana says

    Absolutely love your style, and you can redo any room you want! I’ve been a seamstress for most of my life, and would love to contribute!

  390. says

    Uh – yes please! Come on over. Our master bedroom needs you. And our craft room, that too. :) As for what I have to offer…well, I make a mean heart-flower! Or I could supply salsa to the crew??

  391. Lisa says

    Working with you guys would be a dream come true! We are in the process of redoing our basement and adding a half bath down there.

  392. says

    Why, yes of course. We live in Saint Simons Island, Ga. just over the causeway in Historic Brunswick. Home built 1949. The husband is a musician. He and Kevin would get along well. We are about 45 minutes from the cottage you remodeled on Tybee. It would be Fun Layla!

  393. Cayla says

    Well, I’d sure love to have you here in Indianapolis, but who really needs your help is my sister in Burlington,NC. Their ‘last’ baby turned out to be twins and THEN they had a ‘surprise’ and now have 5 kids in a too-small house. Problem is, almost EVERY house on their street is for sale so they need your help to make it stand out & sell! Pretty please?

  394. says

    I’d love to participate. My house needs some Kevin & Layla love REALLY BAD! I’m on the North side of Indianapolis and would love to have you come into town!

  395. Tamara says

    Sure! I bought a 100 year old home 4 months of ago and am working like crazy so I can at least move into it. It will by no means be anywhere near done anytime soon! It does have some cool features and 4 fireplaces, but only one had a mantle, the others were hidden behind drywall. We will redo the outside too. Oh, we are in the north burbs of Atlana, GA.

  396. says

    So, I am going to add to the millions of posts you are going to get, and HOPE and PRAY you find mine unique! ;)

    I live in Fishers, IN, a subburb of Indianapolis. I am DIYer who basicially flies by the seat of her britches…I mean pants. I get an idea and I can’t sleep until I figure out a way to achieve it. (Like, when my husband went out of town and tore out the old, reach-in pantry and made a walk-in.)

    I would LOVE to work with you guys on my own space or help out with someon else’s. If you are interested at all, check out my blog to find out a little more about me. OH and I live close to Sarah, the Thrifty Decor chick!…My fingers are crossed and waiting to hear from you!!!!!

  397. Kristy A. says

    Come on over!! House is mostly neutral. With some different ceiling angles. My hubby and I like to decorate and have done a lot of the painting and wallpapering in our other home. Would love to have you redo any room you would like. We also have a basement! Just moved in two years ago and hubby has been a full time student ever since.

  398. says

    Layla, OMG heck ya I’d love for you to come redo a room of mine! You guys are all kinds of awesome. I hope your show works out because you’d rock the house. You are so fun IRL! I’m glad we were able to meet and hang out at Blissdom.

    If you came to my house to redo a room, you’d have to come to Austin Texas. Will that work for you? ;)

    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  399. Meredith says

    A) Yes!!! Definitely! I’ve been working on decorating my new house but a lot of it has gone untouched so far. I’d love to get our guest room put together, right now it’s a junk room!

  400. Anne Sam says

    Um you are more than welcome anytime to help redo a room or three in our home! I’m not uber creative, but I can paint a wall and I know how to sew (I can also follow directions pretty well:))! I’m in Glastonbury, CT (USA).

  401. says

    Yes, please! I love your style and would be thrilled to have you incorporate some of it into my home. Bucks County, PA, just north of Philadelphia. (Lots of great history and old homes- you wouldn’t regret a trip here!)

  402. Becky says

    Yes! I would love your help decorating, and I would love to help you work on someone else’s house! I live in Waldorf, MD, USA.

  403. says

    GIRL! I could go either way on this. I’d love to open up my home to y’all. I’ve got undone rooms that would love a touch of Layla. OR I could wield a mean paintbrush and/or glue gun for you!

  404. Kate Petro says

    Seriously??? O’my word would I be so honored to have you help me in my new house…we (the hubs and I) have been married for 7 years…have 3 kids, moved 5 times! and we just bought our first house!!! Super exciting, yet super overwhelming! I would also love to help you with other jobs if you were in this area. I can paint, and do some easy sewing projects.
    I live in Geneva, Illinois…which is about 60min west of Chicago.
    Good luck on this new adventure!!

  405. says

    You can come to maine and do anything in my home that you want! Would love, love to have you! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to hear more about what you guys are doing!

  406. Rebecca says

    You’d be very welcome at my house in Dallas, TX – as many rooms as you wanted to do! Also, my Mom would love to have you come help her redo her honey oak kitchen in her ranch house on my parents’ farm in Perryville, AR!

  407. says

    GIRL! I could go either way on this. I’d love to open up my home to y’all. I’ve got undone rooms that would love a touch of Layla. OR I could wield a mean paintbrush and/or glue gun for you! We’re in the Pittsburgh (Southwestern PA) area.

  408. says

    We could use lots of inspiration here in Louisville Ky about now! just found out we’re having our 3rd in November, which will mean moving the older 2 into a room together…ALSO our basement flooded/ leaked a lot during this recent bout of rain and after we get the leakage issue fixed (which sounds like it’s going to require a sump pump installation) we’re hoping to have one huge finished room (instead of the current 1/2 finished 1/2 not) to make look snappy on a budget.
    We also have friends with in 30 minutes of us that are expecting their 2nd at the end of the summer and will be moving into their new house soon- and HOLY COW that thing needs paint and help ALL OVER.
    I know you guys know how the thought of adding a little one makes that to do list grow and grow and seem so urgent!
    I’m an armature-ish seamstress that could possibly help on other projects if you’re in the area (as in like hemming something if it didn’t need to be perfect looking… ;p)

  409. says

    Fun stuff! My hubby and I are getting ready to build a craftsman cottage on the family farm just west of Richmond, va. We’d love help giving our new home some old home character. The master bedroom, dinning room, and library could really use your touch! We love the idea of creating a wonder wall like yours or adding some kind of special woodwork. We love a mix on new, vintage, and handmade. We are big diy learners and I have a crafty streak so we’d be happy to help with any projects you can cook up!

    I am so excited to see how your 3-d adventure unfolds! What an awesome opportunity!

  410. Whitney says

    Um, how about I just leave the keys under the mat and you can do the whole house?!?!?! Yes, powers that be, I’d be TOTALLY interested in having TLC redo my room/house/doormat. Atlanta, GA would love us some Layla.

  411. says

    My name is Jennifer, my husband is Lucas, and this August, we are welcoming our baby girl Emily Elizabeth (yes, like the girl from Clifford the Big Red Dog) into the world. She’s our first baby and she NEEDS a perfect nursery! I’m a full-time children’s librarian, a part-time blog designer, a part-time worship leader, a part time grad-student and my husband works full time, goes to school full time, leads worship with me, and is just plain amazing…did I mention I’m supposed to be graduating two weeks before baby girl arrives? Needless to say, we are super busy and I haven’t had time to do anything with her nursery. I Love with a capital L the cottage style and am hoping to give our baby a perfect cottage/whimsical nursery that will also work for her as she gets older. We also need to convert our office into an office/guest room since baby girl is taking over. That said, we also have a blank canvas formal living room and an attached dining room that could use some sprucin’ up. Take your pick!

    We live in the Promised Land, smack dab in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth. We have two weenie dogs who think they are people and act as such. If you come visit us, you’ll eat some of the best Mexican food and BBQ in the history of the world, be charmed by Texas twang, and if you do a really good job, you might even get to swim in our pool. :)

  412. Brittney S says

    I would let you redo my entire house are you kidding! Las Vegas, NV come see do! Obviously it would be a blast to just come meet you and help where we can help!

  413. Courtney Keller says

    YES PLEASE!!! You could redo any room in my home. We just closed on our 1960’s home this week and every room is in need of updating. Our home has so much potential, but it needs a lots of style. It has beautiful hardwood floors and good structure. I LOVE your style (I stock your blog for ideas) and was going to email you a pick my presto (I still will) crossing my fingers that you pick my room, but you in person would be WAY BETTER! Any room, any time! I live in Lodi, CA (which may disqualify me, cause no one wants to come here…you might know the C. Clearwater song “stuck in Lodi”- ya thats us!). Thanks and good luck with your blog. It is inspiring!

  414. Cindy says

    What a dream come true it would be to have y’all help out with my basement! It’s currently a very uninspired playroom/guestroom, but my kids are getting older (8 and 10) and we’d love the chance to style it up, while keeping the option of using it as a guestroom when needed (currently, we have 2 pull out chairs
    for beds in the space).

    We’re located in Atlanta, GA and I’d be more than happy to put in any kind of work y’all need! Congratulations to y’all on this opportunity!!

  415. says

    i would love for you to redo my daughter’s house…they bought it 7 years ago and the equity and value has gone from $119,000 (price they bought it for) to being assessed at $35,000 last year because of the hit the economy and housing market has taken in michigan. they are essentially stuck in this house and can’t get a loan to fix it up….we would love to surprise her and her family with a redo of a couple of rooms….

    she (and i) are in mid michigan (flint area). we would be so grateful if she and her husband could be considered for this…

    thanks and big hugs, cindy

  416. says

    Congrats! New adventures are so exciting!
    For the love of Peter Frampton, I soooo have a house that’s begging for your help! ;) We just closed on a house that every room has great potential in. I would rather be shot than paint, but would love to help “pay it forward” in any other way.
    We’re in High Point, North Carolina (the HOME FURNISHINGS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!!!) and I would love to show you my secret little “where furniture goes to die” place that I know you’ll love!

  417. Carol says

    It looks like only about 1,234 people responded ahead of me. I would love to have you redo a room in my little cottage on the beach in Ventura, CA. It would be fun to work with you. In my stay at home mom days I sewed for a variety of professional designers. I make all my own slipcovers, pillows, window seat cushions, etc.

  418. says

    I already commented on facebook but will comment here too. I vote option A. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE times a billion for you to come and do a truly low cost redo of one of my rooms. I know that design on a dime does rooms for $1000 but to people like me, that’s not a dime, that’s a thousand dollars lol. I’d LOVE to see a desgin show redo rooms truly on a dime. Like for $100 if possible.
    I live just north of Vancouver Washington.

  419. says

    oh, and i could help someone with furniture redo. i take goodwill ugly furniture and make it amazing…..

    thanks and big hugs again, cindy

  420. says

    I would love for you to come and redo my living room. I have 80’s cherry colored wood paneling and could really use some sprucing up!

  421. says

    Heck to the YEAH! We’d (I’m speaking for myself and my husband) be interested in either option. We gutted/renovated our house and the master bedroom, main bath and front room could all use some love. We’re handy and love to help out as well. We live in the great Hoosier state – central Indiana in a teeny tiny town called Hope.

    You would be AWESOME as hosts!

  422. says

    I have an adorable 1920’s cottage on my property that is in need of some old fashioned inspiration. I would love to have you here in Southern Pines, NC. My husband and I are capable of tackling some DIY!
    P.S. I love your blog!!!

  423. Lindsey says

    We’d love to have you visit in Pinehurst, NC. Family of 4 – 2 adopted kiddos would love more put together rooms!

  424. says

    wahoo! Canada too??!! Well, we’re about to move into a fab Farmhouse on 3 acres, in Okotoks Alberta. I would love some help in creating tons of character in this new home!

  425. Amy F says

    That would be AWESOME! I am getting married next Saturday and we’re merging two households. And boy, do we need help! Kent, Ohio.

  426. says

    Way cool! You would be welcome at my house anytime! We have a lot of stuff we would like to update/re due. I also would be willing to help with anything at someone’s house… painting what ever! I live just outside Middletown CT, kinda near Hartford. Thanks, hope it goes well!

  427. says

    Wow! Holy responses batman!!! So I would love to help with a craft or diy project if you need me :) love yalls blog! I am in Louisville ( you know where that little horse race is this weekend;)

  428. says

    We’d love to have you come over and fix up our space. And, heck, we’d help fix up someone else’s too. We’re in Sandy, Oregon.

  429. says

    Hallelujah! Come on down to sunny San Diego!!! My husband and I are in dire need of some Kevin & Layla stylin.’ We have been long time followers of your blog and are HGTV fanatics! (Always waiting for them to film in the San Diego area) Dustin and I are both young teachers that bought our first home about 2 years ago. While we love having a place to call home… we haven’t really had the budget to make it “ours.” We live in a lovable house full of hand-me-downs. Let’s just say there’s lots of potential. My parents live close by. My mom is a part time seamstress and my Dad works as an amateur photographer, and Dustin and I are wannabe DIYers that would all love to pitch in and help out. We share your love of all things beach related and would LOVE for you guys to come share your inspiration with us. This would be the ultimate dream come true! Thanks so much!

  430. Lydia Harris says

    I would love to have your help redoing a room in our house & am a professional seamstress who would be happy to assist you with any projects you have here in the Nashville, TN area. I’m in Murfreesboro, TN about 45 min. south of Nashville proper.

  431. says

    Please, please, please come help me with some rooms in my house! I have three little kids under the age of four, and need some serious storage help and kid-friendly design! I’m right outside of Philadelphia, PA!

  432. says

    That sounds like so much fun. You guys are great I love your blog.

    Option B would be so much fun. I’d love to help you guys out with a project. I love to paint artwork. My home is littered with my artwork.

    Or if Option A suits your fancy we’d love to have you stop by we’re about to embark on a renovation/addition project. We live on a great lake in Northern NJ. Can anyone say jetski’s and water-tubing after a hard day of decorating?

  433. Carrie says

    Oh my yes! I’d love to have you over to redo a room. I live in Richmond, VA! Come on over anytime!

  434. says

    So excited to hear about your adventures!! I would love to help if you ever make it up to Rochester, NY!!! We’ve been in our house for about 6 months and it feels like we bought a money pit! One thing after another needs some help, but it has “good bones”. We’re not very skilled in home improvement, so we’re always looking for HELP! LOL!
    Can’t wait to hear more about this!

  435. says

    I live in the Atlanta area. I would be overjoyed to either have you help me with a project at my home or just lend a hand at another! You guys are awesome!

  436. says

    We’re fixing up our old 1916 house in Waco, TX and would love some help with any number of projects! The den, perhaps, though my husband started saying “The shop, the shop!” (referring to the first floor of the large 2-story shed out in the backyard) when I mentioned this. The 2nd floor of that shed is eventually going to be my 13 year old stepson’s “Geek-Cave” which needs to fixed up soon, as well…

  437. says

    oh my gosh, you’re kidding right, c’mon over to Alexandria, LA. We are always in a mind of transition so I never settle in on something, I would love help!

  438. Linda says

    Your welcome at my house anytime. If you are ever in town, I would love to help with a project. I would be willing to do whatever I can. Greenwood, IN.

  439. cmm says

    Hey, Layla,

    I would love to have your help on pulling things together at my bungled 1919 Arlington VA bungalow. I sent in photos for pick my presto so you know I would LOVE the real thing! I’m not hugely talented but if you find yourself up my way count us in!

    Best regards.

  440. says

    I commented on FB, but I want to do it here tooo! PLEASE come to me! I live in Birmingham, AL. We bought a foreclosure and are TRYING to fix it up, but it would be so much better if y’all helped us!!

  441. Sheila says

    Yes, PLEASE!! I adore your work! I hereby give you fill permission to re-do any room in my Orange County, CA home. :)

  442. Debra says

    My house = Your house!
    Would love to have you take my house up a notch! Can’t get enough of your style!
    And . . . . I’m crazy about helping to paint! I’ve done so many stripe jobs for my friends . . . I crazy with a lazer level and painter’s tape . . .sooooo come on to Charleston, South Carolina and look me up!!!!

  443. says

    Room re-do…uh, YES PLEASE!

    My sewing/sitting room to be exact!

    But if that is just not in the cards, I am a muralist/ artist/ decorator/ seamstress.

    Oh! and my husband is a residential home builder…

    We would love to meet you guys- we are in the Atlanta area!

  444. Aliya says

    Pick me, pick me! My husband and I would LOVE to have you come and redo a room (or two or three) in our 1942 four-square colonial. We live in Racine, Wisconsin — a half-hour south of Milwaukee and 90 miles north of Chicago.

  445. Angela Fritz says

    Oh, what a dream come true!
    I try so hard to go to flea markets and find the things you do, but I have NO luck! It would just be AMAZING to have you guys help me with my house! We just bought our first place in Fredericksburg, Virginia and it’s a little crazy that I want to change it SO much. It’s a colonial. I’m a coastal and cottage girl. It’s hard for me to marry the two without some SERIOUS help… oh, please oh please come and help me! I’ll work! And I’ll make my husband work too! Oh man Oh man Oh man!

  446. says

    Mi Casa es su casa!

    I live about 10 min away from our nations capital in Alexandria, VA. I would love to have you over!

    – Crystal

  447. Debbi M. says

    Oooh, oooh, yes please! We’ve just had some wonderful renovations done to our turn-of-the-century craftsman cottage. Lots of charm here, but very undecorated! We live in Savage, MD

  448. jody says

    Oh yes! I live in abilene, texas…in a little cottage built in 1940 by my husband’s grandparents.

  449. Denise says

    Hi, you two! This sounds like an exciting gig for you! I would love to either have you in our home or helping out with someone else’s in our area – Seattle, WA. Sounds like fun!

  450. says

    Oh, and also, my husband also used to own his own faux painting business, plus he’s a handyman par excellance around our house..

  451. says

    Charlotte, NC! Family room or master bedroom – take your pick. :) We can go antiquing in Waxhaw & get some yummy eats while we are at it. Mary Jo’s cloth store = fabric heaven. Sounds like a plan to me…

  452. gretchen stein says

    I love your blog and your style. Come to Westchester, NY and redo a room or 2 here! Thanks, gretchen

  453. says

    I live near Indianapolis, IN. I would love help with redoing rooms in our 24yr old house needing to come out of the 80s. I would so love to be part of bringing redecorating joy to someone else. Spend the joy!

  454. says

    PLease please please come help us!!!!!!! WE live outside of Portland, Maine…..we have a wonderful house…..but we moved in 3 weeks before our twins were born…..we basically unpacked the essentials and entered chaos land…… now 14 months later….here we are and we NEED SERIOUS HELP!!!!!!!!

  455. says

    You can redo every room in my house!!!! I would think I had died and gone to heaven! Come on over! I live in Charleston, South Carolina! It is a lovely place to visit!!! I can paint a big wall, but that is about it! I need you here!!!

  456. says

    I am pretty much a DIY girl and a really good seamstress. I live in Shreveport, LA, which is in the NW corner of La. I’d love to help out !

  457. says

    Um… let me think… MOST DEFINITELY! For real, how fun does this sound… you guys come to Wooster Ohio (sounds fun already right?), redo our most-frustrating-dining room & sitting room-on-the-planet, and then afterwards Kevin can hit up the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in nearby Cleveland. :)

    In all seriousness, head down to the cornfields of Ohio please :)

  458. Teresa says

    I would love to have you come to Chicago, IL. I need major help turning my future husband’s bachelor pad condo into a cute home for the two of us!

  459. says

    Yes! Come here! Just don’t mind the four small children running around….
    We’re in Montgomery, IL. I’m also volunteering my mom. Huge house, frugal, and practical. I know she’d LOVE some new ideas. They’re in Lake Elmo, MN.

  460. Jennifer says

    Layla & Kevin,
    What an exciting adventure!
    I live in a 2 story farmhouse built in 1906, in Joy, Tx.
    We live on 6 acres in the country. My husband & I moved here
    just over 5 years ago after spending 20+ years in the Dallas metroplex.We have one son, he just turned 12, and we are so happy to have him experience the rural life.
    This community has warmly welcomed us and we feel very at home.
    We have spent the last several years updating the “bones” of our
    home. Siding, roof, windows, foundation, plumbing, electrical, septic… now we are getting to the fun stuff…
    we are working on the interior… that’s where you come in!!! I have
    been following your blog for over a year,
    and love your farmhouse style!
    I would love to know more about your new endeavors & would consider it such a blessing to have your help!!!
    Wishing you the best!
    Jennifer “in Joy” :-)

  461. Janet says

    I have 2 kid’s rooms and an office/playroom in need of redo. We just shuffled everyone around a bit. I’m in Central Alabama.

  462. Kari says

    How about Las Vegas? Or if that seems too exciting……..Montana?
    Either state, either house, any room!

  463. Mary says

    Yes! Please come to Hampton NH. We have those awful melamine cabinets with the oak trim in our kitchen and can’t figure out what (if anything) can be done with them. We have plenty of other projects as well.

  464. Joanne says

    I could use your help in a cape cod style home in Buffalo NY, and yes we would help. I love your blog, your ideas, your decorating and your smile: )

  465. Callie says

    Oh yeah! Our bathroom has been begging for a redo since we moved in last June. We’ve ALMOST started several times, but each time realized we don’t have a cohesive idea of how it should all look (and now are waiting for our 1st baby to arrive any day now instead.) We could definitely use your help here in Boston, MA!

  466. Janel says

    YES Please!!!! I live in Creston, OH about 10 Minutes from Wooster Oh and one hour from Cleveland, OH. I can totally help someone else too as I paint, sew and am generally crafty.

  467. Katie says

    One of our bathroom’s needs a MAJOR update! Cleveland, OH – well a suburb less than 20 minutes from cleveland – please help:)

  468. kristin says

    ohmigosh, absolutely! i’d love for you to come redo a room or three! we’re in the ann arbor area in michigan.

  469. Cyndi Avery says

    Room redo, by you, yes for sure! I live in Newton, Iowa. We are gutting a house, taking it back to studs and putting up drywall and I have NO design skills. No color matching ability…I would love to have you do bedrooms (3), bathroom (1), Living Room (1), Stupid room, really don’t get the point of this space and a kitchen.

    That would be WAY cool!

  470. says

    Yay! How very exciting! Girl you know we are i. You can come here and help us out with our decorating dilemmas or we can help you out with as many wall decals as you need.
    You already know that we are in south eastern north carolina, just north of Wilmington.

  471. Debbie W. says

    I would love for you to come help me with my teeny tiny house. You can redo anything you’d like! I live in a 900 square foot guest house that is a challenge to decorate and find space for storage. When I built it (close to my parents so I could help take care of them), I didn’t really think I’d still be here 20 years later. It looks the same now that it did then. I have absolutely no talent when it comes to domestic anything. Help would be greatly appreciated! Location: Eads, Tennessee (close to Memphis). Thanks!

  472. Laurie A says

    Wow! Way exciting! I would put any room in my house in your hands and I’d be more than willing to take direction. Care to visit New Paltz, NY (near Poughkeepsie)?

  473. Didi says

    I’m looking to buy a house now, but when everything’s finalized, you’re welcome to come down to Florida and help me decorate! :)

  474. Lexie says

    Yes, please! How exciting! You have free reign in any room of my house, b/c I would be more than please to have them look like every room in your house. I would also be more than willing to help with what you need-my husband is great diy-er, and I am crafty: sewing, painting, and even some graphics design are my faves although I’m willing to try almost anything. We live in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago.

  475. Victoria says

    Yes please oh please oh PULEEEEZZZZZE.

    My dining room, living room and bedroom. You guys could make it amazing no doubt. It’d be so fun. We’d play cool tunes and I’d make you yummy snacks. You could bring your pup too and our dog would be his friend.

    So, what I’m saying is…YOU’RE INVITED!!

    I live in Rochester, NY.

  476. Alicia says

    I would love to have you re-do some rooms in my house! I have:

    – a tiny dining room that I would love to reinvent as a craft/sewing room;
    – a room for two girls (ages 11 and 9) that has no personality. I would love to make a great “tween” room for them
    – a hodge podge guest room desperately aspires to be so much more
    – anything else you’d like to help with is a-ok with me!

    We live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    Thank you for this great opportunity! Alicia

  477. Valerie says

    We just bought a house about a month ago. Every room needs work, but I have ideas for most of them. However, our family room opens to our kitchen, with a column right smack dab in the middle of the space the divides the two rooms and it is giving me a major headache trying to figure out furniture layout, etc. in the family room.

    we are in Suwanee, GA about 30 minutes from Atlanta, GA. Come if you want a major challenge ;)

  478. Emily J says

    Yes!!! I would love to have a room redo by y’all or help out. I’m probably not good for much more than painting but it would be fun!! I’m in The Woodlands, TX, just a few minutes north of Houston.

  479. Hilary says

    Layla and Kev…I would be so honored and thrilled to have you come to our home. I need some serious help in our bedroom. I’m just at a loss. We live in a small, two bedroom cape and I’ve never liked our bedroom. No matter what I attempt to do to it it never seems to meet my expectations. I LOVE everything you design! Your aesthetic, your color choices, the simplicity of your design….it’s everything that I love. Please come to beautiful New Hampshire and help me with my bedroom disaster! I would be so very grateful.

  480. Barbara says

    We moved into a brand new house last June and I’m still trying to get the house to “speak to me”. You can have at any room in my house that you’d like! I like just outside of St. Louis. Oh, and hi to your reader from Jeff City – think she was your first commenter! I’ll be in Jeff tomorrow. Thanks L&K!

  481. Audrey says

    I can’t even imagine how much better you could make my house look…I am accessories challenged. Plus I have triplet 4 year old boys. So, the decor up to this point is what I like to call “Day Care Chic”. We are definitely ready to move on from that. We are in Austin, TX.

    We probably need the most help with the dining/entry, upstairs family/game room. But quite honestly the kitchen & living room could use some TLC as well ;)

  482. Jennifer says

    Come to Austin Texas!!! I have a dining room (disguised as a living room) and a guest bedroom that needs SERIOUS help. Please come

  483. Sarah T. says

    oh…my MULLET!
    Yep, you read that correctly!
    We live in a darling English Tudor home built in 1927. We love the house…however…the previous owners put on an addition in the early 80s. Unfortunately they did the kitchen and master bath. Oie vay. NOT GOOD!
    We call this portion of the house THE MULLET! It just doesn’t belong! We’re talking forest green, cheesy oak, brass fixtures, cream, black grout, carpet IN the bathroom….the list goes on and on.
    This would make for some SERIOUSLY amazing before and afters….not to mention the endless humor it would provide for all involved!
    Grand Rapids, Michigan!

  484. Sandras says

    Oh how I would love design help! My husband and I are in the process of building right here in Prattville Al. If Everything goes as scheduled we will be in the house 1 jul. I would love to assist you in any project you all are working on. I can sew, paint, stain, use power tools. I love your design and I would love to incorporate your style in our new home. You wouldn’t have to go very far! Please pick us :)

  485. says

    we’re in franklin, tennessee… about 20 mins from downtown nashville! i’d absolutely LOVE some help with our family room. we entertain a lot and i can’t seem to pull things together the way i’d like.

    come hang out layla and kevin… you’d have a blast at our house with my husband, our three boys and our sweet spaniel, millie.

    good luck!

  486. April Clark says