Built-In Storage And A Bookcase

“Sometimes, you have to stop thinking so much
and just go where your heart takes you.”
– A.C. Benson

A cold snap knocked our power out in the middle of the night this week. The temperature in our bedroom dipped down into the 50’s by the time our paper shades started to glow the next morning. Brrr! I’m a light sleeper, so I woke up right when everything clicked off. I pulled the covers up around my neck and just laid there thinking and planning and listening…wondering if Kevin was doing the same. (Update: he was!) That’s the best time for that kind of thing, don’t you think? Middle of the night and “brunchtime” seem to hold my most imaginative moments.

On Monday, I met with Brian about the built-ins I dreamt up last week. We scribbled down measurements, and made a quick trip to the building materials department at Home Depot.

Built In Storage | Built In Bookcase

On Tuesday, we had built-in bones…

Built in Bookcase and Storage

Simply White Paint

Simply White | Built In Bookcase and Storage

…and as of today, we’ve got ourselves an almost-finished storage unit/bookcase! I’m in bed with a sinus infection today (boo), but I promise to post “ta da!” pics as soon as I’m up and at ’em again.

Not long ago, I would’ve thought this kind of project to death.

Should I do this? Should I do that? Options. Options. Options.

I realized something in the plywood aisle though. I don’t feel like being indecisive right now. Nope. I’m going where my heart takes me on this one. And who knows, maybe I can learn to make a habit out of it. ?

Take that– paralysis by analysis! πŸ˜€

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  1. says

    I LOVE it!! You can really never go wrong with built-ins! Do you think you’ll keep the backs white or paint them a fun color? I only ask because I am thinking about adding some color to our existing built-ins :)

  2. BT says

    Great progress. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Could you and Carpenter Brian give us an in-depth tutorial on building this type of bookcases? I’m in the same paralysis. What type of wood, what dimensions, what cuts, etc.

    hope you feel better real soon.

  3. Sandy says

    Layla I hope you rub off on me…I over analyze every decision. I think these bookcases are so wonderful for that space!!

  4. Karen says

    Looks great! I’m curious, what type of wood do you use when you build things like this? Feel better!

  5. says

    Haha! I know this one too well! My friend always says, “Diane, you think too much!” And yes…I do. πŸ˜‰ I have a hunch that you will be thrilled with your new shelving.

    Several years ago…okay…back when wall paper was still ‘in.’ I had a small window of time to select everything for my new home office in the basement. In one day….I choose the wallpaper, the paint, and the carpet. And the most amazing thing….when I moved….I still loved it. I didn’t have a chance to second guess myself and you know what…it could have been different….but would it have better? Probably not.

    Let’s try harder to give up on the “analysis to paralysis.”

  6. Pam says

    Oh boy — I could use a “Brian” in my life. Someone who can take your visions and make them reality. There’s a lesson in there somewhere… Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  7. Sue says

    Welcome to my everyday life! I too suffer from paralysis to analysis or is it analysis to paralysis? Either way I give too much thought to my projects and just when I have my head wrapped around an idea, some other idea comes along. Loving the two I become paralyzed and don’t know what to do. So good for you Layla, it looks great! Praying you’ll feel better soon.


  8. Lisa W. says

    Well Layla the shelves look awesome. I LOVE built in’s, and ya just don’t see that kind of thing anymore, exspecially in new homes. Cannot wait to see the finished project, always so yummy good:) Looking forward. AND rest rest rest, get better soon!!!

  9. Genny says

    Perfect description – “paralysis by analysis”! I do that too! And then absolutely nothing gets done! Can’t wait to see your pics! I have a spot for the same idea in our master bedroom — your pictures will be my tool to convince my husband to do this!

  10. Sherri Farrell says

    Looking good!!! I have that analysis paralysis, too!!! Trying to push past it!!! Feel better soon!!!!

  11. Donna Doble-Brown says

    Layla, hope you feel better …. I’ve been down with a migraine today ugh! The bookcases look wonderful …… You have such vision! Just trust yourself! You ROCK! :)

  12. brenda says

    paralysis by analysis –me / another name for the journey to perfectionism. it is like he strongest brakes on a large semi tractor trailer rig. how can that get boiled down to one word of the year 2014 ??

  13. Peggy says

    You are so funny – even when you are sick! Love it – can’t wait for the reveal!

  14. says

    Sinus infections can be nasty. I just got over one myself a few weeks ago. Feel better soon. Great looking built ins. So, glad to know someone else dreams up their designs as well. πŸ˜‰

  15. leslie says

    love it! We are in transition now from one home to another but I can’t wait to learn from your decisiveness this year an be prepared to DO more!! :)
    Can’t wait for a peek at those shelves- hope you are feeling better soon!!

  16. Sunny says

    I like it…the vacation from over thinking it…we all do it. I am going to try it today, as I think about our upstairs office/guest room, and my many visions of what it could be :}

  17. Cindy says

    Layla: First, I hope that you are feeling better. Next, I am so glad to read that I am not alone with over thinking. I am finally going to do a built in that I have been thinking about for many years. Thanks for giving me the push I needed! Cindy

  18. says

    I am your newest follower and am lovin everything you do!! Love your guest room/library makeover. What a cute room! Well, I am off to explore more of your blog. Have a great week end and I hope you feel better soon!

  19. says

    I can’t wait to see pics of the finished product! I always love seeing your projects… we’re buying our first house this year and I can’t wait to have some projects of my own under my belt. Thanks for the endless inspiration!

  20. Lorita Oswalt says