Built-In Storage And A Bookcase

“Sometimes, you have to stop thinking so much
and just go where your heart takes you.”
– A.C. Benson

A cold snap knocked our power out in the middle of the night this week. The temperature in our bedroom dipped down into the 50’s by the time our paper shades started to glow the next morning. Brrr! I’m a light sleeper, so I woke up right when everything clicked off. I pulled the covers up around my neck and just laid there thinking and planning and listening…wondering if Kevin was doing the same. (Update: he was!) That’s the best time for that kind of thing, don’t you think? Middle of the night and “brunchtime” seem to hold my most imaginative moments.

On Monday, I met with Brian about the built-ins I dreamt up last week. We scribbled down measurements, and made a quick trip to the building materials department at Home Depot.

Built In Storage | Built In Bookcase

On Tuesday, we had built-in bones…

Built in Bookcase and Storage

Simply White Paint

Simply White | Built In Bookcase and Storage

…and as of today, we’ve got ourselves an almost-finished storage unit/bookcase! I’m in bed with a sinus infection today (boo), but I promise to post “ta da!” pics as soon as I’m up and at ’em again.

Not long ago, I would’ve thought this kind of project to death.

Should I do this? Should I do that? Options. Options. Options.

I realized something in the plywood aisle though. I don’t feel like being indecisive right now. Nope. I’m going where my heart takes me on this one. And who knows, maybe I can learn to make a habit out of it. ?

Take that– paralysis by analysis! 😀

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