Brownie Batter

The following texts were exchanged between me and my neighbor/BFF on January 26th, at 8:52pm. My texts are green, hers are light gray:

Getting a sweet tooth craving late at night when you’ve already got your PJ’s on and don’t feel like going to the store: NOT GOOD.

Having a friend that will share brownie mix and organic eggs with you before she heads upstairs to tuck in her little one: PRICELESS!

Eating so much brownie batter you’re not even hungry for the actual brownies when they’re done cooling: TYPICAL.

Have you made anything sweet lately? If so, leave me a link! I’m “paper pregnant” and expect to have a few more late-night sweet tooth cravings this year.

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  1. Corrie says

    Making rice crispy treats and then dipping them in chocolate for the Super Bowl party we are hosting. Saw it on Pinterest.

  2. Sherri says

    Never wait for them to cool!!! They’re best hot right out of the oven and never over cook them. Leave them kind of gooey!!!! LOL

  3. Dawn says

    I love that you are having “paper pregnancy” cravings! That is awesome! I often have late night swwet tooth cravings and I always have lots of ingredients on hand to make but I am always out of just one thing, like eggs, oil or butter. My neighbors always help me out too! I love those kinds of neighbors! The most recent thing I have been craving is from a blog called Table for Two. Julie makes these awesome cranberry, white chocolate chip cookies! I tweek them a bit and add macadamia nuts also. :) Try them the next time you have a craving!

  4. Debi k says

    I laughed out loud!! My neighbor and I call each other all the time for….just about anything!!! Sugar, chocolate, saws, ……. You name it we’ve loaned it to each other!!

  5. Shellaine says

    This is hilarious! I’m for real pregnant, so I’m not supposed to eat anything with raw eggs (brownie batter, cookie dough…) and it’s killing me. I already have a list of “forbidden” foods to eat as soon as Baby gets here 😀

  6. Stahli says

    I just made some muffins last night!! (Only about 8 dozen!) It is so super easy AND quick!

    15 oz can pumpkin
    1 box cake mix

    Mix together. Bake @ 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Let cool and then enjoy!

    This recipe is all over the internet with different variations. I mostly use chocolate cake and add chocolate chips. This week-end we are going to make it with chocolate cake and peanut butter chips.

    *TIP* The batter is very thick…after done mixing, I put the batter in a baggie and “pipe” it into the liners.

    • Stahli says

      I just wanted to make sure that it is clear that you can use whatever flavor cake mix you choose. In the chocolate you can’t taste the pumpkin! I have heard that the spice cake with the pumpkin is a GOOD combo.

  7. Barbara says

    You just might be the cutest thing ever…and Kevin the best photographer (AND hubby). Someone would need to have a heart of stone not to fall in love with you both. I feel like a new Grandma again by following along with your precious paper pregnancy!

  8. says

    Those kind of neighbors/friends are the best! We have the same thing, our neighbors have turned into some of our closest friends. It’s such an amazing thing to find,

  9. Claudia says

    My bestie Polly and I call this kinda thing “the girlfriend way” cause one of us is always happy to help out the other! I think it’s funny she had to bail you out with the eggs too!
    This was a super cute post!
    Paper pregs….Adorbes!

  10. MelO says

    Aaaah!! the mix is the best part!! Totally satisfying, and I usually make myself so sick I can’t stomache the baked finale!!

  11. says

    Funny. This post reminded me of my brother who used to live across the street from me and he would call and say “Do you have anything chocolate over there?” After searching the kitchen cupboards, I would say ” All I have is a can of chocolate frosting”. He would say “That will be fine. I will meet you in the middle of the road with a spoon”. My brother (and best friend) passed away in 2005 but I still keep a can of chocolate frosting in my kitchen cupboard just for him. The best brother EVER.