Breakin out the brush. Again.

So, my Mom got us some great-looking bedding for our birthday’s this year…

(Yes, we’re 36 years old and we still get excited about birthday presents. Especially when they involve several pieces of our first, real grown up bedding emsemble.)

She got us the Grand Embroidered duvet (white, with Porcelain Blue stitching), and the Clearlake quilt and it’s two coordinating standard shams. (all from Pottery Barn)

We already had the monogrammed Grand Embroidered boudoir pillow cover, and the two accent pillow covers- which by the way, also all came from Pottery Barn.


And if you follow us on Twitter, you already know about the Pottery Barn (Porcelain Blue) Matine Toile quilt and shams I won on eBay last week…

And if you read this post, you know that I was planning to use the color on this wall as my inspiration…

It’s Benjamin Moore’s “Wedgewood Gray”.

So one day a couple of weeks ago, while I got my roots painted at the hair salon…

Kevin painted two of our bedroom walls to see how it would look.

But unfortunately, Wedgewood Gray ended up looking a little too Wedgewood BLUE.

In our room, it actually looks more like it does in this photo…

So I started having doubts.

And I started having discussions about re-painting…

And since it was sorta hard to see the actual colors on the video, here’s a photo that shows a truer version of what’s goin on…

See how good that soothing Sea Salt looks with those beautiful blankies!?

There is one more color I might get a sample of too though.
(Why not, right?)

It’s called “Blue Hubbard”, and it’s made by Sherwin Williams.

Phoebe Howard says this about it…

“It’s a grayish blue I’ve used many times. My clients are crazy for it. There’s just enough green in it to keep it from being icy.”

Sounds good to me!


Here are a few more pretty blue-greens I considered trying out…

Abbe from Studio Ten 25 used Sherwin Williams “Rainwashed”…

Gorgeous, huh?

But after seeing this photo of a Rainwashed-painted bathroom, I thought it might look too bright in our room during the day…

(Our master bedroom is the brightest room in the house.)


I also toyed with the idea of using Sherwin Williams “Quietude”…

Heather at Create H, used it in this awesome house…

…but I’m thinkin’ it may be a little too “Wedgewood GREEN” for our room, if ya know what I mean.

(But what a BEAUTIFUL color it is though, huh?)


So I think it’s gonna come down to either Sea Salt or Blue Hubbard…

It really just depends which looks better with Mr. Clearlake and his trusty sidekicks- Sham-a-lama and Ding-Dong…

Yes, I’m 36 years old and I create crazy names for my beautiful birthday bedding too.


If you want some more great blue-green inspiration, check out this post over at Design Esquire


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  1. says

    Hey Layla! I was re-reading this post because I want to paint our guest bedroom a bluish greenish color =) Anyhoo, I just read where it said you are 36, I definitely thought you were in your 20’s!! Tell me your secrets! lol Have a Happy New Year!! God Bless ya! :-)

  2. Mary Lynn Brackin says

    Hi Layla, I just painted my dining room and my breakfast room sea salt and I love it. It looks great with turqoise blue as well as my grey painted furniture. I hung my smocked burlap curtains in the dining room and I think it looks very fresh. I am also the person who offered my lake cottage to you for your anniversary~the offer still stands if you are interested email me back and I can give you details! I enjoy your blog very much!

  3. Mary Lynn Brackin says

    Totally embarrassed I just realized I left a comment on a post you made in January of 2011. Sorry, I was pinning on Pinterest and it brought me to your blog and then to this post and well I commented not realizing this wasn’t a new post. Oh well, I enjoyed the post anyway!!

  4. Lori Harrod says

    I would live to get the formula of blue Hubbard please. My sherwin Williams doesn’t have it:( Just beautiful!!

  5. says

    Great post! Same thing happened to me. Love the color wedgewood grey, I painted my lving room with it but didnt came out how i expect it to be, (so I ended up repainting it to tide water by sherwin williams). Wedgewood grey is really tricky, it changes hues depending on your light source or time of day. Arctic blue/forget me not by BMoore has the same feel but a little more on the turqoise side great if you want a little lighter and “cottagy” feel. Thanks for your post!

  6. says

    This is crazy!! I just finished a board and batten accent wall in our new house and painted above it Sherwin Williams Rainwashed cut to 50%. I was just googling the color to see if I could find a picture to use online and I found this post from a few years ago. And … my inspiration pic is the EXACT same PB pic you used here, and I first painted the wall Sea Salt, and then Sea Salt cut to 50% and have settled on Rainwashed at 50%. This post was like reading my train of thought. Too funny!!! Clearly, I think you have fab taste in color. :)