• Blushing Hostess

    It’s 7 am and I’m HUNGRY!
    I wake up STARVING every day.
    Kevin totally doesn’t get it. He can wait ’til lunch time to eat- and yes, he knows that’s not good for him, so he’ll usually forces himself to eat something.
    I just wish I had that kind of appetite control. Food is just SO good,
    and Julia Child was so right, “with enough butter, anything is good”. Mmmm butter. Speaking of mouth-watering, I read a great blog called the “Blushing Hostess” that always kicks my appetite into overdrive every time I stop by. It’s written by a young mother who has recently retired from the fashion industry, who has “an interested eye for great food, wine, manners, products, and old domestic niceties”. These are some of the things you will find when you’re there:

    Menus, advice & entertaining ideas
    Arrangements and garden florals
    Table settings
    Etiquette advice
    Reader workshops
    Entertaining historical tidbits and anecdotes
    Beautiful rooms
    Entertaining and host/hostess style products

    Once in a while she even has special guests, this month she’s going to have three gorgeous guys!

    So if you’re looking for some great new recipes, or advice on how to throw your next soiree’, stop over at the Blushing Hostess blog- you will love it!

    Ooh! That reminds me! Mr. LC and I have decided to throw a Halloween get-together here at TLC. We’re having a hard time deciding on costumes…any ideas?

    Layla :-)

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