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Okey doke! is officially live!

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(Get it? Blog Threads? Like the comment “thread” at the end of a post, and “threads” like as in clothing threads?) 😀

Glass Half Full T-shirt by The Lettered Cottage at

Just a quick note before I get to the details of this sale: The site (which is a Big Cartel site if anyone’s curious) is pretty basic right now. If things go well, I’ll see about designing something a little snazzier!

Okay, now for the shirts, there are lots of options available as far as cuts, and sizes, and colors go. I may branch out with even more color/styles in the future, but for now, they’re all Next Level’s Tri-blend t-shirts, so they’re SUPER soft, and don’t shrink much after you wash and dry them, as long as you follow the care instructions on the tag.

Here is a size chart for the Unisex t-shirts:

Next Level 6010 Size Chart

Here is a size chart for the Ladies cut V-neck shirts:

Next Level 6740 Size Chart

Here is a size chart for the Ladies cut Crew neck shirts:

Next Level 6710 Size Chart

This particular sale will be open from today (Wednesday, July 30th) til 10pm (CST) tomorrow night (Thursday, July 31st).

This is a pre-order sale, so I’ll send the total order off to Mammoth Printshop on Friday morning (August 1st), and I’m hoping to get them back from them by Wednesday, August 6th. I had originally planned to have them all packed up and shipped by Friday, August 8th, BUT, I’m thinking it’ll be more like Friday, August 15th because we’ll be visiting my family from the 7th-12th, and Kevin’s mom has surgery on the 13th.

So those who order can expect their order to show up sometime just before or after August 15th.

And as I mentioned in my previous post, 20% of all proceeds from the shirts I designed (Don’t Quit Your Daydream and Glass Half Full) will go to a family in the process of adopting- and since God very loud and clearly laid the Crain family on my heart this month, they will be our August family. :-)

A Beautiful Surrender

Mallory (the mama!) has a blog called A Beautiful Surrender, and I am so excited to see what God has in store for them as they jump heart-first into this next chapter of their lives!


And speaking of kiddos- you remember Mati from the other day too, right?

Life Is Not A Lemon T-shirt | The Lettered Cottage

Well, Mati has decided to send 20% of sales from her “Life is NOT a Lemon” t-shirts to an awesome organization called No.41. A (really fun and inspiring) gal named Tara Clapper started No.41 “on a whim and a prayer” in March of 2012. Tara and her friend, Alison, taught 16 young women from the Noel Orphanage in Rwanda how to earn a living  by sewing bags.

No 41 Rwanda

They created a website for them to sell their beautiful creations on, and 100% of the profits go straight to the seamstresses AND help feed students in the surrounding schools through the No.41 feeding program. Today, earnings from the bags provide hot meals to 1,157 children every day– most of whom would not get to eat a meal until after school each day.

So here we go, I guess! This is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking, but like I said the other day- I just really feel like it’s worth a whirl and I’ve had so much fun daydreaming about new designs. Here’s to threading lives together, one t-shirt sale at a time!

The Chapel Market 2014
A New Adventure

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  1. Venita says

    Ive been in the beautiful smoky mountains for 2 weeks, no Internet! But I NEED the half full t shirt! Is there any way I can order one? I need. Agreen unisex small!

    • Layla says

      Hi Venita!
      The sale ended at 10pm on Thursday night, and I placed my order with the t-shirt printer on Friday morning. Let me check with him in the morning to see if we can still tack one on! :-)

  2. Gayla says

    I hope to place an order next month. I appreciate your heart in this endeavor. May God richly bless you and your family. It has been amazing to see how God is using you guys for His glory as you pour out to help others, even in your own need, of waiting for your adoption.
    Will you be printing anymore of the Here I Am Send Me shirts in the future?
    Also, what fit did you prefer? The unisex or the fitted?
    Thank you!

  3. Kalie says

    Man oh man, I should’ve been better about checking for this sale! I hope for great success, and will be looking forward to the next design!

    “It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen.” :) Made me think of you, Layla, and all of the wonderful things I see you do here on your blog.

  4. Susan says

    Wow! Recently found and Love your NEW Blog Threads as well as your Lettered Cottage blog!
    If you were to give someone a few words of advice on how to venture into this field for steps on the right path to take (nothing like your doing) would you Please? Relocation and new life coming in the next couple of months for us! Would love to be able to help furbabies just adopted again in July! (like Mati and yourself) by doing something positive and helpful and enjoying it all in the process! Would you Please give me some encouraging/helpful advice?!

    Thanks you and look forward to seeing and reading what you post!

  5. Barbara pepper says

    Just received your t-shirt in Alberta, Canada. It is awesome. Soooo soft. I know my daughter will love it. Keep up the great work. I love your blog and would love to travel to your part of the world one day. Loving the Southern style from these Northern climes.

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