Black and Tan and Tuxedo

We’re headed to St. Louis today. That’s about the halfway point to where we’re going in Minnesota. I’m hoping our pets don’t give our house-sitters too much trouble while we’re gone.

Tuxedo Cat Nap

Black and Tan Chihuahua

Something tells me everything will be just fine though. πŸ˜‰

PS- Know any must-stop-for flea markets between southern Alabama and St. Louis? Sure would be fun to stretch our legs in a few! We’ll be going straight up I-65 through Nashville, and cutting over to St. Louis through Kentucky. Thanks in advance for the info!

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  1. says

    Hi, Layla! Too bad you’re not making stops for personal consultations on your way up north! I live on one of the routes from STL to Minn. If you pass by Swedesburg, north of Mount Pleasant Iowa (on 218), blink and you’ll miss it, ha! Anyway, have a great time and BE SAFE :-)

    • Sarah Gibbs says

      We live in St. Louis! We just moved here so I haven’t found a good flea market yet. But the Habitat ReStore is awesome!

      I’m with Kristy on the consults. I need to know what to do with my kitchen, haha.

    • Cindy Logan says

      Kristy, How strange to see Sweedesburg in a post. I am originally from Winfield. We now live in the Kansas City area. What a small world. The Lettered Cottage is my favorite blog.

      • Kristy says

        Cindy, my husband graduated from Winfield :-) I’m not from around here and we just moved to “town” last July. Have a lot of styling to do with the ranch. Layla writes lots of things I am envious of!!

  2. Stacey says

    Nashville flea market is on this weekend! It doesn’t start till tomorrow though and you will prob be through already. Although I have heard of people going to shop on thurs while vendors are setting up. Also off 65 south of Nashville are the little downtown shops in Spring Hill and Franklin. Very cute antique/vintage stores.

  3. says

    unfortunately your timing doesn’t allow you to check out the Kane County Flea Market in Chicagoland area. it’s great!
    i hear good things about Southern Kentucky Flea Market just NE of Clarksville, TN (i assume you are taking 24 out of Nashville).
    There is a great architectural salvage place in Des Moines, IA – West End Salvage i’ve not been, but i hear it’s great!

  4. Autumn says

    I live in St Louis. South of “downtown” there is an artistic/vintage shop area on Cherokee Street. Near the Budweiser brewery tour, which is also fun and includes free beer! Beautiful day!

    • says

      Yes, I saw this write up in one of the local papers (Ladue News?)! I found the link–there appear to be many shops (scroll down the page and see the red dots!)
      Referred to as Cherokee Row or Antique row–never been.
      Hope this helps and enjoy your stay in my new hometown :)
      OH–You want to see some beauties of homes? Near Forest Park (based on central Park in NYC and where Worlds Fair was held) along Lindell and behind that street–OH MY GOSH!! Then do PI pizza in The Loop on Delmar. The park is beautiful–you may want to skip the antiqueing!

      • says

        We don’t live in St. Louis, but we do visit often. I would give a huge shout out for Pi pizza in The Loop! I bet you would both love The Pageant if there is a show playing there and you have time. It is on my to-do list, but my kids have been to concerts there and LOVED it!

  5. says

    Layla, we just drove a similar route last month – Birmingham to St. Louis (where we live now) through Nashville (where we used to live)! If you haven’t been to the Factory at Franklin, you must go… I think you would love it. It’s about 5 min. off I-65 heading west, 30 min. south of Nashville. They have good restaurants there, or you could eat on Franklin’s historic town square (I vote Mellow Mushroom, even if it is a chain). St. Louis is much more of a hot spot for thrift stores – you MUST try Big Bend Antiques and Treasure Aisles. They’re here in St. Louis across the parking lot from each other. Nashville. There’s also the Clubhouse Shop (non-profit that benefits the mental health patients at the Independence Center) and the Green Shag Market… so many great shops here!

  6. Stacey says

    Oh girl-the Shepherdsville Flea Market is a GOLD MINE. It’s exit 116 off 65 in Kentucky, just north of Etown and just south of Louisville. I’ve found so many good things there!!

  7. TammyLee says

    Architectural Salvage in downtown Louisville, KY. An old house where each room is dedicated to a different item. Dining room = doors, living room = door knobs, courtyard = clawfoot tubs. It’s amazing!
    618 E Broadway Louisville, KY 40202
    (502) 589-0670

  8. renee scott says

    welcome to the lou! i’m not sure of flea markets, but i think the upcycle exchange might be right up your alley!!
    pay as you wish art and craft supplies. it’s fantastic!!

  9. says

    I know you are looking for flea markets more south of Minnesota and I am not sure where your destination is going to be in Minnesota, but if you are near the Elko-New Market area in MN near I-35 there is a great flea market that runs all of Memorial weekend and Memorial Day.
    Here is a link:

  10. Cherie says

    Hi Layla,

    It’s a bit off the highway and it’s not a flea market but if you’re interested at all in mid-century anything, check out TFA – The Future Antiques at 6514 Chippewa, St. Louis, MO 63109. Just down the street from the famous, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard! And near Gooey Louie’s, a place to get another one of St. Louis’s favorites – gooey butter cake.

    Hope you get a chance to try any or all of these places!

  11. says

    I am in St. Louis…there is a flea market a bit south of here…Pevely Flea Market. Have not been in a long time, and not sure re. weekdays…but you might give it a go! Safe travels, have fun.

    • Marianne in Mo. says

      I don’t think they’re open during the week, but maybe the indoor part is. Cherokee Row is a good spot if you’re in the city itself. The loop is a nice spot for vintage clothing. I live near Wentzville now, and we have a flea market off hwy. Z, but only on Sundays. Not the greatest, but ya never know what will show up there.

  12. Molly Abeloe says

    In Minnesota, Northeast Minneapolis, Guilded Salvage Antiques is your place!!! Have fun!! Site-seeing must’s: The Stone Arch Bridge (a great walk across it to see the river), The Guthrie Theater (named in America’s top 10 Architectural Wonders) & its endless bridge, walk Lake Calloun and grab a “puppy tail” pastry with cream cheese frosting at Isles Bun & Coffee, and see the Victorian Homes on Summit Ave in St Paul.

  13. Ellen says

    Lots of great thrifting opportunities in St. Louis! Cherokee Row has a couple dozen. My current go-to is the Green Shag Market.

  14. angela says

    if you are going to go throw Des Moines Iowa you have to go to West End Architectural Salvage & Coffee Shop. they are at 22 9th Street, Des Moines, Iowa. they have been on hgtv.

  15. says

    Where in MN are you going? and for what?! I live in MN!!!

    There are some pretty fun spots around here that you could ‘mosey around!

    • Layla says

      I was born and raised in southern Minnesota, Lindsey. :-) We’re going to visit family!

  16. Celeste says

    Wow! I’ve lived in St. Louis for almost 4 years and kept looking for flea markets. Alas, the one in Pevely closed before I had a chance to go. I am so happy to see some recommendations from natives. New places to explore.

    • Marianne in Mo. says

      We don’t have many. Wish there were more. As it is, I think our craigslist is nuts! Ppl. Want a fortune for garbage! But I frequent some shops in the St. Charles area, in Frenchtown. That’s fourth street if you don’t know. There are antique shops there and some have great buys. It’s up from historic Main street, a bit off the beaten path. If you make a day of browsing St.Charles, you may turn up with a new destination. In the other direction, head to Alton Ill. or Bellville, Ill. Belleville has many antique stores from what I hear, although I haven’t been there.

  17. Kristy says

    Sisters Garden and Bloom in Kalona, if you’re heading up 218. Open on Fridays!!

  18. Cara says

    There is a great flea market in my town of wentzville, which is 40 miles west of St. Louis. Unfortunately it’s only on Sundays.

  19. Marsha j says

    Love your pets! I have a tuxedo that is the best kitty ever too!
    About 5 years ago I lived outside of St. Louis in Wentzville. Had a wonderful outdoor flea market on Sundays. I have many a treasure from there! Enjoy!

  20. Crystal says

    Lots of Antique stores selling farmhouse stuff that’s right up your alley by Louisville, not sure what highway that was exactly but it seems like there is a store every 1 to 2 miles. We are not from KY, just went for a mini vacay in Gatlinburg and antiquing there was awesome!

  21. lisa G in TN says

    The Nashville flea market actually is open on Friday. It is at the fairgrounds right off 65 at Wedgewood. It is a really big flea market with both new and old stuff.
    As you go up into Kentucky….Flea Land is in Bowling green right off 65 at Scottsville Road. They have a whole section of antique booths and it is all indoors. They are open on Friday too.
    Safe travels.

  22. Robin Bunting says

    On a side note…I’m curious about using a house sitter. We have two dogs and it would be nice to not have to board them. Guess I have a hard time trusting someone to stay in our house while we’re away. Any tips on finding a suitable sitter? Enjoy your trip and hope you come across some great finds along the way! I look forward to seeing the progress on your new home and hearing about your adoption!!

  23. Carrie - The Corson Cottage says

    Not sure when you’re heading back through. LeClaire, Iowa has a quaint downtown area. It’s right off I80 before you cross the Mississippi River into Illinois. We are home to the American Pickers. Be sure to stop at Dwellings if you pass through, it’s my brother’s shop. He carries great unique home decor & accessories at affordable prices. Let me know if you pass through or please keep us in mind for your next trip North I would love to meet up for lunch:)