Birthday Bash

June is a busy month around here. Me, my Mom, and Kev all have birthdays, and our wedding anniversary is on the 25th.
This past Sunday, I turned the big 3-7. (Happy Birthday fellow “fifth-ies”! I saw there were quite a few of you in the comments on the MKA giveaway post!)

…so until the 28th rolls around (Kev’s b-day), I’m officially robbing the cradle!

I spent the day surrounded by some of my favorite folks in the whole weird world and it was awesome!
We made birthday hats…

And I pulled the ol’ “tickle-him-right-before-Kev-snaps-the-picture-and-you’ll-get-a-REAL-smile”…

(My nephew, Maddox)

I opened a present from my Mom that brought me right back to the first time she bought them for me…

We watched the Smurf movie trailer three times in a row because he didn’t know what a Smurf was…

We made a blanket fort behind the futon in my Mom’s library…

…and when we got bored with that, we went outside and hung out with my brother…

…who spent all afternoon grilling up the best birthday supper EVER…

And when we finished chowin’ down, we all had some of the Key Lime Cake me and my Mom made the night before…

We didn’t have any regular birthday candles so Maddox’s gift to me went on top instead!

It was such a fun day, and I wanted to get a good picture of us all together. We’re only 3 hours apart, but getting us all in the same room doesn’t seem to happen enough! We gathered together in the sunroom and Kev set the timer on our camera while the rest of us held our breath. Of course the first shot looked like this…

But he managed to make it back in time for the second one…

And the third one…

And the fourth one…

After our wacky little photoshoot, I got busy opening the box that Kev’s gift was securely wrapped in. Inside, I found the vintage map I’d picked out on Etsy

Isn’t it lovely!? Here’s what it looks like pulled all the way out…

I was originally thinking I would hang it in the kids room, but I love it so much,  I might have to hang it in our room instead.

Besides, 37 year olds can be kids too, right?

PS- Thanks for stopping by today, and we hope to see ya tomorrow for Kev’s parents porch redo reveal! Kev’s editing the video right now!

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  1. Brenna says

    Hey! Happy Birthday to all! I love that Kev is wearing an AUBURN shirt. I just so happened to be an Auburn alum. Did he (y’all) go to school there too??

    • says

      Hi Brenna!

      No, neither of us went to school there, I wish we had. We are just huge fans! Layla went to the Art Institute of Atlanta and I went to AUM.

      We just watched the Auburn baseball team play in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for stopping by! :)

      • says

        WAR EAGLE!! We passed by Prattville on the way to a wedding outside of Montgomery on Saturday and I thought about you guys. :)

  2. says

    Happy Birthday Layla!! You don’t look a day over 27!!!!…. no really. I thought you were just about my age. So maybe you can spill some secrets on how you keep that gorgeous face lookin so good.

  3. says

    Happy Birthday, Layla! June really is a busy month for your family. That’s the way April and May are for us–just one celebration after another, which is always fun (and means I eat way too much cake, ha). Love your map! Here’s to a wonderful new year ahead. :-)

  4. MiMi says

    I am so jealous of the map….I have been keeping my eye out for one for our cabin, it desperately needs some color, but that will come with time…can’t pick keepsakes up all at once can you? A Happy Birthday Month to you and yours:)

  5. says

    Ya’ll are just so darn adorable! Happy Birthday to ALL of you. I hope your nephew realizes one day what a lucky little boy he is to be part of such a great family. Blessings.

  6. says

    Happy Birthday Layla………stop by and choose any 6 inch tumbled marble trivet tile for a birthday gift. I will ship your birthday gift ASAP.

  7. says


    I simply cannot believe you’re 37! I thought you were still around your 20s! Maybe 26? Geee… what’s your secret?? LOL

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I can tell you had such a beautiful day!


    Luciane at

    • Amanda says

      I just wanted to post that I agree 150% with Luciane! How are you guys possibly 36/37?!?! I’m 34 and my guitar/singer/home improvement buddy/engineer husband is 35 (36 in July) – we look to you guys as inspiration for our home, and now I’m totally looking to you for secret awesome youth sauce, too!

      Happy Birthday to you both! Looks like such a fun day!

    • Layla says

      LOL! Yes…my Mom’s hubby is a home brewer, and has a few of those around the house. My Mom thought that one would make a good side table. :-)

  8. says

    What a fun birthday! My husband’s birthday is exactly two weeks after mine, so he jokes about marrying an older woman every year. :)

  9. Diane says

    Layla – celebrate 37! Love your blog – thanks for sharing a bit of your life with all of us!

  10. says

    I love those maps. Good idea to be hunting Etsy for those items.

    We celebrate our 25th Anniversary on the 28th of this month! Woohoo, who said it wouldn’t last. LOL Don’t get me started on the age thing. :)

  11. El says

    Happy Birthday!! Seems like a great one and I love the tickle before the pic pictures. Very nice map – now I want one too, but we don’t have wall space.

  12. says

    What a sweet birthday you had! I love the map and have been on the lookout for one for my daughter’s room. Love yours!!! I would keep it for myself too:-)

  13. says

    what a fun way to spend your birthday – and the smurfs + classroom map = best presents! SO fun! enjoy 37 – I’m loving this age – wishing you continued blessings!

  14. kelly says

    Looks like a super fun and yummy birthday! (Those ribs and corn have my mouth watering right now..mmm!) I agree with Luciane that you look like you are in your twenties…easily. That map is WONDERFUL! The colors are perfect-o for the Lettered Cottage. And the Smurfs are just tooooo funny!

  15. says

    I always love your photos! Happy Birthday to you all. That map is great and I can’t wait to see it up. Your nephew is a cutie-pie (so is your brother! Don’t worry I’m a happily married woman). My favorite thing is the hats and how everyone is wearing one. So fun!

  16. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Happy Belated Birthday …………….I love your map…….I can’t wait to see where you hang it……

  17. says

    Happy Belated Birthday. I can’t believe noone has mentioned the Smurfs…I love that your Mom gave you Smurf figurines! Being *ahem* several years older than you I was a little old for them, but my younger sisters watched.

  18. says

    Happy Happy Day to you! What a fun birthday party! Your photo shoot looks like some of the family photo shoots we have had!
    Love your map….
    We have a lot in common- I will be 37 this year AND WAR EAGLE!

  19. says

    Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a lot of fun. And very cool map. Just wondering what kind of camera you use and what setting you shoot in. I have a Cannon SLR, but am still learning the ins and outs. Your pictures always look crisp and bright. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing

  20. carolyn says

    Happy Birthday Layla. 37 – good times! What is it with June celebrations? My youngest turns 18 on the 29th, my Mom’s birthday is the 26th, their anniversary is the 30th and then my sisters birthday is July 1st (so, almost June). Busy times! Looks like you had loads of fun … exactly how a birthday should be. Love the map.

  21. Cindy says

    Happy Birthday, Layla, Kevin, and Layla’s Mom. Thanks for sharing the pics of the great day you and your family had! I love the map…it brings back memories of junior high (many, many years ago!). Look at the upper right corner of the US; there is a great lake (Lake Winnipesaukee) in NH, that we have our weekend home. If you ever want to road trip….. Cindy

  22. says

    Feliz Cumpleaño, I remember when I was 37, Im 48 now and still get b-days like that, pictures taking place, monkying around, family fun…. Felicidades….I admire you and your husband for being such a beautiful couple…..

  23. says

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since we hung out at Tybee!

    Love the silly pics, you got my kids doing it now, we never take a posed pic without a silly one following it :)

    Awesome map too!

  24. Elizabeth says

    Happy Birthday to you and Kev in a few days too. I am also a cradle robber, I am 8 months older than hubby and he NEVER lets me forget it.

  25. says

    Happy Birthday!

    You have no clue how long I have been looking for a vintage USA Map! I have always wanted to have one in my house and put little pins or markers on it of the places we have been (1 color for my husband’s travels, 1 for mine, 1 for us together, 1 of where we want to go next, and another one will be added once we have children into the mix).

  26. patty says

    happy birthday Layla from Cape Cod. You guys really know how to party… You honestly look so young… never would i believe you were what 37? my gosh.. more like 27… no kidding… have fun and i love your vitual room makeovers – when will we see another? xox Patty from Cape Cod.

  27. says

    Happy, Happy day! That’s my kind of party for sure! And…War Eagle!!…yep, I noticed the shirt :) Hope you all have a great month celebrating each other!

  28. says

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday one and all! …smurfs…classroom attire….right up my alley! Grew up with the Smurfs…slightly revealing my age too…classroom “stuff” is so cool considering the fact that I am a teacher by trade! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  29. says

    Happy Birthday! The vintage map is fantastic. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. I loved all the pictures of your family. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  30. says


    So funny – I just opened my vintage pull-down school map, too! Great minds!

    Enjoy June…my bday is the 26th – CHEERS!! xoxo

  31. says

    It’s awesome!! Looks like you had such a special day and made some terrific memories, too! Definitely hang it in your room so you can see it when you wake up every day and be reminded of your fun day with loved ones..

  32. Maria Ricci says

    Happy Birthday Layla! From a lurking admirer! : D)
    I turned 52 on Monday. What is truly wierd is remembering those maps that the teacher would pull down in class to teach geography! Now you need a dial up phone!!!

    Maria Ricci

  33. robelyn says

    ;-D In my opinion you are now the perfect age. haha!

    Layla – Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! Love your photos and am TOTALLY drooling over your cake topper!!! And the map – but the cake topper is “da bomb!”!

    Enjoy your week-end cradle robber…


  34. says

    Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had an awesome time – love the pictures! I’m also a cradle robber for a couple weeks each year ;)

  35. says

    Happy Birthday, Layla! We are busy with celebrations in June too. So happy you were able to party with your peeps.
    :) Kevin did good scoring that vintage map!

    Your Friend,

  36. Teresa says

    First, agreeing with everyone who has commented on how dang YOUNG you look!!!
    Not that 37 is old – oh dear me, no – I scooted past 37 many many years ago. It’s just that you do indeed look 27 or younger.
    Second, I see now where you get your looks – your mama is GORGEOUS!!!
    Third, those pics of you and your nephew sitting at the computer were so sweet I thought I was gonna die.
    Fourth, I’m a June baby too!!!!!!
    Fifth, props to Kev for the great present. And to your brother for just being there. Cooking was an awesome bonus.
    Sixth, Happy Birthday you sweet girl.

  37. says

    Just got TLC’s email: I wanted to visit real quick & wish you the very best, blessed & happiest EVAH— birthday! Looks like you all had fun! What a gorgeous family too! Love that map! It reminds me of highschool. Real maps, real chalkboards, typewriters… you get it! haha! Enjoy your day pretty girl! =)

  38. says

    Happy Birthday!!!! I’m turning 38 on the 22nd. :) Loved seeing the pictures of you with your family….you’re gonna be a sweet mama!

  39. says

    YOU are NOT 37!!!??? We are almost the same age…I would of said 30…:) You are a doll! :) Happy Birthday to the whole family and Happy Anniversary to you both! So exciting…A great month for you all!

    If you get the chance stop in and look at a bed I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…and a sneak peek at one of my client’s homes! Xo, Meme

  40. Amy Furlong says

    I made Kevin’s Mom’s Key Lime cake for my son’s birthday a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit! We didn’t make those adorable hats but at 16 I doubt my son would have worn one – but I sure would have! I love your posts.

  41. Tina K says

    You are so blessed to have family that you’re close with (and can stand! lol). HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!!

  42. Adelle says

    Happy Birthday to a sweet girl with the greatest blogg going. I enjoy it so much.

    From a 61 year old lady!

  43. says

    Happy Birthday! Glad to see you had such a great time with your family. My hubs and I were married June 25, 2000 so it seems we share an anniversary date. I actually joined your “How To’s Day” for the first time last week with a step-by-step on how we put our “Love Store on Display” in our bedroom. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for over a year. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  44. says

    Happy b-day a little late, Layla! Your party looks like it was so much fun! Those group shots are absolutely hilarious/priceless! Makes me want to do something similar for my next b-day. haha! =]

  45. says

    Happy 37th!!!!! You are still a baby! What a fun the pictures and slideshow of your fun and enjoyable day. Your son is adorable…and a ham in front of the camera! Love these pictures….what special memories!!

  46. Betsy says

    Happy Belated Birthday, Layla! You are stunning and a natural beauty.. and look 22 not 37! Love the pics of you with your nephew.. I have three 19, 5 and 18 months and love them like they are my own.

    I’d love to know your favorite antique stores in Alabama… I’m moved to Homewood last Fall and haven’t found any in the area that I love!


  47. Anne says

    Happy birthday / anniversary month Layla! You seriously do not look 37 – how about 27? It’s also my birthday month, my youngest daughter got married one day after my birthday so it’s a fun month for our family as well. Thanks for an awesome blog – I check it out daily and continue to be inspired!

  48. Leah says

    Zippity-do-da zippity-ay
    My oh my what a wonderful day
    Plenty of sunshine – and time to play
    Zippity-do-da HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! : )

  49. says

    Happy Birthday Layla! and Happy Birthday to Kevin too! I’ve come to love TLC and think of it like that favorite magazine you can’t wait to read~devour!

    Looking forward to the porch reveal!

  50. Carol Ann says

    Can’t wait to see the porch! And I’m lovin that t-shirt that Kevin is wearing….wde!

  51. Lori says

    Happy Birthday to the both of you!! You have the cutest little nephew (brother’s pretty cute too). You are going to be the best mom. I can’t wait until tomorrow….feels like waiting for Christmas morning. I’m working on my porch and waiting for some terrific ideas from you.

  52. says

    Hi Layla –
    Happy Birthday. It sure looks like you had a fabulous day with fabulous people around you. Your nephew is a cutie and so is your brother. Love the map Kev go you. He is such a cutie, too. You are surrounded by cuties.
    My best- Diane

  53. judy h. says

    Happy Birthday Sweetie! Looks like you all had a great celebration…from the hats to the cake. I want one of those maps for my birthday. Would someone tell my husband???

  54. Alecia Shannon says

    Happy Birthday!!! You all are too cute and I can’t WAIT to try the Key Lime cake…sounds so summery and delicious!!!

  55. says

    First of all, I was shocked to see that you are 37!?!?!?! I would have said 25….Happy Birthday!

    Second, what a great Auntie you are and how lucky Maddox is to have you. You all look like such a happy family and your home is absolutely beautiful.

    I found you through Sarah at TDC and have been a “believer” ever since…..:)


  56. debbie says

    Hi Layla its meeee Debbbbieeeee. No u don’t know me but u did respond to one of my post on twitter. :) No blog here to call my own but i love looking at everyone else’s. Wanted to say Happy Birthday. Mines next week. Will be 54 waaaaaa. Wow that looks scary in print. lol I was shocked when i seen ur age, not that 37 is old. But i really thought u were in your 20’s!! For real. Anyways love your blog. It is #1 with me. Oh yea, the colors of the blue and green are so pretty on the map.

  57. says

    Happy Birthday! My birthday was the 5th as well and I turned 37! Yes you are still allowed to be a kid! My hubby’s bday is the 14th, so I too rob the cradle, but only for 9 days…and every year he reminds me how old I am!! Enjoy your birthday month!

  58. says

    Happy Belated! I love the Smurfs!! Those take me back, too (I’m 38). I also love, love, love your map! It reminds me of the maps we had in elementary school! What a fun birthday you had!!

  59. says

    Layla, I don’t say this to butter you up at all. I NEVER EVER would have put you at 37. 27 MAYBE. Happy Happy birthday!!!

    I loved my latter 30’s.

  60. Heather says

    Happy Birthday! My hubby and I both have August birthdays and our anniversary is in August too! My parent’s anniversary is actually on my mom’s b-day! Must be a recipe for a happy marriage. ;)

  61. says

    Happy Birthday to both you and Kevin!!! Oh and your mom too and happy anniversary this month…think that covers it all now go celebrate this month!!! :)

  62. says

  63. says

    Happy Birthday! I would have never guessed we were the same age, or will be on July 7th. ;0 Looks like you had a great day!

  64. Lorraine says

    Happy Birthday Layla!!! My hubby’s birthday was the fifth as well. What a beautiful day you had, loved the pictures, loved the map, especially loved the birthday hats!!! What a great idea <3

  65. Kathleen says

    Happy Birthday Layla! I can’t believe you’re 37…you look to be 25! I loved Kevin’s gift of the map.

  66. Kate says

    Happy birthday! I would have never guessed 37! I hope I look as good as you when I get there! I’m 27 now, but people think I’m 17-21ish (haha, not cool), so I’m hoping I don’t suddenly age. I want to look as good as you! :)

    June is a busy month for me too…my birthday, wedding anniversary, work anniversary, father’s day, my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, my father-in-law’s birthday, and my sister’s wedding anniversary! whew!

    Enjoy your month of celebrating!

  67. says

    I’ve just discovered your blog and LOVE it! I wish I was that creative and capable. I try and will keep trying of course…

    Happy belated Birthday! We too share the same birthday 6.5! Just turned 32 myself and can’t believe how quickly the years are passing us by…

  68. Kim in MD says

    Happy Birthday, Layla! It looks like an amazing day spent with those you love and filled with love! :-)

  69. says

    Happy birthday…and totally agree with you..there is always a kid in us..waiting for the right moment and when it comes it’ll reveal itself…

  70. says

    Happy belated birthday, Layla! I turned 50 on the fifth – was surprised to see we share a birthday. I went house hunting today and was channeling you as I looked at all of them. Thanks for all the fantastic ideas!

  71. says

    Happy Belated birthday Layla! I too want to know your secret for looking so young!! You don’t look a day over 25! Our anniversary is on the 26th so this is a special month for us as well :)

  72. says

    I just realized I told you happy birthday on twitter, but didn’t come over to you blog and tell you! I’m not a june 5th girl, but a June 8th one. :) We are Oh so close to being on the same day. (well I’m a few years older than you though…the B-I-G 44 hit me this year….yikes! but I still feel 18!!) So yes, adults can be big kids…it’s quite alright!
    Happy birthday Lay
    Happy birthday Kev
    and Happy anniversary to you both!
    Oh and your momma too!
    mycottagecharm :)

  73. Stephanie says

    Happy Belated Birthday! I’ll turn the big 3-7 next month and I’m robbing the cradle too. It’s fun, isn’t it? LOL ;)

  74. Darcy M DeBlanc says

    Hi, found this site looking for small bedroom ideas. Saw that your husbands B-day was June 28, so is mine, HAPPY B-DAY!

  75. says

    Happy belated birthday Layla never to old to have fun I am 44 this year & I will be right there with my kids been daft (well its called having fun) :))) keep young & free spirited :))

  76. says

    This is a VERY belated birthday wish! I don’t know how I missed your birthday bash post, but I saw the vintage map on your master re-do tonight and had to click on it. I knew we should be friends-I love, vintage maps, have a smurfs collection (at my Mom’s back in Indiana) and had BBQ ribs, corn and Key Lime Pie for my b-day dinner in August. Can’t wait to see your finished bedroom. BTW,when you become a Momma, you’ll be fantastic!!

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